Friday, December 24, 2010


What a treat you guys! Seriously. Xmas ahem...came...just in time. Check out some innovative gay male deliciousness courtesy of my buddy Dirk van Baren (@amsterdirk) on Twitter and his new HOT site HOUSE OF XY! Over the year, I've gotten to know Dirk and his insatiable love and adoration of beautiful men (shit...who DOESN'T love men). Dirk, along with his handsome partner (@pieter020) have created a new site that has certainly got my attention. I mean...COME ON! Look at this AMAZING picture of LOGAN MCCREE!!! Dirk was kind enough to give me a first look at some of the work that is going on in HOUSE OF XY and is FUCKING HOT!

I've been a HUGE fan of Dirk's photography ever since I found him on Twitter. His work has been quite inspirational to me and has brought a huge smile on my face. ESPECIALLY when Dirk brings out Bossy Bear. Bossy Bear is one of my FAVORITE things in the whole wide world and knowing that Dirk takes pictures of damn adorable Bossy Bear makes me giggle and happy. Now that Dirk is getting into the xxx world I'm getting more and more excited about what will come from him and HOUSE OF XY.

Bossy Bear and Chi Chi Larue

Bossy and cutie Ryan Raz

Bossy and Buck Angel...WOOF!

Bossy and my husband Logan McCree!!!

One of the things that I absolutely LOVED this year was the HU$TLABALL LONDON video. I swear, that video is one of the HOTTEST things I have seen in gay porn in a loooooong time. Dirk had the BEST view of the whole show and captured some great moments between some of the HOTTEST men in gay porn. Oh yeah, I'm not lying when I say that I've jerked off to the Hu$tlaBall London video so many times. It's also made me like a Ke$ha song. I despise Ke$ha. But Dirk has made me a fan of hers (well...that TAKE IT OFF song). After seeing the amazing video (which was done on an iPhone) I knew that Dirk had such a great eye for capturing the male body in beautiful and sexy ways. :P

I recently interviewed Dirk to find out more about HOUSE OF XY. I loved the answers Dirk came up with! :P

1. How did you come up with the name “House of XY”? What does it mean?

XY refers the male chromosome. Since my husband and I run the company together and we have a studio at home it seemed pretty fitting to call it House of XY.

2. Tell me a little about your photography background. Where did you get started? How long have you been taking photographs professionally?

I’ve been into photography all my life. At a certain point a friend said to me: ‘Hey, you have a great eye. Why don’t you really pursue this?’ which is when I started studying photography. I started my first (reasonably G-rated) photography company 1.5 years ago.

3. What made you get started doing photography for the adult industry? Have you always wanted to photograph/film adult industry models?

It never occurred to me until recently. One of my teachers always said: “Only shoot what you’re really passionate about. Your audience will feel it.” It took me quite a while to put 1 and 1 together: I LOVE PORN! So about 5 months ago I decided that I’d stop doing regular portraits to focus on erect cocks. What’s not to like?

4. Lets talk about your AMAZING video from Hu$tlaball London. Um…that video was SUPER FUCKIN HOT and really fucking amazing. You captured some deliiiiicious footage of Junior Stellano, Mike Dreyden, Michael Lucas, and Logan McCree. How did you come up with such great footage? What was the experience like for you being so up close and um…personal?

Thank you! That was such an incredible evening. Hustlaball is a sick party, but I’m not much fun to be around on that night. I don’t dance or drink and make sure I have a spot right in front of the stage so I can film everything. My husband stands behind me to keep people away from me. Necessary, because the crowd really goes crazy! Not the most romantic story, huh? That’s what it takes to do a good video though. We’ll be going again next year, so get ready for a new one.

Diego Summers YUMMMMM!!!!!

5. Tell me about your most recent project. I am LOVING the photos of the models with all the colorful paint! How did this idea come up?

It’s called UV by XY. I did some Googleing and I think it’s pretty unique. I thought of it in the same way all my ideas come to me. I put my earphones on and listen to my favourite music and then think: ‘What would this look like if it was an image?’. I really try to think out of the box. Sometimes my ideas are outrageous, but when I start to work on them they turn out to be quite doable.

