Friday, March 5, 2010

Conner Habib is UBER Immortalized on Adult Factory Outlet's Wall-O-Hot Menz.

Yes it's true. Conner busts a double whammy on the porno walls of fame at Adult Factory Outlet. Not only is there a Wall-O-Porn for our favorite porn stars there is also a special wall I created for all the hot Menz I jerk off to and admire. Conner Habib is the first porn star to make it on both porn walls. That says something about how amazing Conner is right?

The first men that made it up on the wall were Scott Tanner and Ricky Sinz. I started the Wall-O-Menz right around the time Raging Stallion's award winning Cowboy epic TO THE LAST MAN came out. Johnny Castle accidently made it on there. We sell this PIN THE MACHO ON THE MAN bachelorette party poster at AFO. The pic on the wall is a mini version of the poster. I actually found Johnny's pic in the waste bin. The customer that had bought the poster didn't want the little one and i guess one of my co workers threw it away. I felt bad for Johnny so I rescued him from the trash and added him to the Wall-O-Menz.

I Googled Conner the other day and I the pic that stood out the most in my search. I love that pic. I think its super fuckin hot that Conner has ULYSSES covering his cock. I wonder if thats one of his favorite books. I wonder what book I'd cover my croth with If I did a similar picture. Hmmmm...I think I would have BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS. :P

The Wall-O-Menz is intended for nothing but the best in gay porn. Conner, Ricky, Scotty, and Johnny are pretty damn fuckin good. The Wall-O-Menz will continue to grow. Hopefully they wont make me take it down! For now, Conner gets the spotlight. :P

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