Monday, August 30, 2010

Mike Dreyden Makes My Dick Leak.

I love me some Mike Dreyden. He is incredibly witty, charming, and um...REALLY HOT. Mike is the kind of man that I LOVE seeing in porn. He's nice and fuzzy in the chest area, great body, AMAZING ass...this boy has got it all. I met and got to know Mike during Grabbys Weekend earlier this year. Mike was staying on the same floor as I at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago. Not only was he in the same floor as I but he was also right across the hall from me. It was so cool getting to know Mike on a more personal level. No, we didn't hook up or anything like that (although that woulda been nice :P ) but we did spend one stormy evening chatting it up in his hotel room with Ray Daniels and Tamara from While in the hotel room we drank, talked all kinds of stuff about the gay adult industry, and laughed our asses off talking about and imitating the character of Consuela from Family Guy.

Mike has had a thriving career in the gay adult biz and he is showing no signs of slowing down. While talking to Mike in his room during Grabbys Weekend it was refreshing hearing about his experiences in porn. I love hearing great stories about adult stars and their take on the adult industry. Mike had us rolling with some of the shenanigans he's gotten himself into. I let Mike and Ray put some of their stuff in my room after they checked out of their hotel room while they worked the IML Leather Market. I didn't get to give the guys a proper goodbye during Grabbys Weekend but they did leave me a really nice gift on my bed. Two autographed pics of them! WOOT! :P

Mike is definitely a delight to be around and I'm very excited to get to see him again in September for the Folsom/GayVN Weekend! I recently sent Mike a couple of questions to get caught up on what he has been up to. From the looks of it, Mike has been a very busy boy and I'm thrilled about all his upcoming work and accomplishments!

1. Tell me about your Grabbys experience this year. How was it?

It was awesome. It was my third year going and now more people in the industry know who I am and more fans come to see me at events and my appearances...thats the best part, meeting the fans. I'm always surprised and shocked at how many there are and meeting new fans. The high-light of the awards itself for me was accepting awards for my friends who couldn't be there and then introducing the "Men of Israel" clip. Lucas Entertainment asked me to write something for their blog about that.

2. One of your future releases is a threesome with Alessio Romero and Antonio Biaggi in PISS PIGS for Lucas Entertainment. Do you partake in any piss play off camera? What can we expect in this up coming piss soaked scene?

Well, Bobbie... the movie is out now and you can see a trailer of it at but to answer your question, We didnt partake in any piss play off camera although we were indeed messing around for sure. We used Alessio's cock to loosen me up for Antonio's cock. but Antonio didnt fuck me in the scene.

3. What was it like working as a production manager for Mr. Pam? She is awesome and so much fun!

Let me tell you something about Pam... you will NEVER meet anyone on this planet as nice, genuine, loving, giving and sincere as she. Pam and I met for the first time at my first IML/GRABBY experience. Ever since, we stayed in touch and now even better friends now that she's here in New York. Its always great fun working with her in front of and behind the camera. She lets me get creative and we bounce ideas off each other all the time.

4. You are everywhere as an industry figure: performer, producer, director, writer, etc. Which one do you think is the most difficult to deal with?

Who? Me?! Reeeeally? Naaaaaaaah! LOL! The only difficult part of any of these aspects of the industry Bobbie, is consistent gigs. But when they come, its an awesome thing and i dive in! I've been working on a couple of scripts that I want to shoot this fall and next spring. It'll be fun, I cant wait.

5. There is a video of you and a bunch of porn performers at Hustlaball London filmed by @amsterdirk on Twitter. That video is smoking HOT! Tell us about what goes on in that video.

Well, the best way to get an idea of it is to see it of course. but I'll tell you, the sex going on back stage... LEGENDARY! I caught up with Logan McCree, got fingered by Bruno Knight, I was proposed to by this really hot Brazilian chick, got a blow job by a stage hand, watched the "straight" boys fluff each other...

Luckily we have some EVIDENCE of some of the debauchery thanks to my buddy Dirk from Amsterdam! :P

6. What should we expect for Hustlaball New York in October.

This year I'm co-producing the event. I'm in charge of casting, stage management and hosting the red carpet. Ijust might perform as well, but I doubt it since there will be lots going on. You can expect to see some of the hottest men in porn appearing like Alessio Romero, Chris Porter, Race Cooper, Bryan Slater, Spencer Reed, Phillip Aubrey, Ryan Raz, Diesel Washington, Austin Wilde and more...

Mike is an amazing individual. He was recently nominated for BEST BOTTOM for a fan based GayVN awards category. I must say, Mike is an exceptional bottom. Watching him take big fat dicks up his ass is fuckin hot. Not only that, Mike sure knows how to take a deep dicking. Mike definitely has my vote for Best Bottom and he should have your vote too! :P Click HERE to vote. Also, Cybersocket Awards are accepting nominations for their upcoming Cybersocket Awards. If Mike makes your dick leak like he does mine I would DEFINITELY nominate him for Best Porn Star and Best Personality! :P Click HERE to make nominations.

Mike, you are one hot motherfucker and I can't wait to hang out with you soon! :P


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Gay Porn Site With A Lesbian Twist!

Well, its not really a twist per say. This new gay porn site that I came across recently (thanks to AMAZING genderqueer adult performer Jiz Lee) is from alt lesbian/queer porn auteur Shine Louise Houston. Houston has already made a name for herself with her groundbreaking works for Pink and White Productions. Houston has been a big several Feminist Porn Awards

I started my venture into Heavenly Spire with the Sven and Vid Tuesday solos. Once I saw in the description of the solo the words "latex" and "leather" I was sold. Sven's solo is smoking HOT! Houston takes time to focus on Sven's body with interesting shots of specific parts of Sven's body. I particularly love the parts where the we get shots of Sven in his leather harness. The lighting and sound of the scene gives it a very gritty look that I totally dig. Sven works his big cock nice and slow in the scene and it is definitely mouth watering. Not only does he work his cock real well but he keeps it nice and HARD throughout the whole scene!

Vid Tuesday is a super sexy guy with a cute innocent face and a beautiful pierced cock. Not only is it pierced but it is pierced TWICE. Don't let the glasses and boyish good looks fool you. Vid Tuesday is a total exhibitionist and loves getting frisky in front of the camera. Oh yeah, VT busts out a black butt plug and has a great time using it on his ass. Watching VT squirm and stroke with his butt plug up his ass is incredibly sexy.

Heavenly Spire is a site that explores masculinity, gender, and eroticism in a very interesting way. I'm looking forward to what the future has for this website. If you want to know more about Heavenly Spire please check out the official site. If you like what ya see (I know I did) sign up for a membership! I will also do some future posts on the development of this cool new site! Stay tuned! :P