Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3 Guys Conner Should F*%K on Camera.

OK, before anyone freaks out, I don't want Conner to fuck the old geyser above. HELL NO. That's the last thing I wanna see. However, the man up above does share something in common with one of the porn studs Conner should fuck on camera. Can you guess who it is? Hmmmmm??? Well, if you've guessed who the old man is...GOOD FOR YOU! You fuckin rock for knowing who the person is. If you don't...well...fuck it you're gonna find out anyway so its all good.:P

Lately, I've been thinking about who I would want to see Conner have sex with in front of the camera. There are so many hot fuckin guys in porn that I would love nothing more than to watch them take a turn at devouring our Man of the Month. Here are 3 guys (in no particular order) that I would love to see Conner do scenes with.


Holy fuckin shit this man is deliiiiiiiicious. I don't really know much about Christopher Saint. I first saw him in my 2010TitanMen Calendar I got during Folsom Weekend last year. When I flipped through the calendar and came across Chris's photo I had to do his man is BEAUTIFUL. His smile is killer, he's got a great body, and that uncut dick of his...WOW! Super fuckin sexy. To top it all off, he's from the UK! I think both Conner and Christopher together would be a scorching scene. Thinking about these two guys fucking makes my mouth water and wanna bust out my lube. Click here to check out a very cute behind the scenes clip from one of Christopher's shoots. Fuck man, I swear if these two get to work together in the near future I would be in HEAVEN! :P


Yeah, Steve Cruz and Conner Habib in a scene together would be magical. What I love about Steve is whenever he fucks on camera his scenes are NEVER boring. He is always into his partners and makes the every scene look effortless and fun. God, imagine both Steve and Conner rubbing up on each others hot, sweaty, hairy bodies. Fuck man, that would be soooooo fuckin AMAZING! If I had both Conner and Steve in a scene together I would have them rimming each other for an obscene amount of time. I'd also have them do lots of licking, smelling, sucking, kissing...EVERYTHING. I hope that Conner gets to work with Steve either on a Raging Stallion flick or on Conner has a scene at Hard Friction but not with Steve. Come on boys...get on it! :P

Last but not least...


Samuel mothafuckin COLT! Oh yeah, the old geyser pic? That's Samuel Colt the inventor/gunsmith. The Samuel Colt I wanna see all up inside and all over Conner is the one pictured with the happy face hiding Samuel's cock. Yeah, Samuel and Conner paired up together would be an unforgettable scene. I heart Samuel Colt. Being around Samuel Colt is hard to deal with. The first time I met Samuel was during the Cybersocket Awards this year. Standing next to him, talking to him, and just being around him was such a pleasure. Yeah, I was a lil drunky that night but Samuel was totally cool with me being all up on his and giving him kisses all night. But seriously, look at him! He's fuckin gorgeous. Not only that, he's a really fuckin nice guy to boot. Also, when Samuel is fucking on camera...WOW! That shit is amazing. I've seen Samuel man handle some of his partners in some hot scenes and lemme tell ya, its all too hot to handle sometimes.

So there you have it. Three smoking hot guys I really wanna see Conner work with. OK, so now that its out...LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. nooooo, not steve cruz. I love steve but that's just not the OTP... !!!! Or I've been watching too much Coat West lately, that's why... I think...