Saturday, March 13, 2010


What's up peeps!

Check out Conner Habib in BRIEF ENCOUNTERS! He gets to fuck Nick Moretti in this DVD. YUM! Nick Moretti is fuckin HOT. I bet Nick has a great time giving Conner a nice deep dicking. :P Also, If you have a thing for tighty whiteys then this is the flick for you. The guys in these films are decked out in plenty of white briefs to make any underwear fetish guy go absolutely bonkers. The guys in the DVD lick cocks through their undies, wet them, rip them, and I'm sure lots of other sexy/raunchy stuff too.

Click here to check out the HOT preview.

That is all for now. I'll write more in depth Conner Habib posts soon. I have a bunch lined up! :P

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