Friday, February 26, 2010

My Dream With Newly Engaged Porn Couple Asa Akira and Rocco Reed

Photo taken by Alan E.

Every once and a while a porn star will show up in my dreams. It doesn't happen that often. I'm suprised it doesn't since I'm up to my neck in porn thats splattered all over my room and life. Whenever I have a dream that involves a porn star I wake up confused, hard, and above all, inspired. I told myself that whenever I have a dream that involves porn stars that I would write a blog about it. So, here we go...

The Twitter Pornosphere was buzzing this week when unbelievably beautiful Asa Akira posted a tweet on her Twitter account announcing her engagement to porn Golden Boy Rocco Reed. Congrats to both of them. Rocco and Asa are two adult performers that I admire in the adult industry and I wish them nothing but the best. Click here to check out the bling on Asa's hand!

OK, now to the dream...

Asa and I are chilling on set after we've just done a scene. I don't remember what happened in the scene. I'm not even tripping out that I'm in bed naked with one of the hottest porn stars on the planet. Asa is wrapped with the white sheets we just did our scene on and I'm sitting back watching her play with her iPhone. We talk about what we've been up to and talk about how hot the scene was gonna look like in HD and shit like that. We start laughing and joking around when all of a sudden Rocco shows up on set. When Rocco showed up I got a little nervous. My inner monologue was telling me that he was gonna kick my ass or something for being in bed with Asa. I mean, I''m not a porn star. Why would I be in bed with Asa to begin with? When Rocco showed up Asa immediately stopped playing with her phone, got up, and gave Rocco a big hug. Rocco see's me on the bed and gives me a quick "What's up" and quickly moved his focus to Asa.

Once Rocco saluted me I calmed down. In this dream I was a porn star. Hey, I didn't mind. Asa and Rocco kept talking while I scrambled around to get my clothing from the floor. Once I was dressed I took a seat at the bed and watched Asa walk away to the wardrobe area. Rocco takes a seat next to me on the bed. I dunno why, but I felt kinda awkward sitting next to Rocco. I think it because I just had amazing sex (even though I dont remember it) with his amazing girlfriend (now fiancee). No matter how hard I tried I couldn't stop thinking about whether Rocco had any thoughts or comments about me having sex with Asa. It kept running through my head which made it difficult to have a conversation with Rocco. Rocco was being cool as fuck while we were talking. He told me about all the girls he was working with recently and talked about playing some poker. After that, Asa came back to join us. We talked for a little bit about hanging out soon and they took off. After that, I woke up.

The dream was TOTALLY random. It was also pretty fuckin cool. I have no control over who and shows up in my dreams. When its pretty cool porn stars like Asa and Rocco I'm all for it. :P

For more on Asa Akira check out her Twitter page or join her official site. Asa is on the rise to something great in the Porn Biz so check her out!

Check out Rocco Reed's Twitter page as well. Rocco is one of the most hard working, proffesional, and all around dynamo when it comes to porn. If you're a hard core porn afficionado like me, I'm sure in your collection of porn there is a scene with Rocco in it. :P

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why You Should Stroke to Conner Habib.

There are very few men in the Gay Adult Industry that make me go absolutely bonkers. Well, there are a bunch of them out there that have that affect on me but it is rare when a gay adult performer really has a tremendous impact on me. Conner Habib, the deliiiiicious male specimen that is Conner Habib is one of those men. Conner is, in no doubt, one of the most beautiful men I have seen in porn in a very, very, VERY long time. I'm telling you, the first time I laid eyes on this stud I was flabbergasted. Thanks to my pal Tamara (@gpcrush) I was able to find someone to talk to about my sudden infatuation with Conner. Tamara started posting stuff about Conner on her site Guiltily Pleasured frequently which helped with getting my Conner fix. I swear, Tamara probably has tons of Direct Messages from me about how much I ADORE Conner and all the naughty things I wanna do with him. :P

Conner has been in the Adult Industry not too long and has been the hot topic for bloggers, porn studios, and fans all over the interweb. Who can blame him? Conner is one of the hottest guys in gay porn right now. What I love about Conner is that he is one of those men that doesn't have to try to be sexy. Conner is one of those men that make me swoon. I don't swoon very often (at least not in public) but there is something about Conner that lingers with me even after I jerk off to his porn or read some of his tweets on his Twitter page. Maybe it's his adorable smile, or his voice, or all the beautiful, sexy, body hair that gets my juices going when I see pictures of him or his scenes.

