Sunday, March 28, 2010

Well It Happened. I Finally Met The Habib.

After what seemed like an eternity, I finally got the chance to meet Pornolandia's Man of the Month. The day I meet Conner was a pretty good day to be honest with you. There wasn't much bullshit at work and throughout the whole day I couldn't stop thinking about heading over to Cocktails with the Stars for some Conner Habib fun. Since I don't have a car, Meeting Conner was much more of an adventure. It took two buses and the Metro Red Line to get my no driving ass to WEHO for all the fun. But you know what? All that shit was sooooo fuckin worth it because Conner turned out to be one of the most approachable, charismatic, incredibly sexy, and down right darling porn studs I have met in a VERY long time.

If you've been reading the blog and following me on Twitter, You KNOW how much I appreciate and adore Conner's work and growing popularity amongst fans, porn stars, and directors in Pornolandia. It's funny, the day I met Conner I didn't have my iPod that day. Having music is essential for a no driving sexy Scrub like myself. Long walks and excruciatingly long bus rides can be murderous without an iPod. Since I didn't have shit to listen to, I had plenty of time to think about what I was gonna do when I actually first saw Conner eye to eye. Ever since I found out that Conner was gonna be at Cocktails with the Stars I wanted to make sure that I wasn't gonna be a drunk fuckin mess like I usually am when I go to some porn events. I wanted to actually be coherent and remember talking to Conner and all the other people at Mickys. I've learned my lesson from my previous drunken exploits. So when I first met Conner, I was a very, very, VERY good boy.

I went to Mickys with my very good friend Robert. He is the brainchild of REAL GUYS EXPOSED. One of the first scenes I saw of Conner was his solos for Real Guys Exposed. GOOD FUCKIN SHIT lemme tell ya. Anywho, we got there fairly early so there wasn't that many people there yet. It was easy to spot Conner chit chatting at the bar. He was wearing a Fireman outfit. I walked up to the bar where he was and walked up and said hi to him. I had the biggest smile on my face. Conner looked at me, smiled, and gave me a big hug. It was funny how some people commented on me being around Conner. Some were like "LOOK, THERE HE IS!". I didn't mind it at all. In fact, I thought it was kinda sweet. I was a lil quiet at first when I was talking with Conner but as the night progressed I was a bit more chatty with him.

Conner thanks me for all the stuff I've been writing about him on my blog. Even though I didn't complete my Julie/Julia project it was still fuckin cool that he enjoyed the blogs I did about him. Conner was so gracious and kind enough to give me a copy of LAID OFF! I can't wait to watch/stroke to it when I get the chance. Conner also gave me a pretty rad autographed picture!

When Conner was being interviews he had the crowd roaring with laughter. His commentary and responses to some of the questions being asked by Scott were so refreshing it engulfed the whole bar with such a wondrous atmosphere. With Conner, you don't get any attitude, arrogance, or vanity I sometimes come across with porn stars I meet on a regular basis. You get a man who is confident and working hard to bring something refreshing in gay porn.

Cocktails with the Stars with Conner Habib was one of the best I've been to this year. It was also really fuckin sweet being able to go out to dinner with Conner, Scotty B, Tamara, and Robert at Tendergreens. We had great conversations about love, life, porn, and much more!

Conner, It was an such an honor meeting you. I know Cocktails with the Stars won't be the only time we will encounter each other. Thank you for making the month of March in Pornolandia one of the best this year. Even though Conner won't be the man of the month anymore that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop posting info and news about Conner. In fact, look out for more Conner Habib posts in the near future!

Conner Habib, you sir...are the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Conner initialed some guys COCK!

Conner Butt!


Conner and Steven Daigle


Hellz yeah. Getting Fondled by the Habib.

Check out Tom Trevor's blog for more HOT pics of Conner from CWTS!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ooooooooooooh shit check out the trailer and some HOT fuckin pics from one of Conner Habib's newest releases DIAMOND AUTO. In this film, Conner gets the pleasure of working with Derrek Diamond and Christian Wilde! Derrek and Christian are two of my recent favorite men in gay porn and I'm salivating knowing that Conner to fuck them both. Conner has done some work with Derrek before and their they have such great chemistry and work well together. Christian is so god damn gorgeous and is quickly getting lots of well deserved recognition and praise for his recent work. This threesome between these three men is gonna be well worth getting DIAMOND AUTO. God, three hot fuckin guys all sweaty and greased up from working in an Auto, my cock is flexing in my pants as I type this. :P

Click here to check out the trailer for DIAMOND AUTO

Here are some stills of Derrek and Christian from DIAMOND AUTO.

