Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Naked Beach Therapy

The weather here in San Francisco has been perfection. Nothing but gorgeous sunny days and comfortably cool nights. I've been taking every opportunity I can get to take advantage of this insanely deliiiiiicious weather. There is no fucking reason for me to spend a day off just dicking around at a coffee shop looking at pictures of tits and dicks all afternoon. Since the weather has been too perfect I've been making my way out to the some of the nude beaches here in San Francisco. Lets face it, I like to see dicks flopping around out in the open on the beach. I think its pretty damn sweet that we can do these kinda things without having any qualms about doing it. Not to hate on clothed beaches. Those beaches can be fun too. I would just rather be at a beach where I can be comfortable to stroke my cock out in the open. :P

I love the ocean. It's always been a soothing component in my life. I didn't go to UCSB for its educational function. HELL NO. I went to UCSB because it was near the ocean and the campus was BEAUTIFUL. The education...I didn't take it for granted. I got my shit done, got good grades in my classes and got lots of things accomplished while I was living and going to school in Santa Barbara. One thing I didn't take advantage of was going to the beach. I used to live 2 blocks away from the beach and I would NEVER ever go. I mean, I would see the ocean, hear it, smell it, yet I would hardly ever go and check it out. I regret that so much because going to the ocean for me is like moments of pure bliss that creeps up all over you. Letting the ocean breeze hit your face and that intense smell of the sea attacks you.......

It's one of the best feelings ever and my dumb ass neglected it.

Well, now that I'm living in San Francisco I've been making it an effort to hit up the beach more often. Some of the beaches out here are BEAUTIFUL. Last Tuesday I did a trip to Baker Beach. Here are some of the pics I took at Baker Beach

I love the walk through Baker Beach. It's nice to have the Golden Gate Bridge out in front of you as you walk towards the nudie area. Looking at the Bridge, it can be kind off overwhelming. It sometimes seems surreal looking out at the bridge. Like I'm looking at a perfect painting that just keeps getting beautiful as you get closer and closer to it.

When I'm at the beach, I like to reflect on all the shit that is swimmning in my head on a day to day basis. Trust me, I have soooo much fuckin throughts crossing through my head sometimes its hard to focus. When I'm near the ocean, and I can hear the waves crashing in the sand, I feel like my mind can take a break and I'm suddenly overpowered by the majestic beauty of the Pacific Ocean.....

Today, I spent the whole day at Marshall Beach. I've been wanting to go to Marshall Beach ever since I heard stories that it was an awesome nude beach with a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Getting to the beach was easy. Just two bus rides and it took like less than an hour which is AWESOME! I got a little lost at first when I got to the Golden Gate Bridge. I didn't know where I was supposed to go to get to the beach. I asked one of the workers at the Golden Gate gift shop if he knew how to get to the beach but he didn't know jack shit and could barely speak English. I ended up walking down a road that surprisingly got me to where I needed to go! I followed a trial down the hill and started to see signs to Marshall Beach. I was getting more and more excited as I got closer to the beach. Once I got to the beach....It was....well.......GREAT!

Here are some pics I took :P

I love my alone time. Being able to spend some time on my own naked on the beach is one of the things that I enjoy. It's feels so free. No inhibitions. When I'm out at the beach I think about all the projects I'm working on. I map out things that I wanna focus on and take some time to get away from the city and be away from some of the chaos of the city. It's nice to have an oasis like Marshall Beach to escape. I NEED that. I NEED the feeling of absolute nakedness.

I'm so glad the weather has been like this. If it keeps on like this I'll be making more trips to the beach. I took most of the pics with my laptop. It had very little juice in it and I just went crazy in taking pics. Hope you all enjoy. If you can make it out to the beach DO IT! :P

Monday, January 17, 2011

How I Spent My Sunday Afternoon.

On Sunday I spent a good portion of the afternoon naked and checking out the 2011 PENTHOUSE PET OF THE YEAR limited edition issue with the GORGEOUS Pet of the Year NIKKI BENZ on the cover!!! When I found out that Nikki was Penthouse Pet of The Year I was not surprised one bit. Nikki has been DOMINATING the XXX world with her killer looks, awesome body, and insatiable sexual appetite. In my opinion, Penthouse chose the right girl for their Pet of the Year. Nikki is a beautiful, charming, and um....SEXY AS FUCK!

