Friday, November 12, 2010

Meeting the fabulous NIKKI BENZ!

Last night I was very fortunate enough to get a chance to check out Nikki Benz feature dance at the Hustler Club in San Francisco. I was absolutely besides myself when I found out that Nikki was gonna be coming up to San Francisco. I've been completely in awe and fascinated by Nikki ever since I discovered her awesome work for BRAZZERS. I absolutely ADORE Nikki Benz. Not only is she smoldering hot in her sex scenes but she is also one of the sweetest, most gracious, and above all super incredibly fun porn stars I have come across in a very long time. When I found out that Nikki had a Twitter I immediately started to follow her. I was drawn to Nikki not only by the incredible pics she posts from her travels feature dancing all over the world and her various porn shoots. Nikki's presence online and on her films is something that does not go unnoticed. Nikki is a trooper when it comes to chatting it up with her fans via Twitter and her various social networking sites. It is no wonder that this beautiful Canadian (I LOVE CANADIAN PORN STARS!) sex goddess is one of the most followed women in porno Twitter (50,000+ followers and counting.)

I have tried several times to try and meet Nikki Benz when she was doing signings and feature dancing gigs down south but I never got the chance. When I read that she was gonna be up here in San Francisco I knew that I just HAD to make an effort to go and see her. I was lucky enough to have the day off yesterday so there was no excuse not to go check out Nikki! Before I went to the Hustler Club I went to my buddy Chad's place who just so happened to live like a block away from the Hustler Club. We hung out and I told Chad about Nikki and how much I wanted to meet her. Chad has a whole wall in his kitchen where people are allowed to tag all sorts of things. Since I was on a Nikki Benz high (among other things) I showed my love and appreciation for Nikki on his wall.

Here is a pic of the view from Chad's building of San Francisco. Beautiful huh? :P

Once I got to the Hustler Club I started to get excited to check out Nikki Benz. They had a huge poster of Nikki right at the door. When I was showing my ID to the bouncer he mentioned that Nikki Benz was the feature dancer. I told him the only reason I'm here is to see Nikki perform. He gave me a big smile and let me into the club. I was very surprised at how nice the Hustler Club is! usually I'm used to skanky ass strip clubs in the Valley but the SF Hustler Club was very classy and the layout of the place is cool. I love how they have the main stage right in the middle of the club. The bartenders, bouncers, and most of the dancers were really chill and made you feel welcome when you're in the club. My fave was the bartender girls. They were making me laugh at and totally having conversations with me. While I was sitting at the bar one of the dancers was talking to this guy about Nikki Benz and kinda talking shit that she was there to feature dance. I wanted to interrupt their conversation but I didn't wanna start any drama so I just kept it cool. The dancer kept saying shit like " I dunno what the big deal is about Nikki Benz. Who is she anyway?" Man, I sooooo shoulda said something but I just kept it my mouth shut and grinned at what a dumb comment that was.

When I saw Nikki walk into the club I was taken aback. She looks so fuckin stunning walking down the strairs to get into the club. I wanted to say something to her as she was walking down the stairs but I just kept on walking up to the ATM machine. Nikki was busy being escorted so I just kept on walking and waited for a better opportunity to talk to her. It's funny, whenever I am around a beautiful porn star like Nikki Benz I get all giddy on the inside. Nikki's presence was so contagious I felt slightly dizzy when I was walking by her. I wanted to be all "OMG OMG NIKKI I LOVE YOU..." but I totally kept my cool and just smiled as she was walking down the stairs.

Once Nikki was announced to go up on stage I got up from the bar and headed down to the seating area around the main stage. My heart was racing because in just a few moments Nikki fuckin Benz was gonna be rocking the stage! Once she got up on there....WOW...I mean.......totally fuckin WOW! Nikki was dressed up in a shiny, shimmery, light blue corset, braw, booty shorts and white fuck me boots. She looked like a sparkling diamond every time she made her presence known on the stage. I was in complete awe watching her sway her hips and feel on her body on stage. Whenever Nikki would look in my direction I knew that she knew who I was and that she was happy to see me. When Nikki came up to me while she was dancing she gave me a huge smile, bent down in front of me, gave me a BIG kiss, and was talking about how great it was to finally meet me. I think its amazing that our first human interaction was on stage while she danced seductively to Rihanna's new single! Here is a pic of Nikki in her outfit.


After Nikki danced to a couple of songs she passed out some of her merchandise to the people sitting around the main stage. Nikki kissed and handed me one of her posters. After Nikki finished dancing she went off to her dressing room. I went back to the bar to chill and take in the fact that Nikki had just danced right in front of me. I could still smell her scent on me and it was totally addicting. I LOVED when Nikki went topless and she told me "I wanna put my boobs all over your face but I can't.." I thought that was the cutest thing EVER! It was so sweet of her to say that! I had a big smile on my face after she made that comment.

While at the bar I heard Nikki calling my name from her dressing room. I walked over to her, gave her a big hug, and she gave me one of her DVDs! She also invited me to come and hang out with her in her dressing room. It was nice to have a chance to talk with Nikki after she danced. We talked about all her travels and her work schedule. I caught her up on all my adventures since moving to SF. Sitting in that dressing room and talking with Nikki I could see why she is one of the most successful adult starts out there today. Nikki's attitude and way of life is so frivolous, fun and free but it is also very business like and professional. Basically, this girl knows how to have her fun and be smart about it too. I coulda stayed in that dressing room all night and chit chatted with her until the sun came out but after we talked we set up her booth in the club where she was going to do her signing for the fans. Nikki was gracious enough to take a Polaroid picture with me right before she was going to do her signing. After that, I said my goodbye to Nikki and took off.

What a magical night it was last night. Nikki is one of the most amazing women in porn and if you don't know about her well then its high time you get to know this woman. She is one of the very few women in porn that has had crossover success in mainstream gigs and Nikki shows no signs of slowing down. So excited for whats to come from NIKKI BENZ!

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I've also included several Nikki videos. One is from her Fox Sports show CUBED and the others are behind the scenes antics!