Check out all three of these studs in action. Conner is sooo fuckin lucky! :P

Seriously, why can't all auto shops be like DIAMOND AUTO? I swear, If things like this happened to guys in auto shops I would have gotten the motivation to get my drivers license. But since shit like this doesn't happen, we have to leave it to the guys at Raging Stallion for providing us with such wonderful auto shop fantasies.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Make Conner Habib Cocktails with the Stars Next Face

OK so the picture above has nothing to do with what I'm about to write about but I thought I'd put it up on the blog cuz it's so damn cute and it made me laugh really hard.

So now that that is out of the way, lemme get to talking about what I really wanna talk about. Micky's Thursday nights Cocktails with the Stars hosted by the ever wonderful Scotty Boardman (@tweetscottyb)is looking for a new porn poster boy. For the past six months the face of Cocktails with the Stars has been none other than the incredibly gorgeous Raging Stallion Man of the Year Austin Wilde. Austin has done quite an amazing job being the eye candy that makes people wet and excited to wanna check out the Cocktails with the Stars. Shit, take a look at CWTS current ad with Austin on it:

Now tell me that picture with Austin Wilde doesn't make you randy with lust? I dare you to tell me that!

Even though Austin's beautiful self will be missed, it is time to make room for a new porn stud for the face of Cocktails with the Stars. Lets make Conner Habib the very next face, dick, and hot ass of Cocktails with the Stars! Scotty is accepting nominations via email. Click here to check out the article about CWTS from AVN.

Do I really have to explain why Conner should be the next face for CWTS? I think my blog posts about him have said enough. So all you Conner Habib lovers and admirers, make your voices heard and nominate Conner Habib!

Maybe this pic of Conner will help with getting you to vote for him.



Saturday, March 20, 2010

Str8cam Lube: Water Based Lube That Feels Goooood On Your Cock.

When Str8cam Jeff told me he was coming out with his own brand of water-based lube I knew I had to have some. I already own my very own Str8cam Jockstrap so I figured getting the lube would be something fun to get as well. As many of you know, I am a big fan/admirer of all that Jeff does. His live shows on have always been fun to witness and HOT to wank to! Str8cam Jeff is like a small porn empire that is getting bigger, better, and sexier as time goes by. I give Jeff so much credit for being his one man porn empire. I mean the guy has his own LUBE! How fuckin cool is that? :P

When I first got the bottle I thought it was going to be small. Judging from some of the pics I saw of the bottle it looked tiny. I was taken aback when I opened my package. It's a pretty decent 8oz bottle. The dispenser is easy to use and pumps out a decent amount of lube. What I absolutely LOVE about Str8cam lube is how much is resembles cum. I've talked to Jeff via email and Twitter and he's told me that he's spent countless hours trying to perfect the look and consistency of the lube. Jeff wanted his lube to look like no other lubes out there and is pretty damn successful at it. The lube itself is creamy, smooth, and looks like a thick load of cum on your hands when you first put it on.

The feeling I got when I first put it on my hands and looked at the lube really turned on. I kept thinking that it was a fresh load of cum on my hands. It also reminded me of this HOT hook up sesh I had with this guy named Ash from South Africa. I used to hook up with him on a occasionally while I was going to UCSB. This guy Ash was fuckin HOT! He was nice, beefy, blue eyes, great body, amazing accent, and a total cum slut! One time when we hooked up while I was fucking Ash missionary he asked me to pull out and cum all over his cock. I had never done anything like that before (at the time lol) and I figured he was really into it and he REALLY wanted my load. I kept pounding his ass hard when he kept asking for my cum. Once I was ready to bust took off my condom and shot a HUGE fuckin load all over his cock. Lets just say, I pretty much covered every inch of his cock with my load. After I came he kept saying "Jack me off with your cum..." so I did. I used all my cum to lube up his cock and gave him some long strokes that made him shoot thick streams of cum all over his face!!! When you use Str8cam lube it truly does look like your using cum as lubricant. Str8cam lube is perfect for the inner cum loving sluts that most of us in this world are.

I LOVE the sensation I get when I first put Str8cam lube on my cock. The lube is sleek and really cool to the skin. Str8cam lube doesn't leave you with a sticky, greasy feeling I sometimes get when I use water based lubes. It dries off the skin very nicely and leaves your skin feeling nice and smooth. There is also no bad odor to it which is something that I can't stand with some lubes out there.

Str8cam lube is also GREAT and safe to use on sex toys. I use Str8cam lube when I fuck my Fleshjack and it works WONDERS. especially when you first stick my cock in my fleshjack. The cool feeling from the lube lingers on your cock and having that sensation plus the feeling of thrusting your cock inside a fleshjack is sensational. I would highly recommend Str8cam Lube for Cyberskin toys.

