Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Folsom/GayVN Day 2 pt. 2

Now that it's morning and I'm semi awake I can continue on talking about all the amazing shit that happened at the GayVN after party. I met a gang of adult performers, directors, and fans that I've been wanting to see and get to know for a very long time. Especially DAMIEN CROSSE! Damien is one of my FAVORITE people in gay porn. He's gorgeous with a filthy mind that only gets nastier as I time goes by. I've had a thing for Damien ever since I started heavily watching films from Raging Stallion. Damien physicality is hypnotic when you see him on film or even in person. He's just a sexual enigma that makes me literally lose my breath when I see him fucking on film or in pictures. When Tamara informed me that Damien was gonna be at the GayVNs/Folsom I instantly got hard. Tamara KNOWS how much I love Damien Crosse. Her and I have had some steamy BBM conversations about all the shit we want to do to Mr. Crosse. It's great to be able to openly talk about deliciously naughty things with someone who is as filthy minded as myself. :P

Throughout the weekend I was determined to try and meet and say whats up to Damien. Right when I get to the VIP after party the first thing that Tamara does is grab me and takes me straight to Damien. I didn't really have time to react or anything. I was a bit flustered cuz I didn't know what to say and the music was do fuckin loud you could barely hear anything! We managed to say hello to each other then we got separated. Well, several cocktails later Marques Daniels captures a moment in time so fuckin out of this world for me: Marques takes this AMAZING pic of Damien and myself!!! WOW!!!!

As if I don't have enough pics of myself and Mr. Pam here is another GREAT one taken by Marques! :P

Every time I look at the picture of I get such a rush. Right around this time I was pretty fucked up from all the free drinks and I vaguely remember hugging and talking with Damien about his career and all the his hard work on his website Staghomme. We were talking for a long time actually. We were both pretty buzzed so this pic feels so surreal to me. It actually brought me to tears. This photo shows just how fantastic the GayVN after party was. Truly an experience.

Here are more pics from this wild night.

Brazilian porn stud Alexander Freitas getting down!

Luke (@beefymuscle) and I. We finally met and had fun this weekend!

Beefy Muscle getting down!

Tom Wolfe and Landon Conrad: HOT!

ARUFF! munching on Drew Cutler's pits!

Beautiful Logan McCree!!!!!!

Sexy as FUCK Tony Aziz rocking some 70s bush! YUM!

Finally got to meet Kennedy Carter!

GayVN Personality of the year Sister Roma and me. ROMA ROMA ROMA!

Chi Chi Larue and I in the DJ Booth!

Jake Austin is so CUTE! LOVE HIM! :P

World of Men mastermind and sweetheart Collin O'Neal

Multiple GayVN award winner and Hottie Brent Everett! ADORE HIM! :P

Can't get enough of TOM WOLFE!

So yeah, this fuckin party was MAGNETIC! One that I will NEVER forget. :P

Here is a list of all the 2010 GayVN Award Winners!

BEST DUO SEX SCENE--Folsom Flesh: Tony Buff & Will Parker (Titan)
BEST GROUP SEX SCENE--BLACK BALLED 7: JAIL SLAMMED (All Worlds Video): Cameron Adams, Scott Alexander, Race Cooper, Eddie Diaz, Element Eclipse, Damien Holt, Nubius, Osian, Aron Ridge, Ace Rockwood, Santino Vega.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR--Steve Cruz, FOCUS/REFOCUS (Raging Stallion Studios)
BEST CUMSHOT--Rafael Alencar, WALL STREET (Lucas Entertainment)
BEST VIDEOGRAPHY--Tony Dimarco & Ben Leon, FOCUS/REFOCUS (Raging Stallion)
BEST GENRE (classic content)

HALL OF FAME--Bill Marlowe, Mike Donner, Ryan Block, Mickey Skee, Matthew Rush

BEST ACTOR--Logan McCree, THE VISITOR (Raging Stallion)
BEST DIRECTOR--(TIE) Joe Gage, DAD TAKES A FISHING TRIP (D/G Mutual Media) and Chris Ward, Ben Leon & Tony Dimarco, FOCUS/REFOCUS (Raging Stallion)
BEST TOP--Trevor Knight
BEST BOTTOM--Brent Corrigan


Tom Wolfe and Brandon Lewis looking HOT!

