Tuesday, April 28, 2009

COCTOMON hits porn shelves!

COCTOMOM invades a porn retail/rental place near you! Thanks to the people at Devils Films, Octomom Nadia Suleman ( I think that's how you spell her last name) gets to make a little dent in porn history. Devils Films is a porn company with some pretty intense movies under their belt. I would dare to say that the people at Devils Films are masters of the "Cream Pie" genre. If you don't know what a cream pie is, I'd suggest looking it up on xtube or pornotube. I can tell ya in words what it is, but the visual is far better than words...

Fuck it, A "Cream Pie" is when a guy blows a hot load of semen up a girl, guy, transexuals etc. arsehole or hoo ha. One of Devils Film's newest releases is 65 GUY CREAM PIE #2 Featuring Arianna Jollee So you can only imagine what other titles Devils films has.

The one I want you to pay close attention to is COCTOMOM starring Vannah Sterling. COCTOMOM is a porn parody of Nadia Suleman aka "Octomom" and her rise to tabloid fame whoring during her whole ordeal with her children. COCTOMOM follows Vannah Sterling's character on her quest to collect 8 sperm samples to for her insemination. She spends 5 days extracting as much spooge as she can!!!

Click here to check out Devils Films website. You can also check out the trailer for COCTOMOM! I kinda wanna see this film. Also, Seth Dickens is in it! I've shot two scenes with him. Seth Dickens actually popped my porn filming cherry!

Monday, April 20, 2009

While Strolling to work one day...

I found this DVD cover while I was strolling to work one day. I tend to walk looking down at the ground. I've done this ever since I was a kid. I do it mostly because once when I was a kid I found a mans wedding ring with a band of small diamonds on it. Ever since then I've got it in my mind that I'm gonna find another treasure If I walk with my head low. Shit, the other day I found a dollar on my way to work. Finding a dollar can be considered a treasure.

When I saw this I had to take a picture of it. HELLA BUTT is a very popular movie at Adult Factory Outlet. I've sold numerous copies of that movie. The girl on the cover is PINKY. She's nice and thick and is known for her mami culo grande status and her pink hair. Pinky has a BIG BUTT. Like, really big. For all you guys and gals that love a big, plump, juicy arse (like i do), Pinky is a girl to check out.

I never really noticed that Rico Strong was the director of this movie. I met him once at LeMayzing Studios. He had just finished shooting a scene for a different company and was hanging out with Lynn and Eddie. We talked industry and I asked him a bunch of questions about all the people he's worked with. I guess I didn't notice his name because every time I look at this box cover all I can set my eyes on is Pinky's culo.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Smash Pictures/xPeeps party @ Blue Moon Nights.

Rucca and Tee Real

Missy Stone and I

Rucca Page and I in the VIP area

Kaci Star (left), Rucca (middle), and Kita (right)

Once again, I found myself partying it up with sexxxy starlets and porn studs at the Smash Pictures/xPeeps party @ Blue Moon Nights. This has been the thirdt event I have attended at Blue Moon. This time, I was a good lil porn slut. I didn't get as hammered as I did the two previous events at Blue Moon Nights. I was feeling so good from shooting Kelly Shibari earlier that day that I didn't wanna fuck up my post shoot glow. Plus, After the shoot Eddie and I celebrated with a couple jack and cokes so I was doing pretty fine the whole day.

I was lucky enough to hit up the party with Kaci Starr, Rucca Page, and Kita. I was also lucky enough to be Rucca Page's boytoy for the night as well! It was nice making all those guys jealous rolling up to the party with three sexxxy ladies and being the eye candy for Rucca. Although, I think she was more of the eye candy than I was. Rucca was looking AMAZING that night. So was Kaci and Kita. It's always nice getting to a porn party surrounded by beautiful starlets! All throughout the night people kept asking if Rucca and I were dating. I went along with it. Shit, why not!?! Rucca and I kept talking about how funny it would be if people started posting on porn blogs that Rucca and I were dating.

