Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ooooooooooooh shit check out the trailer and some HOT fuckin pics from one of Conner Habib's newest releases DIAMOND AUTO. In this film, Conner gets the pleasure of working with Derrek Diamond and Christian Wilde! Derrek and Christian are two of my recent favorite men in gay porn and I'm salivating knowing that Conner to fuck them both. Conner has done some work with Derrek before and their they have such great chemistry and work well together. Christian is so god damn gorgeous and is quickly getting lots of well deserved recognition and praise for his recent work. This threesome between these three men is gonna be well worth getting DIAMOND AUTO. God, three hot fuckin guys all sweaty and greased up from working in an Auto, my cock is flexing in my pants as I type this. :P

Click here to check out the trailer for DIAMOND AUTO

Here are some stills of Derrek and Christian from DIAMOND AUTO.

Check out all three of these studs in action. Conner is sooo fuckin lucky! :P

Seriously, why can't all auto shops be like DIAMOND AUTO? I swear, If things like this happened to guys in auto shops I would have gotten the motivation to get my drivers license. But since shit like this doesn't happen, we have to leave it to the guys at Raging Stallion for providing us with such wonderful auto shop fantasies.

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  1. I am glad he did not shave his body hair! He is so fucking hot! I wish him well in his porn world!