The photo spread of Nikki was SCORCHING HOT! Nikki makes posing for pics look like effortless! I spent a good amount of time staring at each individual pic in the spread mesmerized by Nikki's beauty. Here is one of my fave pics from the photo spread.

Here is a radio interview clip Nikki recently did where she talks about being a Penthouse pet.

Nikki is one of my muses. Right now, I'm working on a couple of porn scripts that I see Nikki playing the lead role!!! I'm so fuckin glad that I have an awesome issue of Penthouse with Nikki in it. Going through the photo spread helps me visualize Nikki when I work on my porno scripts. Sometimes, I'll flip through the magazine and stare at one or two pictures for a few minutes and imagine Nikki entering a room...or seducing a crowd....or making men horny and drool over how gorgeous she is........

Nikki makes writing and visualizing porn scripts such a pleasure. I hope to one day share some of the scripts I'm working on with Nikki and see if they can be done. Wouldn't that be sooooo fuckin RAD!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

Darling Nikki, you make porno so fun and I'm glad for all your success!

Click HERE to check out Nikki's website.
Click HERE to follow Nikki Benz on Twitter.
Click HERE to check out more about Penthouse and HERE to follow Penthouse on Twitter.


Being a Porn Socialite can be tough sometimes. Especially when you work. Work gets in the way of EVERYTHING sometimes. Well...not all the time....

This past Saturday, Directrix extraordinaire Chi Chi LaRue graced San Francisco with her exceptional DJing skills at the Lookout this Saturday for POPPERS! Whenever Chi Chi comes to DJ in SF the porn boys come out to play. Not only to dance and socialize amongst each other but to fuckin party it up! Chi Chi definitely brings the crowds out and I just HAD to make it to Poppers.

Thing that sucked was that I was scheduled to work on Saturday night! It fucking sucked that I had to work but shit....that didn't stop me from making a quick cameo during my work break. It was totally worth it too because I got a chance to chill with my boys Samuel Colt, Chris Porter, Adam from Falcon and that damn nun Sister Roma! I chilled for a bit and caught up with Samuel and Chris about their recent travels. It was great seeing those boys out and about. Sister Roma was being FABULOUS as ever and even introduced me to some people as "Bobbie...a big WHORE." Needless to say, being called a WHORE by Sister Roma is quite the compliment. :P

I made my way throughout the Lookout to say hello to as many porn boys as I could. I also managed to get up to the DJ booth to give a hug and kiss to Chi Chi. I also wanted to give her a porno lighter I made just for her. :P

I went back to chill in the VIP area after chit chatting with Chi Chi for a bit. It was getting close for me to go back to work. I soooooo wanted to stay till the end of the night. As I got up to leave I see Tony Buff come up to the VIP area. We both looked at each other and Tony came up to me and gave me the BIGGEST HUG! It was GREAT. Tony thanked me for the blog post I did of him earlier this week. As I was about to leave, I notices that Tony had some red rope with him. He asked me if I could let him tie me up. Man, when he asked, I...I really couldn't say no. I've been DYING to get tied up by Daddy Tony for SO LONG! I kept saying I had to go but Tony and some of the other porn boys kept insisting that I get tied up. Finally, I fuckin gave in and well.........The pics kinda speak for themselves :P

Lets just say, getting tied up by Tony Buff was a DREAM COME TRUE! Watching Tony work the rope all over my body gave me goosebumps. Oh man, and when he was whispering things into my ear..........wow...........

Tony has the most focused look on his face when he was working the rope all over me. It's amazing watching him work. You can only imagine what is going on through his throught process. It's very INTENSE and I LOVE IT! Oh yeah, kissing Daddy Buff was um........SPLENDID!

Tony was able to tie and untie me just in time for me to make it back to work. I left Poppers with the biggest fuckin grin on my face.

I'm glad I made my cameo. Hopefully next time I'll be able to stay longer.......