Me and my Chaka sista Ceddy aka @elmysterio

Giving Tamara some LOVE!

Super SEXXXY Paul Wagner!

I <3 Scott Tanner! One of my FAVES!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Folsom/GayVN Weekend Bukkake-Thon Day Two 1.0

So I spent the first part of Friday morning hung over in Harvey Walker’s bed. I had waaaaay too many beers at the Eagle (thanks beer bust) and that double shot of PatronI did with Samuel, Alessio, Chris P, and Adam contributed to my hangover. I tried to get more sleep but it was difficult with a pounding headache and awful heartburn. I decided to get up and get us some waters and some Tylenol to help out with how shitty we felt. I struggled putting on my clothes, found my sunglasses, grabbed the room key, and headed for the streets. Both Harvey’s hotel and mine are in the Tenderloin area of San Francisco. The Tenderloin happens to be my favorite area in San Francisco. I love all the insanely diverse habitants that squalor all over the streets. Lots of crackheads, fat prostitutes, Jesus freaks, bums, Tranny prostitutes etc. Pretty much my kinda place. I also love the Tenderloin because there are sooooo many cool dive bars and great restaurants all over the place. :P

Once I walked out on the streets I swear my equilibrium was totally off. I was still dizzy drunk from the debauchery from last night. I walked with great concentration to try and find any liquor store. Thankfully, the Tenderloin has a liquor store on every corner so it wasn’t too hard to find a place. Once I got back to Harvey’s room I jumped back into bed and tried to get some more sleep. I had time to kill since I couldn’t check into my hotel until noon. I lied on Harvey’s bed thinking back at all the cool shit that happened the night before. To be honest, I was pretty fucked up but I was totally coherent and functional. Which is fuckin rare when I get fucked up. Especially when I’m on vacation. I guess I’m getting better at pacing myself and getting wasted?

Once noon rolled around I said bye to Harvey and headed to my hotel room. I once again stayed at the Motel 6 on Geary and Larkin. I don’t care how many times people talk shit about Motel 6 but the Motel 6 in the Tenderloin is pretty BAD ASS! It’s in a perfect spot in the Tenderloin with Gangway, the local gay dive bar right across the street from the hotel! Oh yeah, a FREE hotel room for 4 days aint too shabby either right? Once I checked in my room wasn’t clean yet. The maid was cleaning it up as I walked in the door. The maid smiled at me and let me in the room. I told her that I didn’t care about the mess in the room (the room wasn’t even that messy) and she let me go inside and leave my stuff in the room. She had finished making one bed so I put my shit in the closet area and walked over to the bed. I asked her if it was cool if I just chilled while she cleaned up the rest of the room. The maid was pretty chill and smiled a bunch. She spoke Spanish so we were able to communicate and get into some great conversation. While she cleaned I unpacked. The televisions at the Motel 6 have a built in AM/FM radio station so the maid was listening to this station called EL RECUERDO. This station plays all the dope ass 70s, 80s, and 90s groups like Los Bukis, Juan Gabriel and shit. One of the jams that came on was from this band called Grupo Mojado. The song is called PIENSA EN MI. I remember listening to this song when I was growing up and I kept telling the maid how much I fuckin LOVED that song. I was all singing to it while I was putting my shit away and the maid kept giggling and smiling at me. The maid even complimented me on my singing. :P

Alright, lets get to the good shit shall we?

I wasn't planning on going to the GayVNs this year. I was just gonna go to the red carpet, take pics, wish everyone luck, then meet everyone at the GayVN Afterparty. Well, thanks to Zachary Sire from THE SWORD for hooking me up with a ticket to the show! It was so unexpected and awesome of Zach for doing this for me.

