Thursday, March 11, 2010

Conner Habib Haiku's

Damn, Conner Habib.
What a fuckin gorgeous man.
His work is fucking guys.

Furry, very much.
No one seems to mind at all.
which is a good thing.

Watching Conner fuck
Makes me wanna stroke my cock.
Big loads flood my chest.

Ricky Sinz fucked him
While wearing a doggie mask
That was fuckin hot!

Conner Habib? Who?
Guy on my desk top. Hot huh?
Hell yeah he's fuckin hot.

Two guys ravish him.
Colby Keller and Girth Brooks
LAID OFF cum blizzard.

Enjoy. If you wanna write a Haiku about Conner feel free to post it as a comment. :P


  1. Conner Habib
    What a fucking slut
    Popular porn star
    With hairy nuts

  2. chin as spooge target?
    i will have to suggest it
    if we ever meet.