Wednesday, May 27, 2009


photo by: Eddie Garcia

A couple of weeks ago I shot my very first girl/girl scene with Rucca Page and Sierra Skye. The whole shoot kind of happened spontaneously. Rucca came over to LeMayzing Studios early one morning. I was up early working in the office and noticed when her car pulled up into the driveway. I ran to the door to greet her. Eddie and I always perk up when Rucca comes over to the studio. Rucca is one of my favorite girls in porn. Her sex scenes are incredible. Her blue eyes are magnetic. For me, whenever I'm around Rucca I can feel her sexual energy. I get that alot from a bunch of girls that I hang around with or girls that I've shot. It's like this gravitational pull of sexiness that I get bombarded with everytime I'm around Rucca. It's like, I always want to look at her. Her body has such curves you get lost looking at her.

I get the same vibe from Sierra. I've done a couple of shoots with Sierra and I'm always drawn to her sexual energy. Sierra knows how to make great sex look fun and effortless. It's fun watching/filming her getting off. I love when I'm working with someone that doesn't have to try to be sexy. They just can't help it. Sierra has that in my eyes. While Rucca was over she mentioned that she wanted to get some photos done. Eddie was more than willing to do a photoshoot for Rucca. I don't know who mentioned doing a girl/girl scene but the day went from a photo shoot of Rucca to a girl/girl shoot with Sierra. Shit like that tends to happen a bunch in porn studios. You never know who's gonna show up. It was my day off, I was ready to do anything and eager to work with both of these girls!

We started off doing pretty girl shots of Rucca. Eddie had the white background set up from a previous shoot. Rucca went with a deep colored top for this shoot. The purple from her top is really striking. It compliments her body real well.

Photo taken by Eddie Garcia

Rucca was on it during her photo shoot. The purple sunglasses are a gift from Lou. Lou is one of Lynn's best friends. He makes all sorts really cool porn star skateboards and all sorts of really cool shirts and accesories. I met Lou at one of the porn parties at Blue Moon Nights. I was getting ready at LeMayzing Studios for the Blue Moon party but had not a fucking thing to wear. I grabbed a light pink shirt with a mexican wrestlers mask on it. I grabbed it cuz it looked pretty cool and I wanted to wear something that was gonna make me stand out at the porn parties. When I went out to the red carpert area Lou had a booth set up with his skateboards and other cool accessories. He spotted his shirt from a mile away and came up to me and said "Where did you get that shirt?" I told him I got it from Lynn and he was ecstatic! He went on and on and on about how much he loved Lynn. I thought it was pretty cool that we met that way. I didn't even know that the shirt was his creation. He caught me off guard when he asked me where I got the shirt. The night I met Lou was the night Rucca was my date for the Blue Moon party.

Photo taken by Eddie Garcia

Here is one of my favorite shots from the photoshoot

Photo taken by Eddie Garcia

Rucca looks soooooo bad ass in this pic. Her boobs look incredible and she looks like she's about to kick some ass or fuckin dominate someone. I love it!

Sierra had her turn with Eddie as well. Here are a couple of shots from Eddie's pretty girl shoot with Sierra

Photo Taken by Eddie Garcia

Photo Taken by Eddie Garcia

Sierra Skye looked incredible in her pink bikini top. It's funny, observing beautiful girls with big natural breasts reminds me of what it's like staring at a hot guys bulge. When I look at Sierra's breast all I can think about is how much fun a straight boy would have playing with those natural beauties. I mean, Sierra's boobs are beyond control sometimes. They are just out there and ready to be adored and worshipped. Working with Eddie has really influenced my observation of nice big boobies. I'm more of an ass man myself, I've said this plenty of times before but some of the shots that Eddie comes up with that deal with boobs have made me appreciate the power of nice breasts.