The party was so much fun. I got to meet Missy Stone, Nikki Rhodes, and several other people in the business. Porno Dan was doing his usual routine of fondling porn starlets and getting them to suck his dick for the cameras. Sometimes I'd see him licking some girls pussy or making out with several different girls. with Rucca by my side, It was easier for me not feel so weird hitting up the VIP area of the club. TT Boy, one of my porn idols, was chillin in the VIP area talking to a bunch of girls. There was a point when TT BOY was surrounded by nothing but chicks! He had a big grin on his face. :)

Thanks to all the people who brought this awesome event together. I love parties at Blue Moon Nights!

Looking forward to the next one!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Kelly Shibari Shoot. Tax Day. April 15th, 2009.

I had the pleasure of spending my Tax Day filming a solo with the beautiful, sexxxy, Kelly Shibari. Kelly is an adult film actress who has worked with several different companies throughout her Illustrious career in the adult industry. Kelly Shibari is one of the smartest, humble, brutally honest, and sincere people I have met working in the adult industry. I met Kelly at work. She is a loyal customer and we love every time she comes to Adult Factory Outlet. I think it was the second or third time that I saw her in the store that I found out she was in the adult industry. I think I asked her a question about one of the lingerie pieces she was purchasing. Or I think she was asking me a question about a specific g-spot toy. Regardless, she casually mentioned that she was in porn. I thought it was pretty cool. In porn standards, Kelly would be considered a BBW actress. BBW is an acronym for "Big, Beautiful, Woman." While Kelly was getting ready for the shoot we talked about her size and how she fits in this sort of middle ground when it comes to BBW actresses and skinny actresses in porn. Most of the BBW actresses that I see on porn covers at AFO are far waaaayyyy larger than Kelly Shibari. Kelly is nice and curvy with GORGEOUS breasts and a nice butt! Not only that, she is charming to boot and uber professional. It was fun getting to chat with her while she was getting dressed for the shoot.

My friend Hatnim Lee stopped by the shoot to take some behind the scenes footage of the shoot. Hatnim's an AMAZING photographer. Shes in town for a bit and wanted to swing by LeMayzing Studios. This was Hatnim's first porn shoot. I thought it was cool having her there and seeing how things get done at LeMayzing Studios. She took a bunch of pictures all over the studio. Hatnim and Kelly were chatting up a storm while Kelly was getting dressed. Hatnim had a bunch of questions about the adult industry and Kelly was more than happy to give her the answers. it was real cute watching them get acquainted. Click here to check out Hatnim's blog and some of the amazing pictures she took at LeMayzing Studios.

I was nervous the day of the shoot. This was the first shoot that I was booking on my own. I wanted everything to work out. I didn't want my first shoot to be a bust. I made sure everything was set properly and that the studio was ready to go. I woke up extra early to make sure that everything was going smoothly. When Kelly showed up, I was ecstatic. I was happy that she didn't flake (which happens alot). I ran out to give her a great big hug. Once I knew Kelly was at the studio I relaxed a bit. I was happy that Eddie and I were ready to go once Kelly finished prepping herself.

When we got into the studio we talked about what we wanted to shoot. I love hearing the performers ideas. It lets me know how they work and what kind of stuff to expect when I'm shooting them. It also lets me get a taste of thier personality and artistic style. I like it when a porn star can strike up a conversation on whats gonna work or not instead of shit like "Roll the camera, we're fucking in the corner and only doing one take!". We started off doing stills of Kelly on the bed. Eddie was busy buzzing around click click click with his camera. Kelly was working it! She knew how to move and respond to Eddie without any hesitation. Hatnim was busy taking pics of all the action while I played around with the camera.

Photo taken by Eddie Garcia

Kelly has such a beautiful face. Eddie didn't have to direct Kelly much. She was on point and smoldering. When Eddie does stills I usually play around with the camera. I like look at every inch of the person's body with the camera before I start shooting them. I'm doing much better now handling the camera. I don't get as fidgety as I used to. We shot with one camera and I was operating it the whole time! Eddie was by my side giving me some pointers. We shot a bunch of fun footage for Behind the Scenes stuff first. I had the camera rolling while Eddie was doing the still shots. We laughed alot and took some silly pictures. At one point, Kelly walked right up to the camera and started jiggling her big breast. We were laughing so hard! She also grabbed her dildo and put right in front of the camera!

