Monday, August 31, 2009

Barbieque's BBQ Rooftop Downtown LA.

On Sunday I got an unexpected text from my friend Erik. Turns out, my really good friend/diva/fierce bitch/amazing Miss BarbieQue was having a rooftop birthday bash on the top of his roof in downtown LA. It was a real calm and mellow day At Adult Factory Outlet. I don't think much people were out traveling this weekend due to the crazy ass fires that are going on right now In California. I swear, every year these damn fires get worse and worse out here in California. It's unbelievable. Last year during the Sylmar fire I had to evacuate my home TWICE because of the fires. It was madness and chaos. Something that I hopefully will never ever have to go through again! My heart goes out to all the people out there dealing with the chaos. Hopefully we will get a break and calm the raging fires. All that damn smoke is thickening the air around Sylmar. Here are some pics that I took on my way to work.

Crazy shit huh? It looks so incredibly eerie and scary. Like if a volcano has erupted or the Apocolypse. These fuckin fires are serious. And We haven't really caught a break from them. About a couple of hours ago when Sierra Skye and I were coming back from Simi Valley (Labryngth of Doom) we could see a new fire off in the distance that was closer to us than the ones in La Canada.

Back to Sunday. Miss Josephine and I decide to go to Barbieque's party. I like giving X rated gifts. It's convenient for me to give someone an X-rated gift because I have access to tons of cool stuff and Not that many people get X-Rated gifts for thier birthday. Also, I'm fuckin lazy when it comes to shopping so being able to pick something out from where I work was fine with me. Plus, Barbieque and I are always talking porn. Especially Gay porn. We've had lengthy discussions of several movies, actors etc. Barbieque cracks me up when she talks about porn. She has the funniest commentary when it comes to porn. While Miss Josephine was getting all dolled up I decided to stroll through the gay porn section to see what movie would be perfect for Barbieque. I didn't wanna get Barbieque anything lame. I wanted to make sure the porn had some hot guys in it and it had as many little twinks as possible. I found a really good one. A movie called HUNG HOUSE HUSBANDS. I forgot to take a damn picture of the cover. Well, it's basically two really hot, hairy looking dudes with jockstaps on. They're both hugging each other and looking straight at the camera as if to entice us with thier marital stares of lust. I liked that on one of the guy's straps it said "ALL BAREBACK" in bold letters. It made me laugh cuz I wasn't really paying attention to it but it slowly caught my eye and made me laugh. I found the perfect one!

Miss Josephine and I headed to the party. On our way we picked up our designer buddy Jeff. It was real trippy when we parked the car by the apartment. There was all these crackheads all over the fuckin street. One of them was standing below one of the buildings waiting for one of the guys from the building to drop a huge bag full of small viles of crack. They did this shit right in front of us too. I guess its a common thing around there cuz that foo didn't give a fuck if we were around or not. We walk towards the building and I'm telling ya it was like a scene straight out of 12 MONKEYS. There was rats running around in broad daylight, the streets were fucking empty, and the smoke from the fire was visible from all angles of the street. We rush it down the smelly steets till we get to the front door.

Once we got to the rooftop things were fuckin dope. The view up there was INCREDIBLE. I you get a 360 degree view of all of Downtown LA. We got there around 7ish right when the sun is slowly staring to set. You could see all the fires and smoke from on top of the roof.

Here is a pic of some of the first people to arrive at the party.

I had a great fuckin time at the party. The people and the energy was so intoxicating. I had the city of Los Angeles as my backdrop. I could see everything from there. During the party I walked away from the people and went over close to the edge of the building. I lost myself staring at the mecca that is Los Angeles. On one side of me the hills are burning uncontrollably, in front of me I had the magnificent LA skyline, and behind me, all these cool fucking people coming out to have a great fuckin time. The whole experience was really overwhelming. I kept looking out at Los Angeles and I kept thinking in my head "I want to own this city".