Photo taken by Eddie Garcia

Since it was such a nice day the day we shot the scene we decided to shoot outdoors. We've been getting some pretty nice weather in Southern Cali so we wanted to take advantage of it. We decided to go with a picnic scenario since we have a nice grassy area in the backyard. The girls went out to the grocery store to go buy props for the picnic. Lynn, Eddie, and I were looking through our huge toy box to see what we wanted the girls to play with in the scene. We found a green, clear, double headed dong to use for the scene. It fit well with the picnic theme and the color of the damn thing looked really nice in the stills and on camera. The girls came back with cherries, strawberries, whipped cream, popsicles, bananas, berries etc. Rucca and I set up the platter. Once the platter was set we were ready to begin with our shoot.

Photo taken by Eddie Garcia

We started shooting around 6 or 7pm. The light from the sunset was perfect for the shoot. We pretty much had really good natural light the whole time we were shooting. While setting up the for the shoot Rucca and Sierra kept commenting how they felt like it looked like they were both hiking up in the Hollywood Hills. This was also the first time shooting a sex scene outdoors. Not only that, it was my first time using the smaller hand held camera. I've been dying to use the lil camera. I love getting the close ups. When we started shooting I i tried to get as many good close ups as possible. It felt nice being able to roam around the girls and capture a bunch of really cool shots. I wore Patrick J. Knights hat cowboy hat while I was filming. It was an homage to Robert Duvall in Apocalype Now and Max Hardcore. i really need to beef up my arms though. I started to cramp up trying to keep my hands steady for the shot.

The girls were being fabulous as always. Joking around and making us laugh in between takes with thier double headed dildo antics. It was also funny seeing the cats and bunnies randomly pop out during the scene. Since we were shooting outside we were cautious as to sex noises. We were doing fine at first, not making too many loud moans and groans. During the shoot one of the neighbors was in thier backyard! We heard them shem shuffling around and playing with thier dog. We halted for a bit. Just to make sure the neighbors weren't looking over thier fence to the hardcore lesbian action that was going on in our yard. Once the coast was clear we continued with the scene. The girls were mindful of thier squeels after that. The last thing we need is for the authorities to ruin our picnic scene.

Photo Taken by Eddie Garcia

Photo Taken by Eddie Garcia

Photo taken by Eddie Garcia

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ALEXIS TEXAS announces her engagement to porn stud Mr. Pete via Twitter

The Twitterverse was a buzz a couple days ago when Alexis Texas announced via her Twitter page that she was engaged to Mr. Pete. It was only a matter of time before Mr. Pete popped the question to one of the most beautiful women in porn. All sorts of people flooded Alexis and Mr. Pete's twitter pages with many congrats on their happy union.

I am so incredibly happy for both of them. They are two of my favorite performers in the business. The first time I saw these two fuck was in one of the scenes from Elegant Angel's PERFORMERS OF THE YEAR 2008. Alexis did a smoking hot scene with Mr. Pete for that DVD. The way they would look at each other and take their time with each other in the scene was such a turn on. It's great when you're witnessing a scene that has sparks and chemistry exploding all over it. That scene really got my Alexis Texas appreciation going. One thing that I stood out for me in the scene was at the end when Alexis was chilling on the couch wish a bunch of Mr. Pete's spunk splattered all over Alexis's phenomenal culo. She looks at the camera and grins with delight. She starts to shake her massive culo for the camera. I swear, watching her jiggle her butt post coitus was so hypnotizing. Mr. Pete was worn out from the pounding he gave Alexis. Alexis smiles at Mr. Pete and the director asks Mr. Pete what he thinks about Alexis. The camera zooms in on Mr. Pete and all he could say was "All I know is that she's pretty fuckin cool..." or something like that. I had a feeling these two were gonna be quite the sight to watch.

Every scene I've seen them in together have been quite incredibly amazing. Her first anal scene with Mr. Pete for ALEXIS TEXAS IS BUTTWOMAN was truly amazing. I've been wanting to see Alexis do anal ever since I started to follow her career and trust me, It was a fuckin scorching scene! There's also a scene with Alexis, Mick Blue, and Mr. Pete for DISCOVERING ALEXIS TEXAS that is well worth the watch. Both Mick and Mr. Pete take turns fucking Alexis hard. At one point, Alexis is riding Mr. Pete reverse cowgirl and Mr. Pete in the heat of passion socks Alexis in the ass! Oh man, when I saw that during the scene I was in shock. I don't think Mr. Pete was socking her in a menacing way. I think he just got a lil carried away with Alexas which is totally understandable. People tend to do some crazy ass shit in the heat of passion. :)

I am so thrilled that these two are getting hitched. Congrats Alexis and Mr. Pete! You two deserve all the happiness in the world!