All in all, I am very satisfied with my Str8cam lube. It was money well spent on a product that I will DEFINITELY be getting once I run out of my Str8cam lube. Go to and get yourself a bottle TODAY! It is really fuckin good. :P

Here are some HOT pics of Jeff using his Str8cam lube. Enjoy! :P

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Conner Habib is Rad.

I was at the beach today in Santa Barbara. I like writing things in the sand. Since Conner Habib is pretty rad I decided to make it official in sand. So now everyone knows the radness that is Conner Habib. :P

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Conner Habib Pictures That Started It All.

Much of my love and adoration for Conner Habib would have NEVER existed had it not been for my dear friend Tamara's fantastic gay porn blog GUILTILY PLEASURED I would have probably not known much about Conner. I remember a while back checking out Tamara's blog and coming across the picture of Conner with the bunny ears. When I first saw this pic I was like..."Oh my god this is such a CUTE fuckin pic!" This is when my curiosity for Conner started to kick in. I started chatting with Tamara on Twitter (@gpcrush)about Conner and once I told Tamara that I thought Conner was an incredibly good looking man it was over. Tamara and I started having lengthy, steamy conversations via direct Messages on Twitter about all the nasty/sexy things we wanted to do to Conner. Thanks to Tamara, I had another person to regurgitate all the things that ruled about Pornolandia's man of the month. I was inspired so much by Conner's bunny pic that I did one of my own in the Storage room at work. I took this pic back in Oct. 2009. The bunny ears belong to a slutty female bunny costume.


The second pic that started it all is this sexxxy ass pic of Conner exposing his armpits (heaven) and rocking the mothafuckin PORNSTACHE! Look at that fuckin pic and tell me that aint sexy? It takes fuckin balls, a killer smile, and charisma to pull of the Pornstache. Conner fuckin NAILS it. Not only that, he OWNS that mothafuckin Pornstache. After seeing how well Conner rocked the Pornstrache I decided to try it out myself.

Pornstache's RULE!

Yeah, these two pics pretty much did it for me. :P

Please check out Tamara's blog for more HOT gay porn posts. :P

Saturday, March 13, 2010


What's up peeps!

Check out Conner Habib in BRIEF ENCOUNTERS! He gets to fuck Nick Moretti in this DVD. YUM! Nick Moretti is fuckin HOT. I bet Nick has a great time giving Conner a nice deep dicking. :P Also, If you have a thing for tighty whiteys then this is the flick for you. The guys in these films are decked out in plenty of white briefs to make any underwear fetish guy go absolutely bonkers. The guys in the DVD lick cocks through their undies, wet them, rip them, and I'm sure lots of other sexy/raunchy stuff too.

Click here to check out the HOT preview.

That is all for now. I'll write more in depth Conner Habib posts soon. I have a bunch lined up! :P

Friday, March 12, 2010

Playwrights have a thing for Conner Habib Too.

I recently chatted with one of my playwriting colleagues on Facebook that I hadn't talked to in a couple of months. We chatted about what we were up to and started to reminisce on some of our good ole days. As we were chatting, my friend (you know who you are) out of the blue mentioned that he loved Conner. I thought that was pretty cool. He mentioned that he wasn't really feeling Conner until he started reading my blog posts about him. To hear that my posts about Conner made my friend an admirer makes me feel good. It just means that the word is getting out about the hotness that is Conner Habib!

On Wednesday, another playwriting colleague of mine sent me a text message about Conner. It said "That Conner guy, WOW!" I love it. Whenever my friends can talk openly about who and what turns them on is great. I also like to let them know about whats the latest and hottest things in porn. I wonder what Conner's favorite playwright would be? Or favorite play? I can see Conner doing some theatrical acting. Shit, I'd cast him in one of my plays.

Oh yeah, Conner commented on my Haiku blog! he posted some examples on his page and asked fans to write their own! Click here to check out some of the Haiku!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Conner Habib Haiku's

Damn, Conner Habib.
What a fuckin gorgeous man.
His work is fucking guys.

Furry, very much.
No one seems to mind at all.
which is a good thing.

Watching Conner fuck
Makes me wanna stroke my cock.
Big loads flood my chest.

Ricky Sinz fucked him
While wearing a doggie mask
That was fuckin hot!

Conner Habib? Who?
Guy on my desk top. Hot huh?
Hell yeah he's fuckin hot.

Two guys ravish him.
Colby Keller and Girth Brooks
LAID OFF cum blizzard.

Enjoy. If you wanna write a Haiku about Conner feel free to post it as a comment. :P

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3 Guys Conner Should F*%K on Camera.