6. Tell us about working with Logan McCree. Logan is one of the most popular and talented performers in gay porn He has been one of your most frequent models. Oh yeah, I am also madly in love with him too.

Yeah, you could say Logan is sort of my muse, haha. Of course his look his unique, but he’s also a lovely guy that really gets into what he does. I did 5 shoots with him, 4 of which are hardcore and he’s actually aroused when you shoot him. That makes my job very easy (not to mention fun). He’s very real and down to earth and he just radiates this incredible sexual energy. I could go on for days about him.

7. How was it like working with such porn trailblazers like Buck Angel?

That shoot was a dream. I met up with Buck to shoot a phone picture with him and Bossy Bear. We got talking, I showed him some of my work and he thought I was really talented. I told him I had trouble building my network in Amsterdam and he offered to help out on an international scale, so nice! We did a small shoot together and one of the photos ended up on the cover of his newest release. I owe him a lot and am forever grateful.

AMAZING shot of Buck Angel...WOOF!

8. What are some of the things we ought to look forward to coming from House of XY? Would you mind telling us a bit about some of your upcoming projects?

I don’t like to repeat myself, so every shoot has to have a new concept. At the moment I’m working on a series with the cutest young smutpuppy. He’s heavy into piss, which is a dream come true. I’ve never shot watersports before and I love the challenge of turning something dirty into art you’d hang on your wall.

9. Who are some of the models you are DYING to work with? Who are your current porn crushes?

I can die happy if I ever did a shoot with Steve Cruz. I admire everything about him, both on and off screen, as a person, an actor and a director. I already have ideas for that shoot, but you’re just going to have to wait and see. If it ever happens I guarantee you it will be the most spectacular shots he’s ever had taken.

10. OK. I HAVE to know the origins of Bossy Bear. He is one of my favorite things EVER. I’m serious when I say I absolutely ADORE Bossy Bear. Where did he come from? Why is he so Bossy? What was it like having Bossy take several pics with some several gay porn talent? Oh yeah, Where can I get my hands on a Bossy Bear! I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!

Hahaha. Bossy goes well with everyone, sometimes he’s my link to meeting very famous stars, like Buck Angel! He’s a great icebreaker. Bossy is a collectable toy by designer David Horvath. He also featured in a children’s book about learning to share, not one of Bossy’s many talents. That’s where ‘MINE!!!” comes from, although I’ve made my Bossy a bit more rude than the original.

11. What do you find is the most challenging aspect about creating gay porn? What’s the most fun?

Well, there’s a lot of technique involved, which can totally ruin the mood. So it can be quite hard to make it all look effortless and inspired, when in fact it’s all totally planned. However , it can be really fun when there’s a great dynamic between everyone on set, which allows us to rise above the technique and just focus on shooting some hot sex.

12. What is so inspirational about the male nude human body?

I just love cocks. They’re such a bizarre bodypart. They can grow and shrink, they can be rock hard yet stay juicy and if you’re nice to it you get a toy surprise.

13. What’s the last porn you jerked off to?

OverDrive by TitanMen. I am addicted to all their Blu-Ray releases. They’re so well lit and filmed, in crystal clear HD. I like sex to look slick and sexy and TitanMen delivers.

14. Who are some of your porn influences?

I’d have to name Steve Cruz again. He’s proved that you can achieve whatever you want in this industry if you’re passionate about it and are willing to work your ass off. And man, am I both!

Logan McCree is dreaaaamy....

15. Do you find that your environment influences your work? You live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Do you find that the city feeds your creative nature?

It doesn’t actually. Amsterdam is so beautiful and picturesque, while my photography is raw and harsh. I think my photos feel more like Berlin than like Amsterdam. I’d never leave here to go to Berlin though, much to raw and harsh haha. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition between the city and my work that works so well.

PLEASE check out HOUSE OF XY. Some of the photography is STELLAR. Also, the UV light pics......FUCKING HOT! I am so happy for HOUSE OF XY. It's something fresh and new and uber fuckin sexxxy!

Click HERE to check out HOUSE OF XY.
Click HERE for HOUSE OF XY on Twitter.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ed Fox and Jack Jefferson hotness on HARD BRIT LADS!