The Awards show was so much fun! Lots of fun moments and definitely some good highlights. Alec Mapa was a fantastic host! I remember when I was an undergrad I took a theater workshop class with him. He did a bunch of segments from his solo performance shows and seeing him host the GayVNs was totally fuckin cool.

I also got to meet performer Jiz Lee too! That shit was piiiiiiimp!!!! :P LOVE HER! :P

Me and Jiz Lee! :P

Lets talk about the GayVN AfterParty. That party was FANTASTIC! Thanks to a contest I won on The Sword I got to get myself and my BFF Honey into the VIP after party! I kept telling him that we were gonna be partying with the gay porn elite and it we were just being incredibly silly about it. The party also had free fuckin Vodka so my ass got fuckin DRUNK! Man, Honey and I danced the night away and socialized with pretty much every single porn star and personality in the biz. Chi Chi LaRue fuckin KILLED it in the DJ Booth. Everyone was having a great time. The energy in club was positive and people were just letting lose, kissing, drinking, sucking, laughing, and doing all kinds of freaky fun stuff every where.

Lets let the pictures explain for themselves! :P

Sucking some chocolate out of Diesel Washington

Chilling with Steven Daigle

ARUFF! with Drew Cutler and Mr. Pam

GayVN Best New Comer Conner Habib, Mr. Pam and I.

LOVE Mr. Pam.

One of the highlights of this weekend was meeting Mr. Pam. She was just so incredibly cool and fun as hell. It was such an honor being able to go completely bonkers with Pam while we danced on the dance floor and talked all kinds of madness throughout the whole night! :P

It's 2 in the am and I'm fuckin exhausted! Will post more pics and links tomorrow. I need me some sleep! :P

Folsom/GayVN Weekend Bukkake-Thon Day One.

Let me just start off by saying that this years Folsom/GayVN Weekend Bukkake-Thon was FUCKIN AMAZING. I seriously had one of the best times being up here in San Francisco for this very unique and decadent weekend. I'm slightly hung over, relaxing at the Amsterdam Cafe in the Tenderloin and just about ready to write about all the crazy fun shit that happened this weekend.

My flight here to SF was quite enjoyable. This was my first time flying Vigin America and I gotta say, I fuckin LOVE THEM. I had no hassles getting through security and The flight was fantastic. I arrived early Thursday morning in SF. Once I got out of the plane I dashed to the BART station so I can get my ass to meet up with my BFF Miguel aka "Honey". For the record, I fuckin HATE the BART system. It was really fuckin confusing trying to figure out how to buy a damn ticket and it's expensive as shit. I kept bitching about why it couldn't be simple like the LA Metro or NYC public transit. Oh yeah, another reason I was bitching is because I brought with me less then $400 for the weekend. So I needed to make my pennies last a reaaallllly long time.

One other cool thing about my flight into SF was that the one and only legendary porn directrix CHI CHI LARUE was on my flight! I saw said hi and gave her a kiss and chatted briefly with her as I was boarding the train.

So anywho, I met up with Honey, left all my shit in his car and decided to head to Dolores Park. I didn't have anything else to do and Honey was busy teaching so I figured I'd go to a spot where I can chill, people watch, and relax. I had noooooo fuckin clue how to get to Dolores Park after I left Honey but I figured it out and spent most of the day sun bathing and watching all the hotties get some sun at the park.

After a while getting sun drenched in Dolores Park hottie uncut stud and good friend Harvey Walker and @benorser met up with me at the park. We then headed to Harvey Walker's hotel room which was conveniently right around the corner from my hotel. Harvey and I chilled in his room, caught up on all the shit that we've been up to since we last say each other and took a nice, much needed nap.

Here is a pic of Harvey Walker's yummy crotch! mmmmmmmm......

So Harvey and I woke up from our nap and headed to the THE EAGLE for the Folsom/GayVN kick off party. The Eagle was the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Got to meet up and talk to a shitload of my porn star friends. I, of course, had to rock my leather for the Eagle. It's only fitting right? :P

The Eagle kick off party was the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

Here are some pics of Fag Hag hottie and unber awesome Laura D. and I at the Eagle!