It's great being on a shoot with performers that know how to have fun on set while still being professional. We had such a good time shooting Kelly Shibari at LeMayzing Studios. I'm very much looking forward to working with her again in the future.

If you'd like to know more about Kelly Shibari check out her website!

Photo Taken by Eddie Garcia

Thursday, April 16, 2009

RuPaul's inspiration for new video?

Oh fuck yeah it is!

Check out this trippy ass video I found researching RuPaul's new video. This video is like a homophobes nightmare. To me, it's beyond genius!

RICKY SINZ is a Featured Peep on xPeeps!

Ricky Sinz, one of my favorite men in Porn is a featured "peep" on xPeeps. Way to go Ricky! Click here to read a short article/profile on Ricky from xPeeps.

If you wanna know more about Ricky Sinz check out his blog Ricky Sinz Hardcore Hangout. It's on my blog list. :)

Another Reason why Tommy Gunn and Rupaul are the MAN(woman).

Check out the video for Rupaul's second single off his new album CHAMPION. The song is called "Jealous of My Boogie". It's catchy, it's fun, and best of all, my boy Tommy Gunn is the man candy! Thanks to the beauty of editing, Tommy Gunn and Rupaul and a bunch of other random shit get to bounce around the screen for 2 and a half minutes with some funky ass technoliciousness in the background. Props to the person who used Tommy for this video. I think I've watched it like 20 times already. I can't get the images and songs out of my head!


Great shit RuPaul!

Monday, April 13, 2009

RIP Marilyn Chambers

It's a sad day in Pornolandia...

Legendary adult film actress Marilyn Chambers was found dead by her daughter in Marilyn's Mobile Home in Santa Clarita...

So Sad.

I remember watching BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR with this foo I was trying to bang when I was living in Santa Barbara. He had never seen a str8 porno and he kept talking about BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR. I'll never forget that trippy ass porno. I never got any ass after watching it, but hey, I had a good time watching all the craziness in BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR.

click here to read a small article on this tragedy from avn.com


Self Portrait

Admiring/ANALyzing/Staring @ the beauty that is Alexis Texas. Ay, that culo grande...


Porno Pics (and others) on Flikr

I just added a bunch of pics from the Porn Star Tweet Up on my Flikr Account. I'll be posting a bunch more pics as my slutty adventures in Pornolandia continue...


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Video Clips from the Porn Star Tweet Up!

Here is some video clips that I took with my rinky dink camera from the Porn Star Tweet Up. It's mostly footage of some porn girls getting nekkid and playing with the pornparazzi. I love the flashing lights! They make everything look exciting in the club. There was probably like 10 photographers taking pictures of all the craziness. I always forget that my camera can capture video clips. I'm gonna use and abuse this to my advantage until I get myself a better camera. I'm such a camera whore. Not as much as these starlets though. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009


What's up my peeps!

Last night was the first ever Porn Star Tweet Up. All I gotta say is that it was such a fun fuckin night. Porn Star Parties always end up being quite an adventure. I hit up the event with my gals Envy and Josephine. I hung out with a bunch of cool people. I ran into my gal Kelly Shibari at the event. She was looking lovely as always. I had such a good time hanging out with her and talking about all the shit that was going on around us. Boy, was there plenty to go around. There was the usual bevy of tits and arse all over the place last night. People had thier cameras out ready to capture as many boobies and shaved slits as they could! I swear, there were so many cameras flashing last night its a miracle no one had a seizure.

At one point, I was standing near the bar with my drink in hand when all of a sudden fists were flying! Someone got knocked the fuck out! Thankfully, the fight didnt escalate.

Here are some pics of the insanity from last night.

More pics and chatter about the event to come!

Oh yeah, and I'll finish my GAYVN SF stories soon!!!!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Porn Stars in New Wave Band T-shirts.

What's up people!

Man, so much has been going on this week. I've been trying my hardest to get all the GAYVN shizzah out of the way! I'm constantly bombarded with new ideas all the time that it's hard for me to keep focus. So I figured, I could use my blog to track all these ideas and see if they all work out.