If you'd like to follow these crazy kids on twitter there twitter names are @Alexis_Texas and @MrPetexxx.

my twitter is @pornobobbie. follow me!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

VIVID offers $1 Million to Miss California for XXX movie deal.

It was only a matter of time before some porn company was gonna offer homo hating Carrie Prejean a contract for some XXX action. I was waiting and eating for someone to make an offer! Sure enough, Vivid comes to the rescue.

The people at Vivid (and I'm sure everyone else in America) have been following the the mishaps of Carrie Prejean ever since she blurted out her opposition on gay marriage during the Miss USA pageant. Click here to read a small article on this story from

I'm not surprised that Vivid was one of the first companies to offer Carrie a contract. They've offered Octomom the same deal too when she started to become a media sensation. To be honest, I'd rather see Miss California get plowed rather than Octomom. I can't picture Octomom nekkid. Everytime I think of her nekkid it makes me wanna vomit! GROSS!!!

Should Miss California accept Vivid's offer? I wouldn't see why not. Once all the media dies down on her I'm sure she's gonna be desperate enough to take the offer. Plus, there's pics of her all over the internet half nekkid anyway. Might as well get a fat paycheck for it. Miss California has the look for porn. She's pretty, I will admit. Carrie would make a buttload of money in porn. I doubt she'll do it though. Although in these hard times...

I think that Carrie should jump on this porn bandwagon and take Vivid's offer! Hell, she can do a movie with former Miss USA Kelli McCarty! Kelli's dive into the adult industry has been quite a success. Her first hardcore film FAITHLESS is a best seller for Vivid. I can picture both Kelli and Carrie starring in a big budget Vivid film where they get to muff dive on each other at some exotic location or in a fancy mansion. Vivid could make tons with this. Steve Hirsh, I think you should offer Carrie a little more than a million. 5 million would be a good tempting offer. She can use all that money to fund her "opposite marriage" rants!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Donkey Punch.

Check out this crazy cover!

Everytime I pass by this movie it gives me the creeps. Sometimes I'm like, wow. They actually went that way. They actually put some girl on her knees getting "Donkey Punched" on the cover of a porno flick. It's insane! I look at it, and like...I laugh sometimes. I laugh because I find it ridiculous but at the same time, I look at it and I can see the potential in why someone who might be into Donkey Dunching might get it. JM Productions is one of the leaders in exxxtreme porn. JM is a company that produces hard core series like GAG FACTOR, AMERICAN BUKKAKE, IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME, and many more.

The cover is funny. It's sad. But it's pretty fucking funny. It's intense. It's degrading. It gets people talking. It gives the people who know what Donkey Punching is something to laugh about. It gives them an instant visual. I'm sure most of you know what Donkey Punching is. I'm sure you've heard some stupid joke at a frat party involving Donkey Punching. If you don't know what it is...well...

A Donkey Punch is when a guy, tranny or girl with a strap on fucks someone doggystyle and right before the person doing the pushing is about to climax, they punch the back of the head of the partner taking in doggie style. Such a sex act does exist, and is performed in some cases in fetish films or BDSM films. I did a little research on this film and came across a link to a forum that talks about a horrendous experience during the filming of DONKEY PUNCH. Alex Devine talks about how horrible shooting her scene for the movie was. Click here to check out her testimony on the whole ordeal. It's some pretty fucked up shit.

By looking at this cover, I'm curious as to how all the scenes are shot. I'd definately wanna check this movie out. I dunno if I'd find it sexually satisfying watching a chiick get socked in the dome. But The cover and the shock value would get me to watch this flick. Although my shock tolerance for porn is pretty minimal by now :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Raylene is cumming back to PORN!!!

