Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I was checking my @replies on Twitter and I got one from @Tornjeans. @tornjeans is a cool guy that I talk to on Twitter. He has a website that is dedicated to men in torn jeans. I for one, think torn jeans are uber sexxxy. Especially the ones that have rips near the groin area. I started to talk to @tornjeans a bunch on twitter when I would wear my Easy Access Pants. My EAP's are a torn jean lovin persons wet dream. @tornjeans started commenting on the twitpics I would post with my EAP's. I decided that every time I wear my EAP's I would send @tornjeans a direct picture message.

Long story short, (ha ha) @tornjeans has made my Twitter Avatar part of his homepage for his website! I was very flattered by it. That is one of my favorite pictures taken by my friend and amazing photographer Eddie Garcia! @toanjeans, you RULE! Next time I take pics with my EAP's I'll totally send them to you! :P

Also, @tornjeans is based in Vancouver which is where My buddy Evan is right now working on the Winter Olympics. If I have the chance to make it out to Vancouver to visit Evan next year I might meet up with @tornjeans and do a photoshoot. Why not? I think it will be fun. :)

Please check out @tornjeans website! I've made it to porn superstar status! HAHA!!! :P

Porn Babble Vlog 11/18/09

Random Pics

What's up my peeps!

Thanks to Kelly Shibari and Kodak, I got my hands on the new Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera. Click here to check out what it looks like! :P

Since I've gotten this camera I've been playing around with it tremendously. First of all, the camera fuckin rules. It shoots awesome HD quality video, takes amazing pictures, is super small, and it makes it easy to upload pics and videos onto your computer!

I take this camera with me everywhere. I use it to shoot my vlogs for my show and to pretty much capture all sorts of random ass shit I encounter in my everyday life. I love it. I love being able to record and document all kinds of shit that happens. I dunno if you guys know this about me butt I get a boner for stock footage. All sorts of stock footage. I'm also a fan of random pics and videos. I swear I can watch the most random pics and videos for hours! They kinda hypnotize me.

Since I walk to work all the time I decided to take some pics of the shit I see when I head to work. Totally random I know, but still...

I'll be posting and taking more random ass pics on the future. Cuz I'm random like that HAHA!

Great Porn Babble Show this week!

Last night's show was GREAT! Had a wonderful time interviewing Powder, Steve Nelson, and Mia Isabella!

Here are some pics I took with my guests last night. At the end of every show, I always take a pic with my guests on the stairs. I dunno how that all started but I kinda like it. :P

Please check out my guests sites!


Steve Nelson

Mia Isabella

Monday, November 16, 2009

Flavored Condoms/Big Booty Day

People must have really been feeling the oral sex today in Porn Valley cuz I sold a shitload of flavored condoms at work. My first sale was an old Hispanic lady. She walked in wearing a long, black, grandma sweater. She knew exactly where the flavored condoms were. She grabs 4 of them. She didn't say much to me when she walked up to pay for the condoms. She did give me a nice smile and giggle. The lady must have been around 60 or 70 years old. I looked at her while she looked at the penis pops by the counter and started to get these visuals of the old lady performing oral sex on someone once she walked out the store. Not only that, I was thinking of the faint smell of mint flavored condom and old man dick. I dunno WHY i had these thoughts in my head but I quickly snapped myself out of it and handed the lady her change and her condoms.

I sold some flavored condoms to this Russian dude that kept telling me about how he always sees the signs for Adult Factory Outlet on his way up home and always wants to stop buy but never gets the chance to cuz he's rushing to get home. The Russian guy was pretty attractive. Picturing him slapping a flavored condom on his cock and someone going to town on his dick actually wasn't a bad sight. I'm sorry, but when people buy stuff from my work I always picture them rushing home, zooming down the seedy Pornolandia streets to get home and use their new Butt Plug or G-spot vibe. Shit, I would. Buying adult toys/DVDs for yourself is a TREAT! I try to indulge in the debauchery once I get it in my grubby little hands. Selling all the flavored condom reminded me of my very first sexual encounters were I used flavored condoms quite often. I started using them when I would hook up with guys on the Internet. The first couple of times. After a while I just couldn't do oral sex with flavored condoms anymore. It took the fun out of the blowjob. I LOVE oral sex. It's one of my favorite things to do. The condoms were fun for the first couple of times I tried them but then the inner slut in me came out and I just had to have the real deal. I'm not trying to say that flavored condoms are bad, it just wasn't for me after a while.

It was also Big Booty Day today. I had one customer looking for Alexis Texas is Buttwoman. I felt bad when I had to tell him that we sold out of that film. This guy was very insistent on me getting him that video. The customer didn't speak English. He also asked me about Jules Jordan's ASS WORSHIP series. Jules Jordan's ASS WORSHIP series is some of the porn directors BEST work. ASS WORSHIP is nothing but love and adoration of females with beautiful, juicy, fat, asses. He asked for ASS WORSHIP 10 and 11. Both of those films look amazing. ASS WORSHIP 10 is the 1oth anniversary edition of the series and ASS WORSHIP 11 has one of my new porn crushes PHOENIX MARIE!!! (pictured below)

