Monday, March 16, 2009


I found the poster for Throat A Cautionary Tale in the warehouse this afternoon. I get a little wet every time we get new posters from DVD companies. I loooooove finding room to post them in the DVD room. I think porn posters are the shit! They're so rare in my opinion. I collect a shitload of them from work. I think I get hypnotized by porn posters/DVD covers. They entice me. Well, most of them entice me. Some of them can be grotesque but most of them are pretty fuckin sweet. I love collecting posters. Posters of all kinds. When I was an undergrad at UC Santa Barbara I used to work at Video Schmideo (RIP). Video Shmideo was the best video store in Santa Barbara. We used to have a shitload of posters of Hollywood movies. Every time I worked I would grab at least one or two. I think I gathered like more than 200 posters.

I hate white space. It kinda creeps me out. I need things to be cluttered. I need things to look at on a wall. In my bedroom, I have to have my walls covered with pictures, posters, or anything super random. The more white space I can cover up the better. I had posters of Tarantino (FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, KILL BILL, KILL BILL VOLUME 2), Pedro Almodovar (TALK TO HER, ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER), Woody Allen posters (BULLETS OVER BROADWAY, PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO, MANHATTAN). I had them all. I would put these posters all over my room and house. I guess it was a way for me to put a little splash on the walls that represented me. I almost cried when I got rid of them. I donated them to the Salvation Army when I was moving back to Cali from Austin Texas. I had no room for them. I was flying back to Cali with two full suitcases and a 70+ pound pitbull. I had to let them go. Now, I have a cornucopia of porn posters to fill my void. I can't wait to start getting my posters signed by all the talent that embody them!

Posters that land on my wall have to really stand out. It has to catch my attention. They either have to have some incredibly hot men, girls with big butts, porn flicks I've seen and love, or something very flashy. When I looked at this poster I was instantly hooked. Sasha Grey looks great in this poster. The way her hand is positioned on her soft neck is totally smoking hot. Her facial expression, her lips, her gaze. Everything flows on this poster.

Once Throat A Cautionary Tale comes to AFO, I will spread the word!


"THROAT" those cocks!


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