I want to start doing a series of photographs with porn stars in New Wave band t-shirts. As most of you may or may not know, I'm a sucker for New Wave music. It's what I most identify with and something that has made such an influence in my life. Without bands like The Smiths, Morrissey, Depeche Mode, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran etc. etc. etc. I never would have found my musical identity. New Wave bands are prevalent in everything I do creatively. It's what calms me down. It's what tells me everything's gonna be alright. It what gives me the tingles when I hear a good bass line or some synth action!

So, as I meet the women and men and everything in between in porn, I'm gonna try and take pics of them in some of my New Wave band shirts. I have a couple of good ones. This will give me an excuse to buy some new ones. Or maybe I can get my friends to let me borrow thier shirts so I can have a porn star wear it.

I would looooooove to see Tori Black in a David Bowie t-shirt...

Belladonna in a Joy Division shirt...

James Deen in a Depeche Mode shirt...

Joanna Angel in a Siouxsie and the Banshees t shirt...

Alexis Texas in a Morrissey t shirt...

Who knows if all these will come true, but hey, I can try right????

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Self Portraits

Here are a couple of Self-Portraits I took of myself in my porno cave of a room.

I love EVA ANGELINA! I especially love the poster for Jonni Darko's E for EVA. When I saw this poster I snagged it from the warehouse. It was the only one left and I wanted it real bad. I'll be posting more of these when I take them. I was killing time in my room and decided to have a lil photo sesh.

SF DAY TWO: Gay Porn Pub Crawl

On Friday, I spent most of the morning watching TO THE LAST MAN (Winner for Best Picture, Actor, and many more GAYVN awards) with Thatcher. TO THE LAST MAN is the only nominated film I owned. I bought it from work a while back with a 50 dollar rebate card I got from Verizon. Ever since the movie came out, I've wanted to but it. Mostly because I love the cover of the movie. I also had a feeling that this movie was gonna be quite successful. I've read about the film in several porn blogs and it got nothing but praise. I put the movie out @ Adult Factory Outlet when it first came out. Hoping one of our gay patrons would end up buying the film. Every time I would go and straighten up the Gay/Tranny section in the DVD room I'd come across the box cover. I had to pick it up and look at the front and back of the DVD. After staring at the box for a couple weeks I just HAD to buy it.

After watching the flick (I'll post up my review soon) Thatcher and I hit the streets to go get hair cuts. It's been a while since I got my hair cut. I usually cut my hair super short then let it grow until I get sick of it. Steve, the guy who did my hair, was fuckin amazing! I wanted to cut my hair real short but Steve didn't wanna touch the top of my hair. I told him that I've always wanted to have Morrissey or James Dean hair. Steve worked his magic and left me with a great new hairdo. I was happy with the end results. I felt fresh and brand new. I always feel that way after a haircut. Getting a haircut always makes me feel like I can take on the world.

After the haircut, I met up with Lynn and Tabatha for dinner. The weather was beyond perfection. Not a cloud in the sky with a nice breeze caressing the city. I was eagerly awaiting the debauchery that was coming up once the sun went down...

Tabatha and I headed down to the Castro to hit up all the bars again. Almost all the bars on the Castro were taken over by a different porn company. Our goal was to hit up every bar and try and meet as many porn stars as we could. Once we got to the bars the streets were buzzing with energy. There were people waiting in lines to get to the bars to get fucked up and maybe fondle a porn star. We stood in front of Q's bar. We were meeting up with Stacie Adams, one of Lynn's good friends and an expert in adult web traffic AND all around cool chick. While standing outside of the bar, I noticed that I'm standing right next to Michael Lucas!!! He was one of the people that I wanted to meet on my trip up here. I had to do a double take to make sure it was him. He was dressed all in black and looking quite the handsome gentlemen. It looked like he was waiting for someone or just getting some fresh air. I smiled at him, a quick smile and quickly turned away. I was a lil intimidated being around him. He has been in the biz for a very long time and is a gay porn mogul. I almost got the courage to say hello to him but decided to go in the bar. What a chicken shit I am! I blew my opportunity to talk to Michael Lucas! It was time for a drink.