I kept repeating that over and over and over again as I looked up at the city that has influenced the very core of my existance. I looked up at Los Angeles and for the first time In my life I felt like the city was mine for the taking. I felt such a rush of emotion and energy that burned inside of me, fueling my hunger and desire that I've been brewing in my stomach for the past week. As I was staring at Los Angeles, pouring out my heart to the city of Angels the DJ played Soul II Soul's "Keep on Moving"

I swear to god, when that shit was booming from the speakers my body was trembling with adrenaline. My heart shot up to my brain and I got the tingly feeling I get when I know that I'm engraving a memory that will last forever. I started dancing. I turned around and watched people grooving to the awesome beats. Barbieque was getting down when this song came out. I started dance/walking, or dance/strolling to my the Bar with a grin on my face and a clear head. The whole night was magical. Everyone was being cool and enjoying the amazing night. I met a bunch of cool people that night. I was wearing my easy access pants that night with my Brooks and Dunn shirt. I got so many compliments on that damn shirt. I think the shirt is pretty pimp. I bought it at The Value Center in Sylmar for like 2 bucks. I even bought that shit right before Brooks and Dunn split.

Last night by far was one of the best night's I've had in a loooong time. it was just filled with good energy, good people, and lots of possibilities. Hell, I even let some guy in a wheelchair fondle me through my easy access pants. It was such fun! :P

Barbieque and I started laughing cuz when I gave her my present I told her that she should write a review of it so I could put it on my website. Then we were all "Barbieque's Reviews" and we both laughed our asses off. I think it's kinda catchy dont you think???? I'm gonna ask Barbieque to write something for my blog on the film I bought her.

What a fantastic night! I hope to have another crazy cool night like that again soon. :P

Friday, August 14, 2009


On Friday Night, instead of going out with Miss Josephine to Shits and Giggles I stayed home and trimmed my pubes. It's been a while since I trimmed them. I usually wait till my bush gets unbearable before I go ahead and trim my shit. This time around, my bush wasn't out of control, but it was starting to get to be a little too much. Especially when I look at some of the males that I shoot. Most of them have thier pubes all nice and trim. When I'm not shooting at the LeMayzing studio I'm chillin in the pool either nekkid or in my pervert shorts. Lately while swimming, I noticed that it was time to get crackin on the man scaping. And since I didn't go anywhere and I was bored out of my fuckin mind on Friday I just had to do it.

Pubes. I've always been facinated by pubic hair. I started getting mine when I was nine years old. I tripped out when some of my older cousins would tell me that they had very minimal pubes down there. I was the lucky one they would say. When i was a kid I remember spending a good amount of time playing with my pubes. When I had the house to myself I would sometimes chill nekkid in my room and braid my pubic hair. I used to think I was weird for doing this until one of my buddies in college told me that he used to braid his pubes too. Pubes were cool to me. For me, they made me feel like I was getting older and becoming a man. I also liked the sound of scratching my pubes when I was a kid. I still do. It's this weird crunchy, crackly, sound that tickles your ears.

It wasn't till High School that I started to trim my pubes. My shit was getting out of control. I had a full fuckin bush by the time I was in 9th grade. I didn't even know how to manscape at that age. I was too scared to use clippers so I would use scissors to trim my pubes. I would be as careful as possible but there were times where I've cut myself trimming with the scissors. I didn't know what guys did to keep thier shit trimmed. I didn't ask either. The first time I asked a guy how he kept his shit trimmed was during an online hook up. I was hooking up with this older guy that had an amazing body and his pubes were fuckin trimmed beautifully. Like, I was amazed at how perfect he had his pubes trimmed. It looked so fuckin nice that I just had to ask him how he did it. He smiled, and told me that he used clippers to keep it nice and trim. it was a beautiful sight. Those hairs all perfectly trim.

To be honest, I don't know how to manscape. I fuckin suck at it. I've been using a trimmer lately to trim my pubes. I fuckin suuuuuuck at it. It sometimes takes me forever to get through with it. I still get a lil nervous when I use the trimmer. But at least it makes my shit look good. I wish I had like a technique when it came to manscaping. Trial and error it is for me. I've had thoughts of just having someone do it for me but my ex kinda killed it for me. One time, he wanted to trim my pubes so I let him. He was doing a good job until he got me good right by my nuts. I fuckin jumped back it got me by surprise. He was laughing at me, I didn't think it was funny. After he got through with laughing my dumb ass still let him trim my pubes. He fuckin got me AGAIN too. After that I took over. I the idea of shaving or trimming someone else's pubes is a turn on. I've seen videos of people doing it themselves of having it done to them and it looks really cool. I still don't know if I can trust anyone to trim my pubes just yet. But I dunno, if a really hot guy wanted to do it for me I would reconsider :P

I think pubes are sexxxy. I like it when its nice and trim and when there is a full bush. Well, not too full. Not full to the point where I have to go searching through a deep pube forest to find the cock. I ESPECIALLY love when I see a hot shirtless guy with just a hint of pubes sticking out of thier shorts, pants, undies, etc. That shit is HOT! Oh man, and when a guy is pants or shorts are sagging and you get a glimpse of fuzz...HOT HOT HOT! That shit drives me nuts. What I don't like is when a guy shaves all the hair pubes off. NOOOOOO!!! I mean, it can look hot on some guys but it kinda ruins it for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not gonna turn down some action if the guy is completely bare down there. I will just have to deal with it. But my man better have some pubes to play with.

