Sunday, October 25, 2009

EXXXCITED about my new SHOW!

What's up peeps!

I can't tell you how fuckin THRILLED I am to be having my very own show on!!! Thanks to the lovely people at TSR Network and my beloved friend Kelly Shibari I have been blessed with the opportunity to have my OWN radio show about PORN OPORN PORN! I've always wanted to have a show where I can talk openly about the adult industry. There is all sorts of interesting stories and events that happen in this crazy industry. Sometimes, waaay to much shit happens thats crazy and cool and fucked up and awesome that it has to be talked about. My show, PORN BABBLE WITH PORNOBOBBIE will be a show where any and all topics about the porn industry will be discussed. I've been in the adult industry game for a very, very, VERY, long time. The adult industry is an obsession of mine. I feel so blessed to be able to do commentary and express my opinion about the industry on my show.

I can't wait to start having all sorts of fun guests on my show! I gotta get cracking on getting adult industry peeps to come on the show. Hopefully I will get all sorts of different people from the adult industry on the show. I also want to work on doing all sorts of cool segments where I go out on the streets and ask random people questions about porn. I've been wanting to do that for a while now. I would LOVE to know what people's opinions are about porn. Also, what kind of porn do people watch and shit like that. I'm always curious about that shit. Working at Adult Factory Outlet lets me see who is buying porn and what kind of porn people are buying/watching. I love being able to see what people are buying. For some reason, I feel that whenever someone buys a porn DVD and they leave the store I get this image of the customer rushing home to watch and stroke thier new DVD treasure.

I would also like to talk about my adventures selling porn, making porn, and being surrounded by porn on a day to day basis. I have THOUSANDS of stories from working in several different sex shops. I also can't wait to INTERVIEW PORN STARS! I want to bring all sorts of different performers that I love and admire on the show and talk about what they are up to in and out of the adult industry. Wolf Hudson Told me once that "Porn stars are people too." Which is true, they totally are people. I sometimes forget about that. I want people that listen/watch my show to know other aspects of porn performers outside of thier adult industry life.

I hope that my show will bring a different take on what goes on in the world of the adult industry. I love and adore what I do and the cool people that make the adult industry awesome!

If any xxx performers, directors, producers, etc want to be a guest on my show email me at I would love to have any of you wonderful xxx peeps on the show. Come and talk about your life in the industry and promote your shit on my show!

The cool thing about the shows on TSR Network is that they are LIVE and They are VIDEOTAPED! There is also a LIVE CHAT during the show which is fuckin AWESOME!!!

My first guest will be the beautiful TS performer Danielle Foxxx! Check out Danielle's website So please tune in This Tuesday and Every Tuesday from 6-8pm.


Press Release for my show PORN BABBLE WITH PORNOBOBBIE

Los Angeles, CA, 10/23/2009 – TSRNetwork and Hourglass8 Media add porn industry talk show to lineup

Hourglass8 Media ( is proud to introduce a new show to Talking Sex Radio Network’s lineup of adult internet television programming with the launch of “Porn Babble with Pornobobbie.”

“Porn Babble” is the first television show for adult industry personality Pornobobbie (, who already enjoys a well-established industry following on Twitter in addition to his well-received blog, Pornolandia ( The show plans to bring in-studio and red carpet interviews with adult entertainment professionals, ranging from talent to directors, executives and producers, as well as offer an insight into some segments of the industry that may not be as public – adult store owners and employees, toy manufacturers, and fringe entertainers.

“I've been working in the adult industry since I was 19 years old,” says Pornobobbie. “I used to work graveyard at a 24 hour sex shop in Santa Barbara. I studied and watched all the porn that our customers would watch in the (private) booths everyday. I worked in that shop for over 3 years. I took a break, went to college and got my Masters Degree in Playwrighting. I moved back home and started working in porn again via the adult retail market. I can't tell you how excited I am to have this opportunity and to be able to interview interesting people in the adult industry.”

The launch show will feature transexual adult performer Danielle Foxxx ( as she launches her first post-op membership site, The show will also introduce LA-based diva drag performer Miss Barbie-Que, who will be a recurring guest on the show as an adult film reviewer.

“Porn Babble with Pornobobbie” will begin airing on the TSRNetwork on Tuesday evenings at 6pm-8pm Pacific / 9pm-11pm Eastern starting October 27th. It can be viewed at

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Unzipped Magazine Fetish Party at MJ's Bar.

Last Friday, I hit up a gay fetish party thrown by I had a fuckin WONDERFUL time at this party. I heard about the party from Unzipped Media on Twitter. I follow Unzipped Media on Twitter because the person running it (Zach you RULE) posted a tweet about the party. The thing that caught my attention was "Gay" and "Fetish". It was on after that. I really wanted to go to this party and I almost didnt make it. Thanks to my awesome neice Liz I managed to go!

The party was pretty fuckin cool. The crowd was really awesome when I got there. It was packed, but the whole vibe of the party was really thick and sexy. Perhaps it was the energy from all the hot men that were pretty much EVERYWHERE and some pretty hot Go Go Boys to boot. I spent the first part of my time chillin by the bar and people watching. Well, I was mostly gawking at the Go Go Boys but Go Go Boys (the good ones) are having fun onstage and and are easy on the eyes I'm all up for gawking. :P

My favorite part of the night at the party was standing next to one of the Go Go boxes with my buddy Jeremy Lucido and watching two really attractive guys squirt massive amounts of Gun Oil all over thier chiseled, moderately hairy (yum), bodies. I gotta say, that shit was pretty fuckin hot. I love when guys and girls lube thier bodies up. It's fuckin sexxxy. The smooth, shiny, skin that glimmers when its covered in lube...mmmmmm.....

Right after the guys covered themselves in lube they started to get all freaky on each other. Rubbing up againt each other and dry humping...It was quite a sight. Not only that, I was right fuckin there. I would get huge wafts of man sweat and Gun Oil every time the guys would slither on each other.

The guys were getting so into it that they fuckin FELL OFF THE GO GO BOX! I swear, they were fuckin ALL OVER each other. Pulling down thier shorts and getting all sorts of aggressive on each other. Oh yeah, they didn't stop messing with each other after they fell off the Go Go box. Those handsome devils kept going at it. Man, watching them keep going made me wanna fuckin jump in myself. It looked like they were having so much fun playing with each other. I I'm really glad that they both didn't get seriously hurt. That fall they had coulda been dangerous. But those guys man, they really worked the crowd.

I had the best time at the party. I really hope that Unzipped has another funtion like that. The night was perfect. :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009


What's up peeps!

Here is a a ten minute video clip I took with my Blackburry at The Raging Stallion Party during Folsom Weekend!!! I was right up at the front when I took this video. It was fuckin awesome. Sooooo many fuckin hotties from the Raging Stallion men. I fuckin looooooooove Raging Stallion!!! Ricky Sinz, Damien Crosse, Bruno Bond, Steve fuckin Cruz, Austin Wilde, Scott Mothafuckin Tanner!!! What's not to love about all these men. I had such a good fuckin time at this party. I working on the blog about all the shit that happened prior to this party! WOOT!

I kept yelling "woooooooohhhh" alot. Only cuz I was super excited being there.

Congrats to Austin Wilde and David Taylor for being Raging Stallions MEN OF THE YEAR!!!

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