OK, before anyone freaks out, I don't want Conner to fuck the old geyser above. HELL NO. That's the last thing I wanna see. However, the man up above does share something in common with one of the porn studs Conner should fuck on camera. Can you guess who it is? Hmmmmm??? Well, if you've guessed who the old man is...GOOD FOR YOU! You fuckin rock for knowing who the person is. If you don't...well...fuck it you're gonna find out anyway so its all good.:P

Lately, I've been thinking about who I would want to see Conner have sex with in front of the camera. There are so many hot fuckin guys in porn that I would love nothing more than to watch them take a turn at devouring our Man of the Month. Here are 3 guys (in no particular order) that I would love to see Conner do scenes with.


Holy fuckin shit this man is deliiiiiiiicious. I don't really know much about Christopher Saint. I first saw him in my 2010TitanMen Calendar I got during Folsom Weekend last year. When I flipped through the calendar and came across Chris's photo I had to do his man is BEAUTIFUL. His smile is killer, he's got a great body, and that uncut dick of his...WOW! Super fuckin sexy. To top it all off, he's from the UK! I think both Conner and Christopher together would be a scorching scene. Thinking about these two guys fucking makes my mouth water and wanna bust out my lube. Click here to check out a very cute behind the scenes clip from one of Christopher's shoots. Fuck man, I swear if these two get to work together in the near future I would be in HEAVEN! :P


Yeah, Steve Cruz and Conner Habib in a scene together would be magical. What I love about Steve is whenever he fucks on camera his scenes are NEVER boring. He is always into his partners and makes the every scene look effortless and fun. God, imagine both Steve and Conner rubbing up on each others hot, sweaty, hairy bodies. Fuck man, that would be soooooo fuckin AMAZING! If I had both Conner and Steve in a scene together I would have them rimming each other for an obscene amount of time. I'd also have them do lots of licking, smelling, sucking, kissing...EVERYTHING. I hope that Conner gets to work with Steve either on a Raging Stallion flick or on Conner has a scene at Hard Friction but not with Steve. Come on boys...get on it! :P

Last but not least...


Samuel mothafuckin COLT! Oh yeah, the old geyser pic? That's Samuel Colt the inventor/gunsmith. The Samuel Colt I wanna see all up inside and all over Conner is the one pictured with the happy face hiding Samuel's cock. Yeah, Samuel and Conner paired up together would be an unforgettable scene. I heart Samuel Colt. Being around Samuel Colt is hard to deal with. The first time I met Samuel was during the Cybersocket Awards this year. Standing next to him, talking to him, and just being around him was such a pleasure. Yeah, I was a lil drunky that night but Samuel was totally cool with me being all up on his and giving him kisses all night. But seriously, look at him! He's fuckin gorgeous. Not only that, he's a really fuckin nice guy to boot. Also, when Samuel is fucking on camera...WOW! That shit is amazing. I've seen Samuel man handle some of his partners in some hot scenes and lemme tell ya, its all too hot to handle sometimes.

So there you have it. Three smoking hot guys I really wanna see Conner work with. OK, so now that its out...LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Formspring Questions about Conner Habib

Seeing as I had some fun with Formspring last night, I decided to use Formspring to generate questions about Conner for this blog post. For the most part, I got some pretty cool questions. Lots of pissing questions about Conner. I thought that was pretty interesting. I wish I woulda gotten more questions to answer but its all good. Hope you enjoy these questions/answers. :P

1) Whats your biggest Conner role playing fantasy?

Well, ONE of them is to be at a bar and watch Conner dancing in a jockstrap. I keep staring at him while he keeps on dancing. Conner notices that I'm staring at him so he comes up to me. He starts to rub my body while I keep sipping on my drink. I try not let him tempt me but it's too hard to resist. he starts to rub on my cock, staring into my eyes...

Then he takes me to the back of the bar and we start going at it. while we're getting it on there are people walking by and watching us. Some stay and watch for a bit, others just walk on by. It gets to the point where all the patron at the bar are watching both Conner and I fucking. Then all of a sudden all the guys circle around us and they all start whipping out their cocks. They start to stroke, suck, and kiss each other while they watch us fuck. Some of the guys start to touch us while we fuck but I push them off. I'm gonna be greedy this time and keep Conner to myself. Some of the guys get pissed off that I'm greedy but I don't give a fuck. It turns me on that I'm the only one that gets to fuck Conner. Me and Conner fuck until we bust our nuts then all the guys circle around both of us and they all take turns shooting their hot loads are all over us. In the end, Conner and I are drenched in cum!!!

This is only one of the many fantasies I have about Conner. HA! :P

2) What is the sexiest thing about Conner? Who is the person you'd most like to see him paired up with that he hasn't fucked yet?

His eyes are the sexiest thing about him!

I'd like to see Samuel Colt fuck the living daylights out of Conner. Damn, that would be such a hot fuckin scene! I think Samuel would have such a fun time fucking Conner. Mmmmmm...

3) What is the sexiest thing about Conner?