What do you think of pubes? Hot? Not? Indifferent?

Let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Annette Schwarz is the shiiiit.

Annette Schwarz is amazing. Her sexual boundaries are unlimited. This german woman fucks good, hard, and nasty. I've been a big fan of hers for a very long time. I've seen this woman in some incredible hard core scenes for various different porn companies. Some of her scenes are some of the hottest, nastiest stuff I have seen in porn. I love how dirty she is. I love how unpredictable and captivating she is when I watch some of her scenes. I've seen this woman take so many loads in all her orifices its insane. Multiple loads too! Each time has been quite a delight! She's one of the women in porn that actually get me excited to see her scenes. I've seen Annette do some crazy shit. Stuff that has made me gasp and drop my jaw. From taking squirts of girl goo to the face, intense blowbangs, hard core DPs, and vulgar sex talk...this woman does it all!

My buddy Copsucker on Twitter and I have such a fascination with Annette. We talk about her all the time. She is one of the most intense adult actresses I have seen in the adult industry. Her intense work is something that I admire and appreaciate. We've had some pretty long conversations about Annette. Annette's sex is powerful. Her intense blue eyes is something I have been drawn to for a very long time. Especially when she takes a cum facial. Annette slurps up cum like a woman who has been depraved of food. You can feel hunger and aggression and uninhibitedness in her sex. I fuckin LOVE IT!

Click here is a link to a preview of her new DVD that she directed and produced. It looks quite promising. It definately looks like it's gonna be incredibly nasty. I'm digging it. Hopefully we get copies of the DVD for Adult Factory outlet. Annette's blog is pretty interesting too. If you like raunchy, intense, rough sex, I would highly recommend looking her up in Evil Empire and Elegant Angel films!

Bizarre Porn Dream.

"Dreams...What are mine?"

-Jerri Blank

I've been having real intense vivid dreams lately. Its very rare I have dreams that still linger with me for a couple of days. Usually, I'll wake up from a trippy ass dream and be all "Damn, that was a fuckin crazy ass dream." Then I forget about the dream all together. This one that I had recently was so fuckin vivid and haunting that I can't stop thinking about it.

The other day I had a dream that I was about to do a solo for Wolf Hudson and Wolf is set to direct scenes for the website. I talk to Wolf all the time on Twitter. So to have him pop up in my dreams is no surprise. The dream all took place in Las Vegas. The dream starts of with me walking in slow motion through the MGM Grand Casino. The MGM Grand is one of my favorite casinos in Las Vegas. I like how old school it is in there. From the carpeting to the decor on the ceiling. Every time I walk in the MGM I feel like I'm in a time warp. Like I got flung into Scorsese's Casino. Everyone around me is having a blast. Winning money, throwing dice, placing bets on the Roulette table. Everyone is moving in this slow paced fashion. As I'm walking past the Casino I end up walking into a convention/show room. The show room ends up being some sort of lingerie convention. There were a shitload of vendors with all sorts lingerie in their booths. I walked around and started touching all the different lingerie pieces. I love touching lingerie. I dunno, whenever I touch it I try and picture what it would look like and feel like on a beautiful woman. I have a lingerie fetish. Not to the point where I wear lacey panties and shit like that. I just like the way it feels and when the right piece of lingerie fits a woman well, it looks amazing. As I was walking through the lingerie expo I saw a bunch of the Leg Ave. lingerie models. I got real excited cuz these women are gorgeous and they make Leg Ave. lingerie look fantastic. I didn't get a chance to talk to them. I was more observing them on the show floor mingling with potential buyers, sipping champagne, laughing, and looking drop dead gorgeous. Here is a picture of one of the Leg Ave. models I saw in my dream.