Once again, Marques Daniels WORKED IT! LOVE YOU MARQUES!!!!!!!!! :P Check out more of his pics from POPPERS!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tony Buff New Fetish Director For Raging Stallion


Tony Buff is the new director of fetish/BDSM for Raging Stallion! How fuckin cool is that? Tony Buff has been a huge force in the fetish/BDSM gay porn world. Previous to joining the Stallion family Daddy Buff whipped, flogged, fisted, and pissed his way to the top thanks to the phenomenal work he did with TitanMen's ROUGH line. Tony is a force to be messed with and knowing that he will have a fresh start with Raging Stallion is such exciting news.

I'm a big fan of fetish/bdsm porn. The thing is, I've never really seen that much gay fetish porn. My exposure to fetish porn comes from watching lots and lots of straight fetish stuff from directors like Joey Silvera, John Stagliano, and Jake Malone. I'm used to watching women get tit tortured, getting their pussy lips clothes pinned, flogged etc. Also, watching men getting dominated by hot women in awesome bondage outfits. Watching these dominatrix's smash dudes balls and making submissive men their floor mat is what Im used to watching. Once I found out about Tony Buff and what he did, I knew that I had to know more about him and find out what he was all about.

Over the years, I've gotten to learn and get to know more about Tony from reading his blog and talking with Tony at different porn events. It's weird, when I'm around Tony I kinda feel dizzy. Not dizzy in a bad way, but like...I dunno...I just feel this tremendous energy radiating from his body. I think it stems from watching his intense film work. Whenever I see Tony on screen doing what he does best I feel an instant connection, total concentration, and a sensory overload rushing all over my body. Watching his facial expressions and absolute focus on screen is hypnotizing. I love it because I feel like I can sense his thought process. Every smirk, grin, and smile I see as he works over a hot dude tied up against a tree or in a sling is memorable. Watching his beautiful thick cock wreck gaping assholes is something that MUST be witnessed.

This week, I had a Tony Buff marathon at my work. A customer had dropped off like 80 DVDs for us to purchase. As I was cataloging the stacks of DVDs I shrieked when I saw that there was 3 TitanMen ROUGH titles: ABUSE OF POWER, FIST AND PISS, and BOUND AND BEATEN. having those films play at my work was fuckin AWESOME. It was the first time I had ever played anything remotely fetish on the big screen. I wanted to shake things up a bit. Man, having all three films playing was great! I was able to get a variety of some of the work that I've been DYING to see of Tony. My Tony Buff marathon gave me much more love and appreciation for Tony because I was finally getting to see more than just a clip of him. I swear, some of the stuff that he directed in these three movies......WOW!

I like hardcore, nasty, rough, SAFE sex. Tony Buff's work has opened my eyes to some of the stuff that I would like to eventually experience in my personal sex life. Tony Buff's sex on screen is the kind of gay sex I wish I could see more of in gay porn. Even in his non fetish work Tony Buff delivers such great consistent performances. The first film I saw Tony Buff in completely was HOME INVASION. HOME INVASION was pretty tame compared to some of the stuff I've seen Tony do but damn...it was FUCKIN SCORCHING HOT!

Thanks to Twitter, I've been able to keep in contact with Tony and follow up on all his adventures. When I first moved up to SF, I put myself in a situation that I wasn't ready for. It involved some submission on my part to a more dominant person. I've been wanting to explore and experience more of the BDSM lifestyle. I'm a novice when it comes to BDSM. I know a lot about it, I just haven't really practiced the dynamics of the lifestyle. I asked Tony for some advice because I really needed some guidance. Tony quickly responded back to me with some great words of wisdom. Thanks to Tony, I saved myself from a situation that I wasn't ready for. To get such great advice from a man that I admire so much was a blessing to me.

Tony has been in SF for a bit now filming some of the new content for the FETISH FORCE line. Talking to Tony about all the upcoming stuff he has in store for FETISH FORCE makes me wet. The gleam in his eye that he gets when he talks about his work is remarkable. You can see it in his body language how enthusiastic he is for this new opportunity. I swear, some of the things that he talked about...............I wish I could say but I'll just let Tony's work speak for itself.

Congrats to Tony Buff on this great opportunity. So fuckin THRILLED to what Daddy Tony has in store for us.

Click HERE to check out Tony's blog and HERE to check out his Twitter page.