Saturday, March 20, 2010

Str8cam Lube: Water Based Lube That Feels Goooood On Your Cock.

When Str8cam Jeff told me he was coming out with his own brand of water-based lube I knew I had to have some. I already own my very own Str8cam Jockstrap so I figured getting the lube would be something fun to get as well. As many of you know, I am a big fan/admirer of all that Jeff does. His live shows on have always been fun to witness and HOT to wank to! Str8cam Jeff is like a small porn empire that is getting bigger, better, and sexier as time goes by. I give Jeff so much credit for being his one man porn empire. I mean the guy has his own LUBE! How fuckin cool is that? :P

When I first got the bottle I thought it was going to be small. Judging from some of the pics I saw of the bottle it looked tiny. I was taken aback when I opened my package. It's a pretty decent 8oz bottle. The dispenser is easy to use and pumps out a decent amount of lube. What I absolutely LOVE about Str8cam lube is how much is resembles cum. I've talked to Jeff via email and Twitter and he's told me that he's spent countless hours trying to perfect the look and consistency of the lube. Jeff wanted his lube to look like no other lubes out there and is pretty damn successful at it. The lube itself is creamy, smooth, and looks like a thick load of cum on your hands when you first put it on.

The feeling I got when I first put it on my hands and looked at the lube really turned on. I kept thinking that it was a fresh load of cum on my hands. It also reminded me of this HOT hook up sesh I had with this guy named Ash from South Africa. I used to hook up with him on a occasionally while I was going to UCSB. This guy Ash was fuckin HOT! He was nice, beefy, blue eyes, great body, amazing accent, and a total cum slut! One time when we hooked up while I was fucking Ash missionary he asked me to pull out and cum all over his cock. I had never done anything like that before (at the time lol) and I figured he was really into it and he REALLY wanted my load. I kept pounding his ass hard when he kept asking for my cum. Once I was ready to bust took off my condom and shot a HUGE fuckin load all over his cock. Lets just say, I pretty much covered every inch of his cock with my load. After I came he kept saying "Jack me off with your cum..." so I did. I used all my cum to lube up his cock and gave him some long strokes that made him shoot thick streams of cum all over his face!!! When you use Str8cam lube it truly does look like your using cum as lubricant. Str8cam lube is perfect for the inner cum loving sluts that most of us in this world are.

I LOVE the sensation I get when I first put Str8cam lube on my cock. The lube is sleek and really cool to the skin. Str8cam lube doesn't leave you with a sticky, greasy feeling I sometimes get when I use water based lubes. It dries off the skin very nicely and leaves your skin feeling nice and smooth. There is also no bad odor to it which is something that I can't stand with some lubes out there.

Str8cam lube is also GREAT and safe to use on sex toys. I use Str8cam lube when I fuck my Fleshjack and it works WONDERS. especially when you first stick my cock in my fleshjack. The cool feeling from the lube lingers on your cock and having that sensation plus the feeling of thrusting your cock inside a fleshjack is sensational. I would highly recommend Str8cam Lube for Cyberskin toys.

All in all, I am very satisfied with my Str8cam lube. It was money well spent on a product that I will DEFINITELY be getting once I run out of my Str8cam lube. Go to and get yourself a bottle TODAY! It is really fuckin good. :P

Here are some HOT pics of Jeff using his Str8cam lube. Enjoy! :P


  1. WOW! That looks like awesome lube!

  2. It's GREAT LUBE! One of the best I've used. :P