I leave the show room and head to the elevators. I go to the 17th floor. I've never actually been in any of the rooms at the MGM Grand. I've only been to the Casino. When I got out the elevator the the light in the hallway was very dim. The carpet had dark greens and bright yellows. I walked down a long hallway. I was the only one in the hallway. In the distance I could hear people laughing and talking. I walk towards the commotion. I see an open door down the hallway. I walk towards the open door. I look inside the suite and see Wolf Hudson getting a camera ready. he tinkers with the camera, while 3 other good looking dudes are chilling on a nice, huge comfy couch. All three guys are wearing different boxer briefs. One of them has a shaved head and has several tattoos. The other looked Latino. He had a short fade and had a nice lean body. The other one was a cute white boy with Light brown hair and green eyes. They were all drinking those huge souvenir drinks full of alcohol. They are talking, and giggling and having a really good time. The Latino looking one notices me and invites me in the room. I had noooo clue who he was but he said hi to me like he had known me forever. I walk in and say what's up to Wolf. Wolf says hello but never looks at me directly when he said it. He was too busy tinkering with the camera. I walk towards the guys and they make room for me ont he couch. They tell me that I need to catch up with them cuz they're all fucked up. I felt sober, so I took them up on their offer. Wolf told the guys not to get me too fucked up because I he was almost ready to start shooting again. Wolf also informed me that it was my turn to do a solo. I told him I wasn't gonna be doing any solo but he mentioned that I had already agreed to do it weeks ago. I started to freak. I wasn't ready to do no solo. The guys sitting on the couch were telling me that solo's aint that bad and that it would be a good time. I sat on the couch taking huge swigs on one of the drinks. Wolf asked the guys to leave us alone for so I can get ready for my solo. The guys grab all their drinks and start to head to one of the bedrooms in the suite. Wolf goes back to dealing with the camera. I walk over to the huge windows to look out towards the strip and lose myself...

I'm really fuckin nervous. All these thoughts start to flood my head. I hear all these voices telling me what to do when the cameras turn on. Some of the voices are cheering me on while other voices are putting me down for what I'm about to do. I look over at Wolf, he is still walks towards the couch and sits in front of the camera. I lean my forehead on the glass. I start to breath real heavy. I close my eyes and try to tune out all those voices invading my brain. It's not working. I open my eyes and look at all the lights and commotion going on out on the strip. The lights start to hypnotize me. I close my eyes again and I can still see and feel the lights from the strip. Wolf calls out my name. He breaks me out of my trance. I look over towards him and he has a huge smile on his face. He informs me that he is ready to go. I walk slowly towards the couch. I take a seat and look straight at the camera. I tell him to give me a second to think. He comes over and sits right next to me. Wolf puts his hand on my shoulder and lets out a deep sigh. He gives me a smile and tells me that I'm gonna do an amazing job. I look at him for a very long time. He rubs my shoulders and comforts me. I try to ask him questions but he keeps interrupting me. Not in a bad way, he just tells me that he is tired of all my excuses and that it was time to finally get over it. I let out a couple of deep breaths and look him in the eyes. He knew I was ready. I notice that I'm grabbing on to the couch cousins really hard. I let go of my grip and wipe my hands on my shorts. I look over at Wolf Behind the camera. Wolf starts to ask me all sorts of questions about my personal life. I answer them without hesitation. It's weird cuz I didn't have control of what I was saying. Answers to his questions just started flowing out of me. Wolf then gets me to take of my shirt and shorts. I am wearing some tight white boxer briefs. I start to rub my crotch, trying to get myself hard when all of a sudden...

I wake up.

I dunno what to think of this dream. Well for starters, it was a pretty cool dream. But for me, it felt more like a vision or epiphany or something like that. Yesterday I was texting my friend Jeremy Lucido about doing solo videos. Ever since I started shooting porn I've thought about whether or not I would ever get in front of the camera. Lately, I've been considering the possibility of jumping in front of the camera. I don't think I have the balls just yet to actually do it. But the thought of getting in front of the camera does cross my mind from time to time. I mean, I've done web cam stuff with friends and people I've chatted on over the Internet. Why would I have any qualms doing it in any other aspect?

I take dreams like these as little signs of what's to come. This dream has been lingering in my head for a couple of days now. The thoughts of getting in front of the camera come up quite often when I shoot porn or even look at DVD box covers. I doubt I will be getting in front of the camera anytime soon but the thought never really dies in my head. Maybe I need more awesome dreams like this one to finally convince me to get in front of the camera. For now, I'll just stick to my semi nude pics and crotch shots. Everyone has a start right?