Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Make Conner Habib Cocktails with the Stars Next Face

OK so the picture above has nothing to do with what I'm about to write about but I thought I'd put it up on the blog cuz it's so damn cute and it made me laugh really hard.

So now that that is out of the way, lemme get to talking about what I really wanna talk about. Micky's Thursday nights Cocktails with the Stars hosted by the ever wonderful Scotty Boardman (@tweetscottyb)is looking for a new porn poster boy. For the past six months the face of Cocktails with the Stars has been none other than the incredibly gorgeous Raging Stallion Man of the Year Austin Wilde. Austin has done quite an amazing job being the eye candy that makes people wet and excited to wanna check out the Cocktails with the Stars. Shit, take a look at CWTS current ad with Austin on it:

Now tell me that picture with Austin Wilde doesn't make you randy with lust? I dare you to tell me that!

Even though Austin's beautiful self will be missed, it is time to make room for a new porn stud for the face of Cocktails with the Stars. Lets make Conner Habib the very next face, dick, and hot ass of Cocktails with the Stars! Scotty is accepting nominations via email. Click here to check out the article about CWTS from AVN.

Do I really have to explain why Conner should be the next face for CWTS? I think my blog posts about him have said enough. So all you Conner Habib lovers and admirers, make your voices heard and nominate Conner Habib!

Maybe this pic of Conner will help with getting you to vote for him.



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