The club was packed! Falcon Studios was hosting at Q's bar. We found Stacie at the bar. She had been there for a while already with one of her friends that works for Falcon. We started to drink and catch up. As we were talking Erik Rhodes (Star and cover guy of Falcon's GAYVN nominated film AFTERPARTY) walks right by us with a stack of his DVDs. He starts talking to us and telling us about his film and how it was gonna win all sorts of shit (it didn't). He gave Tabatha and Stacie a copy of his DVD. I asked him politely if I could have one but he ignored me and continued to talk to the girls. I stood there for a bit listening to them talk and sipping on my drink. Finally, right before he left he gave me a copy of his film. Stacie ended up taking him outside and doing an interview of him. Stacie was on a quest to get footage of people talking about how to give a good blow job. Erik Rhodes didn't know what to say about giving a good blow job. He was giving some lame answers. You'd figure a gay porn superstar like himself would know how to give a couple tips on good fellatio.

Drinks were flowing at this point. There was a guy at the bar who had a bunch of TJ HAWKE's pictures with him. He was signing them and handing them out to people. I believed him for a second, but when I got a closer look at the guy it soooooo wasn't TJ HAWKE. I was DUPED! It was funny as shit though. Like, I knew in the back of my mind it wasn't him. I just thought it was hilarious because the club was dark enough that this guy could possibly fool a bunch of people. He kept wanting to dance and grind on me on the dance floor. Man, I was cracking up so hard and giving this guy props for his little show.

We started bar hopping. At this point, we're all pretty buzzed! My Friend Miguel meets up with us at the bars. Miguel is one of my dearest, closest friends. We both met when we were going to School at UT Austin. Miguel is like my adventure buddy cuz we always end up in some crazy, incredible adventures every time we hang out. It's been over a year since I'd seen him and I was super excited that we were FINALLY gonna meet up and hang out. Once Miguel showed up things got wild!

The music and the loud chatter of the bar was intoxicating. I kept looking around at all the people surrounding the bar. Juanita More, one of my favorite DJ's was spinning some great fuckin tunes @ Q's Bar. We danced, we drank, we laughed, we took shots, we fuckin did all kinds of crazy shit! As we were bar hopping we end up running into Scott Tanner, one of Raging Stallions men and multiple nominee. He was walking right us and I stopped him to say hello. He was really cool and took a moment to hang out with us and talk about the film. We talked about his nomination for Best Threesome. It was real nice chatting with him. I wished him good luck on his nominations and said goodbye. Seeing Scott Tanner meant that Ricky Sinz might be out somewhere. I kept telling our posse "Where is Ricky Sinz!?! WHERE IS HE!?!" Some people said he was outside waiting in line to get in to The Edge. Others said he was walking around with a group of people. Regardless, there was no sighting.

I was bummed there was no Ricky sighting, but it was still fun trying to find him @ all the different bars. We kept partying till the wee hours of the night. I can't remember if we hit up all the bars that night. it doesn't matter. We had the best fuckin time.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

VOTE FOR RACHEL LOVE for the Hottest Girl in porn!

VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! RACHEL IS A HOTTIE and a SWEETIE. She is super cool, super cute, and has some of the most beautiful NATURAL breasts on earth! Here is a pic of Lynn and Rachel from the Vivid 25th Anniversary Party!

Come buy Sexxx Toys!



Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Frisco Trip Day One

I've been trying to find time to FINALLY write about my trip to the GAYVN's but to be honest, I haven't had the fuckin time. My sister Maria calls me up while I'm up in San Francisco and tells me that she got rid of my bed and dresser. I used to have a pretty big bed and a big dresser but that stuff was just way too big for my small room. Ever since I got back from SF I've been dealing with getting my room organized. I got my room somewhat tolerable. I added a bunch of new porn posters up on my wall now that I have lots more empty space.

Ok...back to the Frisco trip...

We left early Thursday morning. The people traveling with me were the fabulous Lynn LeMay and Tabatha Tucker. We didn't get much traffic on our way up to SF. We took the 5 all the way up north. Driving up north on the 5 is sooooo fuckin boring. After you pass the Grapevine it's nothing but flat land, fields, and the stench of cow dung. The landscape can be so blah when you drive up the 5. But since it's springtime, the fields were covered in wild flowers. That was kinda nice. All the beautiful scenery wasn't enough of a distraction for me. I was too antsy and excited to get up to San Francisco. It had been years since I've been up there. I've been dying to go up there for the longest time. Once we got to Mountain View my heart started pitter pattering. We were getting so damn close I could taste it. I always get this flutter in my soul when I'm getting close to a city I love.