LOVE me some Laura D!

Check out for more of Laura's filthy adventures at Folsom and pics!

While at the Eagle Harvey and I ran into Chris Porter, Samuel Colt, papa Alessio Romero, and Adam from Falcon.

We took a brief break from the Eagle and headed back to Samuel and Chris's pad. We ended up doing shots of Patron. Double shots I might add. Click HERE to check out our pic pre shot taking. :P

After all the shots everything went blurry. Here are some pics from the red carpet at the Eagle with Alessio Romero, Chris Porter, Samuel Colt and GayVN Personality of the year SISTER ROMA!

So, this was pretty much my first night. It was a great way to start the weekend! More blogs and pics from the weekend to come! :P

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Porno Dreams Are A Mind Fuck.

I had a really twisted fucked up porno dream last night. I vowed that every time I had an intense porno dream that I would wake up and immediately write that shit down so as not to forget all the shit I experienced in the dream. Well, I didn't do that this morning but this dream has definitely made an impact on me. I can't for the life of me stop thinking about it. I take crazy ass dreams like this seriously because I feel like my subconscious is trying to tell me something. These dreams feel like epiphanies to me. Mostly because I spend the whole fuckin day trying to interpret the damn thing and not documenting it. this dream...

I'm walking around in the street in nothing but my undies and a white dress shirt a la Tom Cruise in RISKY BUSINESS. I don't really question why I'm dressed like this (its a dream) so I continues walking down the street. I don't really wake up at home either. I'm in some strange neighborhood I don't really know much about but still feel like I know what I'm doing and where I'm going. As I I keep walking there is a car accident on a busy intersection. By now the area is swarming with cops taking pictures and dealing with the people involved in the accident. I slowly walk towards the intersection. I'm kinda nervous because I'm pretty much half naked and about to walk by a swarm of cops. As I get closer and closer to the accident I notice that everyone is moving in ridiculously slow motion. Kind of like to intensify the atmosphere. One of the cops I was walking by was a female cop. She kept staring at me with a stern look on her face. I thought for sure she was gonna stop me and ask me why the fuck I'm half naked. I was walking looking down at the ground but then figured I should keep making eye contact with the cop so I won't look as suspicious as I already did. The cop kept on looking at me and I just kept on walking. They didn't end up doing shit to me and I continues walking down the road.

All of a sudden I'm somewhere in some warehouse/shipping district in front of a porn distribution company. At first I thought it was where I used to work but this place was HUGE! I start to walk towards the gates of the warehouse when I'm grabbed by some guy dressed in a dark blue suit. This guy ends up being some host for some sort of porn reality show kind of like a project runway/top chef meets porn kinda show. The host was completely coked out. He had coke residue all over his suit and all over his nose. He rushes me to into the warehouse. Once inside I see that there are female porn stars, guys in suits, camera people, photographers, etc. They're all getting ready to shoot the a segment for the show. I get pushed into two porn chicks who are doing hair and make up. They hurl me into a tiny trailer where they are doing hair and make up. The host walks in and starts filling me in on all sorts of drama that is going on set. He throws a mountain of cocaine in front of me while I'm getting hair and make up done and starts cutting up lines. He does a fat ass line then the chicks take turns doing lines themselves. I'm just sitting there kinda stunned and taking all this shit in. The host then walks to a rack of clothing. He looks feverishly for something I can wear but finds nothing. He goes over to where I'm sitting and looks at himself in the mirror. He makes the porn girls lick the coke residue off his nose. He pushes them off him. He fixes himself once again in the mirror then hauls me out of the trailer while the two porn chicks eat each others faces to get the last bit of cocaine.

