Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Conner Habib Pictures That Started It All.

Much of my love and adoration for Conner Habib would have NEVER existed had it not been for my dear friend Tamara's fantastic gay porn blog GUILTILY PLEASURED I would have probably not known much about Conner. I remember a while back checking out Tamara's blog and coming across the picture of Conner with the bunny ears. When I first saw this pic I was like..."Oh my god this is such a CUTE fuckin pic!" This is when my curiosity for Conner started to kick in. I started chatting with Tamara on Twitter (@gpcrush)about Conner and once I told Tamara that I thought Conner was an incredibly good looking man it was over. Tamara and I started having lengthy, steamy conversations via direct Messages on Twitter about all the nasty/sexy things we wanted to do to Conner. Thanks to Tamara, I had another person to regurgitate all the things that ruled about Pornolandia's man of the month. I was inspired so much by Conner's bunny pic that I did one of my own in the Storage room at work. I took this pic back in Oct. 2009. The bunny ears belong to a slutty female bunny costume.


The second pic that started it all is this sexxxy ass pic of Conner exposing his armpits (heaven) and rocking the mothafuckin PORNSTACHE! Look at that fuckin pic and tell me that aint sexy? It takes fuckin balls, a killer smile, and charisma to pull of the Pornstache. Conner fuckin NAILS it. Not only that, he OWNS that mothafuckin Pornstache. After seeing how well Conner rocked the Pornstrache I decided to try it out myself.

Pornstache's RULE!

Yeah, these two pics pretty much did it for me. :P

Please check out Tamara's blog for more HOT gay porn posts. :P

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