Once we got into the San Francisco city limits, Tabatha and I let out a squeal of delight! We finally made it! We drove around the beautiful busy streets of San Francisco. We got there around 3:00pm so the streets were busy! It was so refreshing hearing all the commotion of the city. I get a hard on for city noise. I'm so used to peace and quiet in my sleepy little home town of Sylmar. Lynn and Tabatha stayed at the Prescott Hotel on Post St. I stayed at my friend Thatcher and Erin's place. What rocked was that Erin and Thatcher lived a couple blocks away from where the Prescott is. Once the gals checked in a said farewell for a bit and headed over to Thatcher and Erins. I met Thatcher and Erin when I lived in Austin Texas. They had just recently moved to SF and they were gracious enough to let me crash with them for a couple of days.

It was so nice seeing Thatcher when I got to his place. I hadn't seen him since I left Austin. I hung out with Thatcher and Erin for a lil bit. We caught up on old times and pretty much chilled the whole afternoon. Once the night rolled along, it was time to go out and find some action. I wanted to hit the Castro to see what was going on. I figured there might be some gay porn stars out and about already. My mission was to meet as many gay porn stars as I could so it was time to sniff them out!

Our first stop was Q's Bar (I think that's what it's called). There was no sign of any porn stars. We decide to get a drink and hang out. We stayed at Q's Bar for a while. We really didn't know where else to go. We started asking the bartenders where all the happening spots were. They were all pretty helpful in informing us of everything that was going on. After a couple more drinks and flirting with the straight bartender we decide to hit up Club 440. We stayed there for a for a couple more drinks. I was getting slightly buzzed by this point. Tabatha and I were drinking Captain and Cokes all night. Whenever I party with Tabatha that's our drink of choice. This all stems to the first time Tabatha went out to recruit boys for porn. We got SMASHED that night off of Captain and Cokes so I guess that's our tradition now.

At this point, I was feeling very randy and wanted to go to a raunchy bar. I needed something seedy, dive, and rank. We asked someone what bar we can go to to find all sorts of naughtiness. The Eagle is where he told us to go. I remember friends of mine telling me how raunchy and cool The Eagle was so I was totally game to hit it up. We took a cab and headed to The Eagle as fast as we could. The Eagle is a leather/daddy/cub/felch/biker/ oasis. We got there and the place was popping. It sucked that we had to pay ten bucks to get in but we were there already so we stayed. We went to the bar, got more drinks, and then headed to the outside area. Once we were outside we met a guy named Jesus. We started talking to him about porn and why we were up in Sf. He mentioned that he was did some porn himself. Score! My first encounter with a porn star in SF. Jesus looked a lil smashed but hey, so did we. At this point I was really buzzed. Buzzed but still functional. Jesus tells us that did movies for Treasure Island Media. Treasure Island Media is one of the most hardcore gay porn companies out there. They don't use condoms in their movies and they are all about "breeding" and "seeding" men's orifices. They are notorious for the raunchiest gay bareback porn out there.

Things got a lil crazy when we all started talking about what we like to do in the sack and in porn. So crazy, that Jesus started pulling his pants down showing most of his ass and begging Tabatha to smack his ass. Tabatha, being the down ass girl that she is proceeded to smack the shit out of his cheeks. Then, he turned around and started slapping Tabatha's ass. People in the bar were hooting and hollering at all us. No matter how hard Tabatha slapped his ass he kept begging for more.

After all that madness, Jesus tried to force me to suck his cock. I was like..."Heeelllllll no! I'm here to RECRUIT talent not FUCK it." He was very persistent but I fuckin won the battle. It was getting close to last call so we grab a cab and head on back to the Prescott.

The first night was fun. The buzz in the city was infectious. The Eagle stench followed us in the bar. I had my taste of San Francisco raunchiness. I was a very happy man my first night in SF. Although I spent waaaaaay too much money the first night. But hey, it was all in good fun.