The host throws me next to 5 other guys and he explains what our challenge is gonna be. The 5 group of guys are some some normal looking dudes. They're all dressed in pretty normal clothes. They stare at me in my get up and laugh. The challenge was for each of us to go through the entire warehouse and grab 10 porno films that have been the most influential to your life. We had thirty minutes to find the films and we had access to the whole warehouse. The host rang a bell and all the other guys grabbed a basket and started running around like maniacs trying to find their movies. I walked all over the place looking for the films that influenced me but I couldn't find a single one! I kept asking where the EVIL ANGEL or ELEGANT ANGELS or BRAZZERS sections were and no one knew. I looked around all the VHS to see if I could find any of the films from the 80's and 90's that influenced me but couldn't find shit. I knocked down shelves and searched EVERYWHERE but still I couldn't find what I wanted.

The clock was ticking and I still hadn't chosen anything. I started to panic. Once I started to panic I just grabbed whatever I could find from the shelf and ran to where everyone else was. Once we were with the host We all shared what movies we chose. Everyone else seemed to find all the stuff they needed except me. When it finally got time for me to explain my film choices I didn't know what to say! I explained that I couldn't find all the movies I wanted and that the selection SUCKED in the warehouse. All the other guys and the host start laughing and pointing at me. They were talking mad shit! Then they started throwing their film choices at me. I started running away from them and they kept chasing me and following me. I eventually found an exit and when I open the exit door there a HUGE white light started beaming from the outside. I walked into the light and then.....

I woke up. I actually woke up in a cold sweat. I dunno what to make of this dream. It was so fuckin STRANGE. I can't seem to have a grasp on what the dream was trying to communicate with me. I was hoping that I would at LEAST get to blowbang all the dudes (except the host) in my dream but that didn't happen. What kind of message am I supposed to interpret from this dream? I have no fuckin clue. The dream was so powerful I had to blog about it. Maybe I'll have another fucked up porno dream that will help me explain this dream. We shall see......


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tommy Wells Confession Line!

Have you ever wanted to tell someone how much you wanna force your cock down your asshole of a boss and force him to swallow a thick mass of your hot load? Have you ever had fantasies about sniffing all the jockstraps of your favorite baseball or football team is but are afraid to express yourself? Have you ever thought of having a row of hot dudes with amazing bubble butts lined up while you squirt whipped cream in their assholes and licked their holes clean with your tongue? Maybe you masturbate to pictures of Howard Dean doing his famous "AAAAEEEHHHH" fist punch? Or you have a hot distant cousin that you've been dying to fuck and want to have a way to let all the juicy details out?

Well...NOW YOU CAN thanks to Tommy Wells! Tommy Wells is one of my FAVORITE porn sites to visit. This website is full of great write ups on websites like BOUND GODS, REAL GUYS EXPPOSED, BLAKE MASON, TIM TALES, and much more! Not only is there great write ups and recommendation for various worth while porn sites, there are also some really hot x-tube posts with lots of uncut cocks, sloppy blowjobs, guys smoking...

Lets just say that I spend quite a bit of time know...*stroke stroke stroke* on Tommy Wells. Also, thanks to Tommy Wells I use the word "hog" to refer to cock on a regular basis now. When I first read it on his site I almost died of laughter. I had never thought to incorporate "hog" with cock. Now, I fuckin love it!

When Tommy Wells asked me to record the greeting for this new project on the site I had no hesitation. I think its a wonderful idea and look forward to hearing some juicy confessions. I mean, its a great idea. A totally anonymous way to be able to confess some of the things that get you off! I would totally leave a confession but people will recognize my voice. I have some deep, dark, and sexy confessions but I would like to be able to have people not know its me. I dunno, the secrecy and anonymity of it kinda turns me on. Maybe I should get one of those voice modulators and call in a confession. Or better yet, Auto Tune that shit! HA! :P

I'm asking all of you to take advantage of Tommy Wells ingenious idea to have a chance to get some of those nasty thoughts and desires out for all the world to hear and get off too. Hopefully Tommy will get confessions from all sorts of people: lawyers, business men, closeted men, porn stars, etc. There possibilities are ENDLESS! I hope porn stars jump on it and confess some hot sins.

Please check out TOMMY WELLS for more info on the Confession Hotline. You can also follow Tommy Wells on Twitter.