Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hey my peeps!

How goes it? This week has been a very eye opening week for myself. So many things are going on in my life right now that its been hard to find time to think! I've been busy non stop with several different projects this week was one of the first times I've had in a looooong time to actually take a break and think about what I'm trying to do with my life and myself.

After much thought and talks with my awesome producer and friend Kelly Shibari, We have decided to take a break from doing PORN BABBLE with Pornobobbie. Kelly and I have had so much fun doing the show and bringing in all sorts of interesting and cool people to talk about the adult industry. I can't thank Kelly enough for giving me the opportunity to do a show like Porn Babble. I've been wanting to do a show like Porn Babble and thanks to Kelly and Rev Mel I got the chance to do it. It was such a thrill doing the show LIVE too. I have never EVER done anything like it before. Things started to get a little overwhelming for me with work, my other projects, AND doing the show.

Since we're taking a break from the show I have had a chance to collect myself and figure stuff out. This Wednesday was my first day off in 6 weeks! I did so much thinking and reflecting on all the stuff that was accomplished on my show and in the past several months. It was nice to have a clear head and not have to stress about shit. I REALLY needed that.

I want to thank Kelly, Rev Mel, Radio Dentata, TSR Network, all my guests on Porn Babble, and EVERYONE that tuned in and supported me and the show. I really can't thank you guys enough for listening to what I and my guests had to say about the industry that I love and adore. I'm very much looking forward to whats gonna be happening in 2010. Now I have time to regroup myself and get back in touch with what i wanna do with my blog, Twitter, and all my xxx endeavors. Just because we're taking a break from Porn Babble doesn't mean the chatter can't keep on going. I will still be posting and talking about all the cool shit that is happening in the Adult Industry. I'm also gonna get back into writing plays and scripts! I'm very exxxcited about that too!

Once again, thank you all for tuning in and checking out Porn Babble.

Look forward to some cool shit coming up on my blog and in 2010! 2010 is gonna be the shiiiiit I can feel it!