There are too many sexy things about Conner to just choose one. But If I HAD to choose one, I would say that the sexiest thing about Conner is his eyes. There's something behind those eyes that intrigues me and makes me want to know more about what going on behind them. :P

4) If he had no choice but to do what you said sexually, what would you make him do?


First, I would make him wear some really tight boxer briefs. Then, I'd make him get near me so I can rub my hands all over his body. I'd also have him rub his crotch on my body. I'd have him rub my cock and start to suck it slowly. Once I'm nice and hard I'd tell him to lay on his back with his lead spread open. Then, I'd lick in between his taint and balls eventually spending a very long period of time rimming him.

Then we'd fuck like crazy, cum, chill out on the bed and eat some ice cream. Cookies and Cream preferably.

Oh yeah, there would be lots of kissing too.


5) After sucking Connor's cock would you let him piss down your throat?

ummmm...probably not. :P

Most definitely! The sight of his piss-soaked hairy body would be a sell-out! Wouldn't it?

mmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm...

6) How do you fancy a 3 way with me and Conner? Who would be in the middle of the fuck train? by Beefymuscle

Hey babe!

I would definitely fancy a threesome with you and Conner! That would be awesome!

As far as who would be in the middle of the fuck train? That's a tough one! I think I would want to be the one in the middle with you fucking me and me fucking Conner.

You know what? We'll all take turns in the middle. Then afterwards we can all cuddle up and go to bed with smile on our faces. :P

Has Conner Habib done any piss scenes?

I don't think he's ever done a pissing video. That would be kinda hot if he did though now wouldn't it? :P

7) Would you let him fuck you long and hard?

Yes, I would definitely let Conner Habib fuck me long and hard. After we have some coffee first. Or perhaps after a show? Maybe drinks first?


8) Okay - I have to admit it - I'm a total geek - and this question isn't sexy at all (sorry). My biggest question about Connor Habib is about his academic background...wasn't he a professor at one point? What field did he teach in?

Hmmmm...that is a good question. I know that Conner used to be a professor back East. I'm not too sure what he is studying right now. I know he's mentioned it before in interviews and stuff like that.

Maybe I'll have to do an interview with Conner and find out. :P

Thanks for the question.

Belladonna Feature Dancing at City of Industry Spearmint Rhino March 11-13th.

Holy shit! This weekend Belladonna will be feature dancing at the Spearmint Rhino in the city of Industry! How fuckin cool is that!?!?! I've been wanting to see Belladonna Feature Dance for the LONGEST TIME! Sucks that I have to work that weekend! UGH!!! NO!!!

Maybe I can rally up some of my co workers to wanna go out there and check out Belladonna dance! I've heard from various people that have seen Bella feature dance say that it is worth checking out. Ugh, what to dooooooo!?!?!?!?!?!?

OK, this will be my goal for the rest of this week. I'm gonna try and find some of my friends to wanna go and check it out. It will be a fuckin adventure. I know tons of my friends that think Belladonna is the shit and would probably be down to bust a mission to the city of Industry and watch one of the best adult stars get everyone in the room hot, wet, and HARD. I got a couple of days to work my magic. Hopefully people will wanna go!

If you're a Belladonna lover like I am, if you ever wanna know why Bella is the best, or simply, to get watch a beautiful woman dance for you, check out her shows this weekend! Shows start THURSDAY!

Check out the pic above for more info. Also check out Spearmint Rhino's site for info as well.

Dont forget to take a gander at Belladonna's official site and Twitter page!

Anonymous Cock.

Yesterday on Formspring a person anonymously asked me if they sent me a picture of their cock would I post it on my Twitpic account. I didn't agree to it BUT I did tell the person that if they emailed me a pic of their cock I would post it up on my blog. I posted my email and didn't think much of it. Now if you don't know about Formspring its pretty simple. Formspring is a website where you create a profile and people can send you questions anonymously. :P I usually get really filthy questions and I answer them honestly. Hee hee...

Well, to my surprise, Someone out there sent me a picture of their cock! Not only that, two other guys sent me pics of their cocks as well. I thought it was pretty fuckin funny and cool that those guys were generous enough to anonymously send me pics of their hot dicks. I said I would post them on my blog so HERE THEY ARE!

Anonymous Cock #1
DAMN! Look at this awesome uncut cock! Love that my first Anonymous cock was uncut! Thick too. :P

Anonymous Cock #2
Nice! Another big, thick, COCK!

Anonymous Cock #3
HOLY FUCK! look at THIS ONE! can you say...SLURP? :P

There you have it. Three anonymous cocks I got yesterday. I kinda like this. If anyone else wants to send me pics of their cocks anonymously and be featured on my blog feel free to shoot me an email at I will be more than happy to write a blog about your cock. HAHAHAHAAA! :P

Monday, March 8, 2010

Conner Habib is The Shiiiit.

