Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What I'd like to see on

This morning I woke up in a rather cheerful mood. Usually, when I get up I'm all fuckin groggy and wanting to stay in bed all day but today was different. I woke up around 9:30ish to a beautiful cloudy day. It's not too cold outside and I decided I needed to get out of my porn cave of a room and get some writing done OUTSIDE. When I enter my room I enter some sort of porn bubble. Sometimes I forget that there's a non-porn outside world that's pretty fuckin nice.

Anywho, This morning Conner Habib posted a survey on his Facebook Discussion Board asking his fans what 3 things we'd like to see on Conner's website So to help out with the survey, I decided to throw in my two cents on what I would like to see on Conner's website.

So in no particular order...HERE THEY ARE!

1) PERSONAL ESSAYS/WRITINGS/PROJECTS etc. I, and I know many other fans would love to read all stuff that you're working on in school, personal, and professional life. I enjoy reading about the things that happen outside of work. For me, its fun to read about things that go on in a the lucrative life of a porn star. It makes me you realize that porn stars are human beings as well and not just people who fuck on camera.

2) CONNER HABIB FORUM-I think a forum would be pretty cool for the people that want to discuss all things Conner. Whether its a forum where people talk about Conner's scenes, ask Conner questions, or talk about the content that Conner provides for the website. One of the forums that I enjoy on the regular basis is Belladonna's Forum. What I love about this forum is that Belladonna answers fan questions, post surveys about what people wanna see on her website, and asks her fans questions as well. :P

3) LIVE SHOWS-I live for LIVE shows. Live shows are some of the best stuff out there as far as porn sites are concerned. The thought being able to jerk off and cum with your fave porn star while they're out in cyberspace stroking and cumming with you is some of the best orgasms I've had in my life.

I think a bi weekly live show with Conner talking and interacting with fans would be pretty fuckin sweet. Also, It would be awesome to be able to watch Conner stroke himself to ecstasy live. I think Conner live shows would attract a bunch of fans and followers to his site. Plus, Conner is one of the most interesting and sexxx men in adult. Who wouldn't wanna see a live show of his. Since the site isn't a pay site (yet wink wink) A bi weekly live show would be cool for people visiting Conner's site to check him out in a non porn film setting. Also, live shows definitely have followings. Like Str8cam Jeff on I love his live shows. It's him, in his office, chatting and interacting with fans. Live shows would bring so many people to the sites and bloggers like myself would talk about them ALL THE TIME. :P

Also, live shows can be archived on the site so people who missed the live show can check it out whenever they have time. :P

Those are three things I would LOVE to see on Conner's website. I'm thrilled about Conner's site being almost done. In the meantime, we'll just have to wait and see what Conner is gonna be providing for us. :P

Don't forget to check out Conner's Facebook and Twitter Pages.

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