Phoenix Marie's Twitter Avatar

I dunno where the hell I've been sleeping to not notice Phoenix Marie any sooner. I started seeing her in a bunch of box covers recently and I've been utterly stunned by how beautiful she is. Not only is she gorgeous, Phoenix has such a beautiful ass! I swear, some of the box covers I see Phoenix on are ones that I make me do a double take. The first time I started talking to Phoenix was on Twitter (where else). I think I was talking about Jay Sin's ANAL BUFFET 2 on Twitter when she sent me a message about the film. After that I started following her on Twitter and my adoration and crush keeps growing every time I see her on Twitter or on a new box cover. She also posts some really good twitpics of herself occasionally on Twitter. :P Phoenix Marie is in ASS WORSHIP 11 too! I'm excited to see that one. Phoenix looks like she's a fun girl to have sex with. What I also love about Phoenix is that she does some AMAZING ANAL scenes. This girl is one of the best when it comes to anal. :P Any girl that can do intense Anal Scenes for directors like Jay Sin and Jules Jordan get major props in my book.

Check out Phoenix Marie's website My Sexy Life!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Phoenix has deliiiiicious boobs too. :P

Tomorrow on Porn Babble...

Hey peeps,

Tomorrow's Porn Babble is gonna be kick ass! My guests will be adult industry blogger and all around awesome guy Powder, Steve Nelson, editor-in-chief of Adult Industry News, and the beautiful TS performer Mia Isabella!

I'm very fortunate to have these amazing people on my show tomorrow night. Looking forward to having some great conversations with all of them. :P

Please check out my show PORN BABBLE with PORNOBOBBIE on TSR NETWORK every Tuesday from 6-8pm PST and every Friday from 6-8pm PST on Radio Dentata.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wolf Hudson/Jeremy Bilding vlog

Here is a short vlog I did about Wolf Hudson and Jeremy Bilding coming on my PORN BABBLE Show last night!

I'm super tired in this vlog. And this was my 100th take or something like that. I swear it took me forever to do this vlog. I kept fucking up! HAHA! But I managed to get something out before the battery on my camera died on me. Thanks boys for being on the show. :)

Footage/Interviews at the House of Cleopatra Party

Hey guys!

Here is some footage and interviews taken by Kelly Shibari and during the House of Cleopatra Reality Show Launch Party. I had such a good time being a part of the Red Carpet and getting to interview SUNNY LANE and BRITTANY BLAZE! The party was pretty fun too. I hung out with Kelly, Stunning Summer, Brittany Blaze, Rev Mel, some porn stars, State Assembly men and all sorts of other peeps! :P

The highlights of the night was saying whats up to my boy Tommy Gunn, Jon Jon, and interviewing SUNNY LANE! She is so adorable. Thanks Sunny for letting me interview you. :P

Check out Sunny Lane's website here

Sunday, November 8, 2009

April Flores Vlog

Here is a short Vlog about my recent guests April Flores and Carlos Batts!

Thank you both for being on my show! :P

Friday, November 6, 2009

Cocktails with the Stars: Austin Wilde/David Taylor

Last Thursday, A friend of mine and I hit up Micky's Bar for COCKTAILS WITH THE STARS hosted by Scotty Boardman. I was excited about this edition of Cocktails cuz Raging Stallion Men of the year AUSTIN WILDE and DAVID TAYLOR were the porn guest of honor that week. I saw these two hot studs out and about during Folsom Weekend. I also got footage of them accepting thier awards at the Raging Stallion Folsom party. I got some good footage of Scotty interviewing both Austin and David. It was great seeing them again this past week. During Folsom I think I said whats up to David at POP GOES THE ZIPPER but I was too buzzed to even remember the enconter. But for some reason I think I shook his hand or something.

I didn't get a chance to take pictures of David Taylor while I was at the event. He was being bombarded by sooo many peeps. Meeting Austin was pretty cool. I got a chance to take a picture with him. He has a really nice smile. He's also quite funny and charming. :)

Cocktails with the Stars is every Thursday nights from 6-9pm at Micky's Bar in West Hollywood. Check out the November flyer for all the upcoming Cocktails with the stars. The line up is pretty fuckin good. And Austin Wilde is the cover boy!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I am pleased to announce that the one and only APRIL FLORES will be coming on my show PORN BABBLE WITH PORNOBOBBIE this TUESDAY! April is a sensation! She is truly one of the most coolest, beautiful, and amazing women in the adult industry. I have been wanting to meet April for the longest time. I had the chance once to meet her during EROTICA LA but I was too shy to go up to her and say hello. I remember seeing her at the Evil Empire booth with Belladonna. Beautiful women like April make me shy. My dumb ass shoulda went to go talk to her when I had the chance. It's all good cuz on Tuesday I will have her on my show! I have so many things to talk about with April! I can't wait to ask her about working with Belladonna, her sex toy art show, and her films directed by her husband Carlos Batts!

Please tune in this Tuesdsy from 6-8pm for sexxxy fun time with APRIL FLORES!!!!

It's gonna be the shiiiiiit son, I'm serious!

If you wanna watch the LIVE show please make a profile with TSR NETWORK. It takes less than 5 minutes and its FREE FREE FREE!!!

Here is a trailer for April's film BEHIND THE RED DOOR!

Also, please cxheck out April's website.

See ya on tuesday! WOOT!!!!