Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My first film review! I finally got a chance to sit down, relax, and pop in a porn flick. I've been wanting to do reviews for a very long time. I intend to write about as many movies I can get my grubby little hands on.

Last night, I watched Wicked Pictures FOREVER IS THE NIGHT starring Kaylani Lei and Rocco Reed. Both Kaylani and Rocco play a couple who are tangled up in a tripped out, schizophrenic, sex in dark places escapade. Lots of eerie music, flashbacks, and sleazy locations. Throughout the film Kaylani is trying to figure out whether she's Gina, a good girl, or Cristal, a slutty stripper/sex fiend. We spend most of the film following Gina (or Cristal) trying to decipher what identity is her true identity, all the while she sucks and fucks to her hearts content in some pretty hot sex scenes.

Right from the beginning, we are thrown into a misty strip club, watching girls gyrating on the poles while lusty men watch them. Kaylani, in leopard lingerie dances seductively for her audience of sex starved men with a look of lust in their eye and hard cocks stuffed tightly in their jeans. This sets the motif and look of this film. After shoving the sex hungry Chris Cannon away from her while he whispers something in her ear, Kaylani heads out the back entrance of the club. It's there in that dark back alley that Chris Cannon has a go with Kaylani. She resists at first, spitting at Chris Cannon's face but eventually gives in to his sexual advances.

The sex starts off pretty hot, with a nice, wet, blowjob at the beginning. But what was really annoying for me was the lighting of the film. I understand the seedy, dark, exhibitionist atmosphere that the film is going for. But it kinda killed it for me when I couldn't see Kaylani's facial expressions as she's bobbing up and down on Chris's cock. Kaylani is a beautiful woman, I wanna see those pretty lips devouring a nice hard cock. I wanna see Kaylani's eyes looking up at Chris as he thrusts her pretty little mouth. I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out if my DVD player was messed up. Regardless, the between Kaylani and Chris Cannon is nice. Chris gives Kaylani a nice, deep dicking with a not so bad pop shot.

The threesome between Alextra Blue, Devi Emmerson, and Ryder Skye is quite a treat. These girls are definitely having fun licking, flicking, and finger fucking each other. We run into some lighting problems again, but not as much as the first sex scene. Clousot really takes his time with this scene. While the girls are having a go at each other, In comes Rocco to witness the action going on in between the girls. I liked that the film started to throw in some shots of Rocco watching the girls devour each other, but, we got it only from one angle. We didn't get to see the action from his point of view. We do get shots of him leering and lusting at the threeway. That was a nice touch, but I would have rather gotten a couple shots from his perspective. Whats nice is watching the girls spit on their clits and playing with different vibrators. The one girl that really caught my eye during the threeway was Devi Emmerson. She looked delicious. She gave a standout performance. She has such beautiful, hypnotizing breasts. This is the first time I've seen her on film and she totally caught my attention.

OK, I think I'm rambling. I'm just gonna cut it short now. The scene with Tanya James and Rocco Reed was pretty fuckin hot. Tanya looks real good when she made her entrance and teasing Rocco's cock while he watched the girls play was nice. Rocco thrust his throbbing cock deep inside Tanya with such ease. It's nice to marvel at a performer who knows how to work his hips and make girls squeal.

The Kaylani and Rocco scene was hot too.

The sex in FOREVER IS THE NIGHT is definitely watchable. I just wish the lighting wouldn't have been so grainy. The story gets a little confusing. I didn't even mention Randy Spears and his role in this film. I guess now you'll have to find out.

More reviews to come! ;)

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