Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Belladonna: New Haircut, Rad Shades. :P

photo taken from www.enterbelladonna.com

Check out this dope ass pic that Belladonna posted recently on her offical website! This picture is fuckin dope for two reasons. First off, HELLO! It's Belladonna. Duh. Second, Bella is wearing a pair of green shades I gave her during one of her signings at last year's Erotica LA. That is so fuckin cool!

I was checking out Bella's Twitter page and I came across the pic. I love Belladonna's Pic's of the Day on her website. The pics range from random everyday things, people Bella is filming, feet, or my personal fave, pics of Bella getting down and dirty! I can't get enough of the pic! Hope you enjoy. :P

Please check out Belladonna's official site. There is some incredible content on the site. Bella works with some of the best in the industry so you wont be disappointed with what you see on her site. :P

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