I just wrote this on my whiteboard. Nuff said. :P

Bomb Ass Culo courtesy of Kristina Rose.

You know what makes my day? Culo. A nice Culo? A plump, juicy, round, incredible culo will brighten up my day when I'm feeling low or get my cock hard like no other. Culo hypnotizes me. Puts me on TILT Mode because the inner me wants to be fuckin nasty and wanna be all up IN IT and shit. You know what I mean? Like in my head, when I see a fuckin bomb ass Culo, I wanna rub my hands all up and down that shit. Guy or Girl. A bomb ass Culo is a bomb ass Culo. The thought of being able to feel up on a bomb ass Culo gives me goosebumps.

Kristina Rose has Culo. Shit, I know for a fact that Kristina rose has bomb ass culo cuz I have a poster of her from EVIL EMPIRE'S EVIL ANAL 8. Check out the fuckin HOT trailer!

Kristina Rose has one of the best Culos in porn. Not only does she have Culo she's also quite a beautiful girl at that. So what do you get when you pair a pretty face with a sweet Culo? Kristinna mothafuckin Rose!

Thank you Kristina for showing your bomb ass Culo to all of use who love and adore it. :P

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Conner Habib Gets Cum Drenched in Falcon/Mustang Studios LAID OFF.


Have you guys seen the trailer for Falcon/Mustang studios newest dickfest LAID OFF? If you haven't, you need to click HERE and check that shit out. It's a pretty hot fuckin trailer. Also, Conner Habib is one lucky fucker in this flick. He gets ravished by adorable Colby Keller and big dicked Girth Brooks! Fuck man, getting man handled by Colby and Girth would be amazing! Watching Connor in such a predicament is something not to be missed.

Oh yeah, Conner gets a cum bath like no other in this film. I swear, by watching how cum coated Conner is in the trailer I can only IMAGINE how it all gets to that intense climax!

LAID OFF also stars fine ass papi Alessio Romero, Dean Tucker, Christian Wilde, Matthew Ford, and many more!

Check out more on LAID OFF and its stars at Falcon's Website!

Man, If I were being laid off I'd wanna be in this film. I guess the tensions of this economy and losing your job makes men hungry and thirsty for lust! :P

Here is a clip of a G-rated version of Laid Off. G-Rated XXX clips. Gotta Love them. :P

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Short Conner Habib Blog.

I'm too tired and sleepy to write a full blog about the man of the month on my blog. But since I'm determined to write a blog a day about Mr. Habib I wanted to sneak a quick one in before midnight. Thanks to that damn JULIE AND JULIA movie I'm determined that my goal to write a Conner blog a day in March CAN and WILL happen!

Here is a HOT picture I found on the interweb of Conner. I do love a man that wears long socks and reads. Nekkid. Conner has a stack of books too which to make makes this pic even hotter. Oh yeah, and Conner's nekkid. That's always a good thing. :P

Friday, March 5, 2010

Conner Habib is UBER Immortalized on Adult Factory Outlet's Wall-O-Hot Menz.

Yes it's true. Conner busts a double whammy on the porno walls of fame at Adult Factory Outlet. Not only is there a Wall-O-Porn for our favorite porn stars there is also a special wall I created for all the hot Menz I jerk off to and admire. Conner Habib is the first porn star to make it on both porn walls. That says something about how amazing Conner is right?

The first men that made it up on the wall were Scott Tanner and Ricky Sinz. I started the Wall-O-Menz right around the time Raging Stallion's award winning Cowboy epic TO THE LAST MAN came out. Johnny Castle accidently made it on there. We sell this PIN THE MACHO ON THE MAN bachelorette party poster at AFO. The pic on the wall is a mini version of the poster. I actually found Johnny's pic in the waste bin. The customer that had bought the poster didn't want the little one and i guess one of my co workers threw it away. I felt bad for Johnny so I rescued him from the trash and added him to the Wall-O-Menz.

I Googled Conner the other day and I the pic that stood out the most in my search. I love that pic. I think its super fuckin hot that Conner has ULYSSES covering his cock. I wonder if thats one of his favorite books. I wonder what book I'd cover my croth with If I did a similar picture. Hmmmm...I think I would have BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS. :P

The Wall-O-Menz is intended for nothing but the best in gay porn. Conner, Ricky, Scotty, and Johnny are pretty damn fuckin good. The Wall-O-Menz will continue to grow. Hopefully they wont make me take it down! For now, Conner gets the spotlight. :P

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Conner Habib Immortalized on Adult Factory Outlet's Wall-O-Porn.

