Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Formspring Questions about Conner Habib

Seeing as I had some fun with Formspring last night, I decided to use Formspring to generate questions about Conner for this blog post. For the most part, I got some pretty cool questions. Lots of pissing questions about Conner. I thought that was pretty interesting. I wish I woulda gotten more questions to answer but its all good. Hope you enjoy these questions/answers. :P

1) Whats your biggest Conner role playing fantasy?

Well, ONE of them is to be at a bar and watch Conner dancing in a jockstrap. I keep staring at him while he keeps on dancing. Conner notices that I'm staring at him so he comes up to me. He starts to rub my body while I keep sipping on my drink. I try not let him tempt me but it's too hard to resist. he starts to rub on my cock, staring into my eyes...

Then he takes me to the back of the bar and we start going at it. while we're getting it on there are people walking by and watching us. Some stay and watch for a bit, others just walk on by. It gets to the point where all the patron at the bar are watching both Conner and I fucking. Then all of a sudden all the guys circle around us and they all start whipping out their cocks. They start to stroke, suck, and kiss each other while they watch us fuck. Some of the guys start to touch us while we fuck but I push them off. I'm gonna be greedy this time and keep Conner to myself. Some of the guys get pissed off that I'm greedy but I don't give a fuck. It turns me on that I'm the only one that gets to fuck Conner. Me and Conner fuck until we bust our nuts then all the guys circle around both of us and they all take turns shooting their hot loads are all over us. In the end, Conner and I are drenched in cum!!!

This is only one of the many fantasies I have about Conner. HA! :P

2) What is the sexiest thing about Conner? Who is the person you'd most like to see him paired up with that he hasn't fucked yet?

His eyes are the sexiest thing about him!

I'd like to see Samuel Colt fuck the living daylights out of Conner. Damn, that would be such a hot fuckin scene! I think Samuel would have such a fun time fucking Conner. Mmmmmm...

3) What is the sexiest thing about Conner?

There are too many sexy things about Conner to just choose one. But If I HAD to choose one, I would say that the sexiest thing about Conner is his eyes. There's something behind those eyes that intrigues me and makes me want to know more about what going on behind them. :P

4) If he had no choice but to do what you said sexually, what would you make him do?


First, I would make him wear some really tight boxer briefs. Then, I'd make him get near me so I can rub my hands all over his body. I'd also have him rub his crotch on my body. I'd have him rub my cock and start to suck it slowly. Once I'm nice and hard I'd tell him to lay on his back with his lead spread open. Then, I'd lick in between his taint and balls eventually spending a very long period of time rimming him.

Then we'd fuck like crazy, cum, chill out on the bed and eat some ice cream. Cookies and Cream preferably.

Oh yeah, there would be lots of kissing too.


5) After sucking Connor's cock would you let him piss down your throat?

ummmm...probably not. :P

Most definitely! The sight of his piss-soaked hairy body would be a sell-out! Wouldn't it?

mmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm...

6) How do you fancy a 3 way with me and Conner? Who would be in the middle of the fuck train? by Beefymuscle

Hey babe!

I would definitely fancy a threesome with you and Conner! That would be awesome!

As far as who would be in the middle of the fuck train? That's a tough one! I think I would want to be the one in the middle with you fucking me and me fucking Conner.

You know what? We'll all take turns in the middle. Then afterwards we can all cuddle up and go to bed with smile on our faces. :P

Has Conner Habib done any piss scenes?

I don't think he's ever done a pissing video. That would be kinda hot if he did though now wouldn't it? :P

7) Would you let him fuck you long and hard?

Yes, I would definitely let Conner Habib fuck me long and hard. After we have some coffee first. Or perhaps after a show? Maybe drinks first?


8) Okay - I have to admit it - I'm a total geek - and this question isn't sexy at all (sorry). My biggest question about Connor Habib is about his academic background...wasn't he a professor at one point? What field did he teach in?

Hmmmm...that is a good question. I know that Conner used to be a professor back East. I'm not too sure what he is studying right now. I know he's mentioned it before in interviews and stuff like that.

Maybe I'll have to do an interview with Conner and find out. :P

Thanks for the question.

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