Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FUCK! is right! WOW! New Belladonna Updates!

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Oh. My. God. Belladonna posted this pic on her official site recently. How fucking amazingly sexy is this pic. Kristina Rose and Alexis Texas together in a new girl/girl scene for Belladonna? YES-IN-FUCKIN-DEED! I love how Belladonna titles her Pics of the Day. When I saw the link with the words "FUCK" on Belladonna's Twitter page I immediately clicked on it. I'm so glad I did because this picture of Kristina and Alexis is one of the HOTTEST pics I've seen recently. I mean, look at it. Both Alexis and Kristina face to face, with their thick, juicy, culos hanging out, the stocking, gloves, AMAZING shoes...its beautiful.

The pic above comes from a scene for one of Belladonna's 8th installment in her FETISH FANATIC series. The scene is supposed to be a smothering scenes. Smothering scenes work the best when both parties have incredible asses like these two fine lovely ladies. Shit, if there were two women I'd willingly let them smother their asses on my face I Alexis and Kristina would be two I would definitely not pass up.

Oh yeah, Bella has graciously posted a small clip on her site of Alexis and Kristina getting down. Click here to check out the clip. All I can say is DAMN! that shit looks good. I wonder what Kristina has in store for Alexis's fine ass? I guess we'll have to wait and see till the scene is released on Belladonna's site and on the FETISH FANATIC #8 DVD. I will keep you guys posted on its release!


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