Monday, March 1, 2010

March is Conner Habib Month in Pornolandia :P

I had a pretty shitty night tonight. I was out at "Fista Cantina" (Fiesta Cantina in West Hollywood) and I was pretty much HATED on the whole fuckin night. It was RIDICULOUS. First off, some douchebag was telling me that I'm insecure and ashamed about being gay and who I am because I wasn't talking to people or trying to make an effort to talk to people at the bar. First off, shit like this pisses me off. I swear man, just because I'm not all chatty at the bar does NOT in any way mean I'm ashamed and afraid of who I am. Just because I'm not all trying to be all flirty with guys I'm not interested in does not mean I'm bitter about being gay or uncomfortable about loving cock. If I'm not talking to anyone at a bar, its because I choose NOT to talk to them. Sometimes I just wanna enjoy my drink and not talk. Is that so wrong? Jesus! Man, that fuckin guy really pissed me off.

In my pissed of haze I managed to walk by one of the magazine racks at the bar and found an ODYSSEY MAGAZINE. i sat outside and started flipping through the pages. As I was going through the magazine I came across the add for Scotty B's Cocktails with the Stars at Mickys. To my surprise, as I was looking at the add, I saw that on March 25th Connor Habib was going to be the special guest! When I saw that, I swear to you, my mood changed from agitated to totally fuckin excited. Seeing Conner's pic in the add put the biggest grin on my face. Suddenly, I forgot about all the bullshit that was going on at the bar. My mood completely changed. I couldn't believe it when I first saw it so I took the pic up above to tell the world that Conner was gonna be back in LA and sitting in Scotty B's hot seat at Cocktails with the Stars! Conner was recently in LA doing various shoots and I missed the opportunity to go meet him when he was out and about. I'm telling you, it fucking killed me that I didn't get a chance to come out and meet him in the flesh. This time, I'm not fucking around. I will be at Cocktails with the Stars March 25th!

In honor of Conner's return to LA, I'm making the month of March CONNER HABIB MONTH. Yes dear readers, I will do my very best to do at least one blog a day in the month of March about Conner. Conner has been quite the busy man lately so there will be PLENTY of stuff to write about him. Honestly, Conner is one of those peeps that just makes me smile whenever I see pictures of him or read about his adventures in the adult industry. I feel that this is the year that people are really gonna take notice at what a fantasic performer/individual he is. I not only wanna write about Conner but I would also like to get readers of my blog, other gay porn blogs, porn fans, and anyone who loves and adores Conner to be able to talk about him too! The more chatter about this incredible performer the better. Shit, other bloggers should dub this Conner Habib month to while we're at it. :P

Please check out Conner's Twitter Page.

Also, check out his sexxxy as FUCK solos on All I can say is wow, the solos on Real Guys Exposed are mouth watering!

Conner Habib is the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. :P

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