Sunday, March 7, 2010

Conner Habib Gets Cum Drenched in Falcon/Mustang Studios LAID OFF.


Have you guys seen the trailer for Falcon/Mustang studios newest dickfest LAID OFF? If you haven't, you need to click HERE and check that shit out. It's a pretty hot fuckin trailer. Also, Conner Habib is one lucky fucker in this flick. He gets ravished by adorable Colby Keller and big dicked Girth Brooks! Fuck man, getting man handled by Colby and Girth would be amazing! Watching Connor in such a predicament is something not to be missed.

Oh yeah, Conner gets a cum bath like no other in this film. I swear, by watching how cum coated Conner is in the trailer I can only IMAGINE how it all gets to that intense climax!

LAID OFF also stars fine ass papi Alessio Romero, Dean Tucker, Christian Wilde, Matthew Ford, and many more!

Check out more on LAID OFF and its stars at Falcon's Website!

Man, If I were being laid off I'd wanna be in this film. I guess the tensions of this economy and losing your job makes men hungry and thirsty for lust! :P

Here is a clip of a G-rated version of Laid Off. G-Rated XXX clips. Gotta Love them. :P

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