Yes dear readers, Conner Habib is one of the few outstanding porn individuals that make it on the Wall-O-Porn at Adult Factory Outlet. Actually, its not a wall but more of the sliding doors from one of the glass shelvings in the store. The Wall-O-Porn was started by Xxxtina and I. I tend to make all sorts of porno collages with all the hot pictures of porn stars I find in AVN Magazine or XBIZ magazine. One day, I started cutting out pictures with Xxxtina when we noticed that there was too much white space on those sliding doors. Ever since then, we've been adding pictures of all the porn stars that we love and admire. :P

The Adult Factory Outlet Wall-O-Porn has quite an ecclectic group of porn stars. Conner shares space on the wall with exceptional people like Belladonna, Tori Black, Josh Griffin, Alexis Texas , Dawson Riley , Flower Tucci, Phoenix Marie, and many many more!!!

I LOVE that Xxxtina thinks Conner is HOT. When I showed her the pic I chose for the Wall-O-Porn the first thing out of her mouth was "Wow". :P

The pic I chose comes from Raging Stallions upcoming release ARABESQUE 2: TALES OF THE ARABIAN NIGHTS!

I and the rest of the staff at Adult Factory Outlet are very honored to have such a smoking hot porn stud like Conner Habib on our Wall-O-Porn!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FUCK! is right! WOW! New Belladonna Updates!

Photo taken from

Oh. My. God. Belladonna posted this pic on her official site recently. How fucking amazingly sexy is this pic. Kristina Rose and Alexis Texas together in a new girl/girl scene for Belladonna? YES-IN-FUCKIN-DEED! I love how Belladonna titles her Pics of the Day. When I saw the link with the words "FUCK" on Belladonna's Twitter page I immediately clicked on it. I'm so glad I did because this picture of Kristina and Alexis is one of the HOTTEST pics I've seen recently. I mean, look at it. Both Alexis and Kristina face to face, with their thick, juicy, culos hanging out, the stocking, gloves, AMAZING shoes...its beautiful.

The pic above comes from a scene for one of Belladonna's 8th installment in her FETISH FANATIC series. The scene is supposed to be a smothering scenes. Smothering scenes work the best when both parties have incredible asses like these two fine lovely ladies. Shit, if there were two women I'd willingly let them smother their asses on my face I Alexis and Kristina would be two I would definitely not pass up.

Oh yeah, Bella has graciously posted a small clip on her site of Alexis and Kristina getting down. Click here to check out the clip. All I can say is DAMN! that shit looks good. I wonder what Kristina has in store for Alexis's fine ass? I guess we'll have to wait and see till the scene is released on Belladonna's site and on the FETISH FANATIC #8 DVD. I will keep you guys posted on its release!


What I'd like to see on

This morning I woke up in a rather cheerful mood. Usually, when I get up I'm all fuckin groggy and wanting to stay in bed all day but today was different. I woke up around 9:30ish to a beautiful cloudy day. It's not too cold outside and I decided I needed to get out of my porn cave of a room and get some writing done OUTSIDE. When I enter my room I enter some sort of porn bubble. Sometimes I forget that there's a non-porn outside world that's pretty fuckin nice.

Anywho, This morning Conner Habib posted a survey on his Facebook Discussion Board asking his fans what 3 things we'd like to see on Conner's website So to help out with the survey, I decided to throw in my two cents on what I would like to see on Conner's website.

So in no particular order...HERE THEY ARE!

1) PERSONAL ESSAYS/WRITINGS/PROJECTS etc. I, and I know many other fans would love to read all stuff that you're working on in school, personal, and professional life. I enjoy reading about the things that happen outside of work. For me, its fun to read about things that go on in a the lucrative life of a porn star. It makes me you realize that porn stars are human beings as well and not just people who fuck on camera.

2) CONNER HABIB FORUM-I think a forum would be pretty cool for the people that want to discuss all things Conner. Whether its a forum where people talk about Conner's scenes, ask Conner questions, or talk about the content that Conner provides for the website. One of the forums that I enjoy on the regular basis is Belladonna's Forum. What I love about this forum is that Belladonna answers fan questions, post surveys about what people wanna see on her website, and asks her fans questions as well. :P

3) LIVE SHOWS-I live for LIVE shows. Live shows are some of the best stuff out there as far as porn sites are concerned. The thought being able to jerk off and cum with your fave porn star while they're out in cyberspace stroking and cumming with you is some of the best orgasms I've had in my life.