My lust/obsession with Ed Fox continues with this fuckin HOT scene on HARD BRIT LADS! This time, Ed is kissing, sucking, and fucking the hell out of sexy Jack Jefferson. After Ed Fox's steamy SOLO I just HAD to watch him get his big fuckin uncut cock sucked and watch him shoving his massive cock in and out of of a hot Brit dude. Jack Jefferson is one hot shaved headed bloke that takes such a nice pounding from Ed Fox. Not only does Jack excel at taking Ed Fox's perfect uncut cock up his beautiful arse but he slobbers, deep throats, and gags on it like a hungry cocksucker. Oh, and don't think that Ed just sits there and lets Jack just suck on his cock. Oh no. Ed pretty much skull fucks Jack and watching Ed slide his big cock deep down Jack's throat will make your dick leak. Its sooooo fuckin HOT! Shit, who wouldn't be hungry for Ed's slab of uncut UK beef. I mean seriously, if Ed whipped out his cock in front of you would YOU not instantly get on your knees and start sucking. Didn't think so. Ed does some good dick sucking of his own on Jack's big uncut cock. Watching his juicy plump lips wrapped around Jack's cock, bobbing and weaving.......damn...........

Now lets get to the fucking. Jack is one lucky and talented bottom because he takes Ed's cock with ease. I LOVE the way Ed fucks. He is gentle and tender and flips it on you and becomes a total dominant top which I fuckin LOVE! Not only that, Ed has some of the best, most intense facial expressions on his face when he pounds Jack. It's like you can see his thinking process and concentration on his face expressing how much he loves plowing Jacks hole. Watching Ed's face while he slides in and out of Jack is such a turn on. Also, watching Jack's face cringe with delight as his hole gets stretched is great too. There is also a great moment in the scene where Ed grabs onto Jack's shirt and obliterates Jacks butt with no mercy! That was one of my FAVORITE parts of the scene!

Oh and when you get to the end of the scene you'll be delighted with the massive cum facial Jack gets from Ed. I swear, I sooooooo wish I was Jack at that moment. :P

Check out some of the pics from this HOT FUCKIN SCENE!

Click HERE to check out more scenes from HARD BRIT LADS and HERE to check out their Twitter page.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hard Brit Lads is HOT HOT HOT!

Guys from across the pond are hot. Really hot. Especially the British ones. I recently discovered HARD BRIT LADS while on Twitter and I must say, the men and the scenes on this website are god damn sexy as FUCK! Its no secret that I have a thing for British dudes. The Brit lads are some of the HOTTEST men out there. All the Brit dudes that I've had a chance to taste and devour have been nothing but scrumptious and you'll DEFINITELY find some hot Brit lads on this site.

I mean, check out ED FOX. He is sooooooo fuckin HOT! That slight hairy fuzz on his chest, big, juicy lips, the pierced nipples, that big, deliiiiiiiiicious, suckable uncut cock? DAMN! I loved watching Ed fondle his big uncut dick in his red shorts. Watching him get himself hard while hiding his amazing dick behind those small red shorts made my mouth water for his cock. Oh yeah, when he reveals the slab of UK uncut beef he has in those red shorts.....................AMAZING! One of my favorite parts of the solo is seeing Ed slap and grope his cock while still in his red shorts. Its such a good tease because once he reveals what he's got down below its quite the sight! I also LOVE when Ed plays with his nipples while he jerks off. Too fuckin hot. I swear if I were with him I would totally stuff that big, thick, uncut UK cock down my fuckin THROAT! :P

Here are some more pics of gorgeous stud ED FOX!

HARD BRIT LADS content is filmed in HD and the site has NEW SCENES updated weekly. Did I mention that the men on this site are fuckin hot? Oh yeah, I think we covered that. Did I mention that there are lots of beautiful uncut men on HARD BRIT LADS? Mmmmm hmmmm. We got that covered.

I'm gonna keep you all posted on some of the new content that comes from HARD BRIT LADS. I've been going through several of their scenes and finding lots and lots of hotties and FORESKIN! YAY! :P

Oh Ed Fox, you make this uncut American swoon! So does several of the hotties from HARD BRIT LADS! :P

Also, check out @hardbritlads on TWITTER!