I recently got a chance to take a look at Conner's solo work on Real Guys Exposed is one of my favorite new websites right now. The site features guys doing short interviews and a solo. I love Real Guys Exposed because it has a simple premise: Real Guys, Exposing their bodies, minds, ideas, and loads for our viewing pleasure. When I found out that Conner was one of the very first Real Guys on the site I had to check out. First off, I fuckin LOVED both of the solos that Conner did for the site. The interviews showed how charismatic, funny, and charming Conner is. The footage of him stroking his amazing cock and feeling up on his body is so fuckin hot I almost exploded without even stroking. Oh yeah, lets not forget the incredible loads he shoots in both solos. The way he spasms when he makes himself cum in the solos is priceless.

So why should you jerk off to Conner Habib? If my blog post hasn't convinced you (I hope it has) then lemme make a list.

1) He's fuckin GORGEOUS
2) He will seduce you with his charm, wit, and his smile (oh god that smile...)
3) He has body hair that makes men into body hair go on TILT
4) He has quite an amazing, fuzzy ass
5) He has a thing for guys wearing bunny ears (I think that's pretty fuckin hot)
6) He always has interesting things to say about himself and the work that he does in
the gay adult industry.
7) He has a phenomenal dick.
8) LOVE the way he moans when he;s getting fucked or shoots a load.
9) XX FACTOR has named Conner the "Most Fuckable Boy in the World" (Aint that the
10) He's deliiiiiiicious.

Overall, Conner is the shit and will continue to bring some good, quality porn for your minds and cocks!

Please check out Connor's Twitter Page and Facebook pages.

Also, Thank you so much to Real Guys Exposed for giving me these great pics of Conner for my blog. Check out REAL GUYS EXPOSED!

Click here for a recent interview of Conner done by Edge SF

Conner recently posted this pic of him post fuck session with Girth Brooks. Uh, yeah...FUCKIN HOT!

Conner, you're an amazing individual and I can't wait to see what you'll be getting yourself into in 2010. All you porn companies out there, give this man an exclusive contract or hire him for anything and EVERYTHING! :P

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Str8cam Jeff goes HD.

Str8cam Jeff from is one of the HOTTEST adult performers on the internet. This man has it ALL: A fantastic body, deliiiiiiicious bubble butt, muscles for days, and those killer deep blue eyes that make me and many of his members and people on Twitter go absolutely bonkers. Jeff is definitely gonna cause quite a ruckus now that his shows will be filmed in HD!!!! With Str8cam now in HD, members of his site will have the benefit of watching Jeff flex his muscles and work over his cock in super sharp, clear, and exquisite HIGH DEFINITION.

Not only is Jeff one of the hottest straight guys online he is also one of the nicest guys out there. Jeff is super dedicated to all his members and fans online. You send him an email, he replies back. You send him a jock strap, undies, or any article of clothing he will wear it on his live shows. Shit, he'll even use whatever you send him as a cum rag after he shoots a load on his site!

I've had the pleasure of checking out some of his live shows on Str8cam and I gotta say, Jeff's shows are some of the hottest stuff I've seen. What I love about Str8cam is that with Jeff there is no gimmicks. It's Jeff getting himself off while we watch with full attention. Jeff finds ways of mixing stuff up on his site like using a variety of sex toys on his cock. I especially love it when Jeff fucks a Fleshjack. He fuckin pounds the fuck out of his Fleshjack. If I remember correctly, in one of his live shows he was fucking a mold of Jenna Haze's pussy so hard he tore that shit up!

Str8cam's site is one of my favorites because I love watching guys get themselves off. There's something about witnessing how a guy strokes himself off and makes himself feel good that just gets to me. I'm a total voyeur/exhibitionist, watching guys jerk off gets me going like no other. Tons of Jeff's fan are DYING to see Jeff do other stuff other than solo work. Honestly, I'd rather just watch Jeff solo. Knowing that Jeff doesn't do scenes with others makes all his live shows that much more special.

I recently was helping Jeff do a camera test with his new HD camera. Lemme just say, Str8cam in HD is really something special. Watching Jeff flex his amazing muscles in HD was AMAZING! Watching Jeff hard at work (not literally) trying to get the best possible set up for his first LIVE HD show for tonight was very inspiring. I can sense his dedication to make his live shows and site great for his members. Having his shows now in HD will only enhance the pleasure of watching Jeff bust his nuts. :P

Please check out Str8cam Jeff's first LIVE HD show on at 7:30pm Pacific Standard Time. Also, follow Jeff on Twitter! If you can't make the live show tonight not to worry. Str8cam live shows are archived and available for download! Jeff has soooooo many great shows available for download on his site. Hope you guys can check out his LIVE HD SHOW!!!! :P

Also, Check out Str8cam Jeff's gear he has for sale! Jeff sells Str8cam jock straps, lube, boxer briefs, and cumrags! I have a Str8cam jock and I fuckin LOVE IT!!! :P Can't wait to get my hands on his lube!!!! Click here to check out Str8cam gear.