I think a bi weekly live show with Conner talking and interacting with fans would be pretty fuckin sweet. Also, It would be awesome to be able to watch Conner stroke himself to ecstasy live. I think Conner live shows would attract a bunch of fans and followers to his site. Plus, Conner is one of the most interesting and sexxx men in adult. Who wouldn't wanna see a live show of his. Since the site isn't a pay site (yet wink wink) A bi weekly live show would be cool for people visiting Conner's site to check him out in a non porn film setting. Also, live shows definitely have followings. Like Str8cam Jeff on I love his live shows. It's him, in his office, chatting and interacting with fans. Live shows would bring so many people to the sites and bloggers like myself would talk about them ALL THE TIME. :P

Also, live shows can be archived on the site so people who missed the live show can check it out whenever they have time. :P

Those are three things I would LOVE to see on Conner's website. I'm thrilled about Conner's site being almost done. In the meantime, we'll just have to wait and see what Conner is gonna be providing for us. :P

Don't forget to check out Conner's Facebook and Twitter Pages.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Belladonna: New Haircut, Rad Shades. :P

photo taken from

Check out this dope ass pic that Belladonna posted recently on her offical website! This picture is fuckin dope for two reasons. First off, HELLO! It's Belladonna. Duh. Second, Bella is wearing a pair of green shades I gave her during one of her signings at last year's Erotica LA. That is so fuckin cool!

I was checking out Bella's Twitter page and I came across the pic. I love Belladonna's Pic's of the Day on her website. The pics range from random everyday things, people Bella is filming, feet, or my personal fave, pics of Bella getting down and dirty! I can't get enough of the pic! Hope you enjoy. :P

Please check out Belladonna's official site. There is some incredible content on the site. Bella works with some of the best in the industry so you wont be disappointed with what you see on her site. :P

Conner Habib is up for "Favorite Newcomer" for TLAgay Awards

Yes peeps, Our sexy stud of the month Conner is in the runnings for Favorite Newcomer for the first annual TLA GAY Awards! Everyone should vote for himz! Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed that Conner is making quite an impression amongst fans, performers, directors bloggers, and lovers of all deliiicious men. Conner is a perfect contender for this award. All the guys he's up against are pretty cool and no offense to them but when it comes down to it Conner blows them waaaaayyyyy out of the water (and perhaps in future scenes LOL). :P

Please check out all the amazingly cool stuff you can find on the TLA GAY website and don't forget to vote for Conner! :P

Check out Conner on Twitter too! :P

Monday, March 1, 2010

March is Conner Habib Month in Pornolandia :P

I had a pretty shitty night tonight. I was out at "Fista Cantina" (Fiesta Cantina in West Hollywood) and I was pretty much HATED on the whole fuckin night. It was RIDICULOUS. First off, some douchebag was telling me that I'm insecure and ashamed about being gay and who I am because I wasn't talking to people or trying to make an effort to talk to people at the bar. First off, shit like this pisses me off. I swear man, just because I'm not all chatty at the bar does NOT in any way mean I'm ashamed and afraid of who I am. Just because I'm not all trying to be all flirty with guys I'm not interested in does not mean I'm bitter about being gay or uncomfortable about loving cock. If I'm not talking to anyone at a bar, its because I choose NOT to talk to them. Sometimes I just wanna enjoy my drink and not talk. Is that so wrong? Jesus! Man, that fuckin guy really pissed me off.

In my pissed of haze I managed to walk by one of the magazine racks at the bar and found an ODYSSEY MAGAZINE. i sat outside and started flipping through the pages. As I was going through the magazine I came across the add for Scotty B's Cocktails with the Stars at Mickys. To my surprise, as I was looking at the add, I saw that on March 25th Connor Habib was going to be the special guest! When I saw that, I swear to you, my mood changed from agitated to totally fuckin excited. Seeing Conner's pic in the add put the biggest grin on my face. Suddenly, I forgot about all the bullshit that was going on at the bar. My mood completely changed. I couldn't believe it when I first saw it so I took the pic up above to tell the world that Conner was gonna be back in LA and sitting in Scotty B's hot seat at Cocktails with the Stars! Conner was recently in LA doing various shoots and I missed the opportunity to go meet him when he was out and about. I'm telling you, it fucking killed me that I didn't get a chance to come out and meet him in the flesh. This time, I'm not fucking around. I will be at Cocktails with the Stars March 25th!

In honor of Conner's return to LA, I'm making the month of March CONNER HABIB MONTH. Yes dear readers, I will do my very best to do at least one blog a day in the month of March about Conner. Conner has been quite the busy man lately so there will be PLENTY of stuff to write about him. Honestly, Conner is one of those peeps that just makes me smile whenever I see pictures of him or read about his adventures in the adult industry. I feel that this is the year that people are really gonna take notice at what a fantasic performer/individual he is. I not only wanna write about Conner but I would also like to get readers of my blog, other gay porn blogs, porn fans, and anyone who loves and adores Conner to be able to talk about him too! The more chatter about this incredible performer the better. Shit, other bloggers should dub this Conner Habib month to while we're at it. :P

Please check out Conner's Twitter Page.

Also, check out his sexxxy as FUCK solos on All I can say is wow, the solos on Real Guys Exposed are mouth watering!

Conner Habib is the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. :P