Monday, March 8, 2010

Bomb Ass Culo courtesy of Kristina Rose.

You know what makes my day? Culo. A nice Culo? A plump, juicy, round, incredible culo will brighten up my day when I'm feeling low or get my cock hard like no other. Culo hypnotizes me. Puts me on TILT Mode because the inner me wants to be fuckin nasty and wanna be all up IN IT and shit. You know what I mean? Like in my head, when I see a fuckin bomb ass Culo, I wanna rub my hands all up and down that shit. Guy or Girl. A bomb ass Culo is a bomb ass Culo. The thought of being able to feel up on a bomb ass Culo gives me goosebumps.

Kristina Rose has Culo. Shit, I know for a fact that Kristina rose has bomb ass culo cuz I have a poster of her from EVIL EMPIRE'S EVIL ANAL 8. Check out the fuckin HOT trailer!

Kristina Rose has one of the best Culos in porn. Not only does she have Culo she's also quite a beautiful girl at that. So what do you get when you pair a pretty face with a sweet Culo? Kristinna mothafuckin Rose!

Thank you Kristina for showing your bomb ass Culo to all of use who love and adore it. :P

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