HOORAY! One of my all time favorite porn actresses EVER is making her way back into the porn industry! has a small article on talking about Raylene's comeback. Click here to check out the short article.

I absolutely ADORE Raylene! I think she is one of the best women in porn. I remember seeing her on the Spice Channel and in a bunch of my older brother and cousins porno stashes. Raylene was always striking to me. She has such a pretty face and humble personality. I also really liked her voice. She has such a sweet, innocent, girly voice that is very appealing. I also like Raylene's mami culo grande. I used to loooooove watching guys in porn bang her. She was really good at banging guys too. The way she would talk dirty to the men plowing her was really sexxxy. I like it when porn actresses are vocal when they're having sex. It gets me into it. I want to know that she is having some fun. I think being vocal also gets the guy in the scene going. At least that's been in my observation in watching and shooting porn.

I loved Raylene's early Vivid stuff, but what I loved the most is when she would do strictly hardcore sex scenes. Back when I was an undergrad, I used to have this video clip of Raylene sucking on 6 cocks. It was a very short clip, mostly the guys popping their loads all over her face. I remember her squatting in the middle of all those guys taking load after load to the face and mouth. At one point, one of the guys shoots cum right in her mouth while she wasn't paying attention. She kinda laughs and gags about it. My favorite is when one of the guys shoots a huge load all over her face and she says in her sexxxy girly voice "I can't see I wanna open my eyes." I remember this all in detail only because I used to watch that short clip ALL THE TIME. That clip was also in another short clip I had on my computer. This other clip was a compilation of cum shots with The Chemical Brother's "Out of Control" playing. The title of the clip was "Out of Control Cumshots" Very fitting. :)

I love Raylene because she is one of the first women in porn I met in the flesh. I met her when I was working in at the porn shops in Santa Barbara. There is a Spearmint Rhino right next to For Adults Only in SB. I found out that Raylene was gonna be dancing at the Rhino in the Santa Barbara Independant. I went to meet Raylene with my buddies David and John. Both David and John were roommates at the time. I used to hang out with John and David a bunch when I was an undergrad. David would come visit me at the porn shop and we'd talk all kinds of shit while he visited me. It was great! David printed out a colored picture of Raylene on top of a pull table with a cowboy hat spread eagle with her hands on her clit. I was really excited when we got to the Rhino. When the DJ announced Raylene's name the crowd went nuts. She walked on the stage and the first thing I notice is her long silky legs in these super high stripper boots. She moved so seductively and smiled at her audience. Raylene danced to a bunch of Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. I looooved when she was lying on her back twirling her long legs up in the air.

Once she was done with her dancing she sat in a booth and was giving out Autographs. When I went up to talk to her and get my picture signed Raylene greeted me with a big smile. She gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. I couldn't stop staring at her lucscious breasts! I mean, they were out there! Nice, plump, big, and juicy. All the guys were staring too! I told her that I worked at the Adult Store next door and that She was one of my favorite in the industry. Once I mentioned where I worked we started talking about porn and some of the shoots that she was currently doing. This was waaaay back in 2002. I talked to her for almost an hour. I was actually holding up the line while I was talking to her. I couldn't keep nmy mouth shut when I was around her. Raylene was super sweet and giggled at all the compliments I was giving her. I took a Polaroid picture with sitting next to her with my chin happily resting on one of her boobs.

I can't find that damn Polaroid anywhere. That was one of my favorite pictures! I had the biggest smile on my face in thet pic. Raylene looking bangin in that pic too. I used to have that Polaroid posted on my refrigerator When I lived in Austin.

I'll never forget the day I met Raylene!

The porn world is definately buzzing now that Raylene is coming back. I hope that her comeback film will be exceptional. Knowing how awesome Raylene is, I'm sure it's gonna generate tons of buzz. I'd love to see Raylene do some work with Brazzers or Elegant Angel! Either way, I'm uber exxxcited for Raylene's cumback!!!!