Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rachel Love Shoot

We shot Rachel love on a beautiful Tuesday. Before Rachel got here I spent some time hanging out around the pool. I have a thing for swimming pools. I love when a house has a swimming pool. They're just pretty to look at. Especially when they're crystal clean or have some sort of floating device in them. Fred, the studio cat, seems to like me very much. He followed me outside to enjoy the sunshine as well. I woke up in a real chipper mood on Tuesday. I think it was the fact that I was gonna have two solid days off and that I was gonna come and hang out with Eddie and Lynn. I was ready and eager to work and happy to be where I was. Rachel arrived sometime after 1pm. The front door was wide open. As I walked to the door Rachel was making her way up to the door with two suitcases and a purse full of stuff. I greeted her and told her she was at the right place. At first glance, Rachel was a little frazzled from carrying all her stuff. I grabbed some of her things off her hands and set them aside. "Where are you coming from?" I asked as I closed the door behind her. "Far away...San Bernardino area..." she said as she walked into the living room. I grabbed all her stuff and proceeded to take all her things to the studio.

Lynn came out and greeted Rachel as I was putting her stuff away. They went off and chatted while I tried to find a space for her things. After I put away Rachel's stuff I got a chance to take a good look at her. I could really tell that Rachel was gonna be a really cool chick with incredible stories. Just by looking at her face I could tell that she had some adventures in her. I walked out to meet Lynn and Rachel towards the smokers area in the house. Both Lynn and Rachel were getting to know each other. I observed them both talk about the industry and the people they have worked with. It's facsinating to me listening to the lists of names and people they've fucked over the years. I tried to picture faces to names but sometimes in the porn world names and faces mix to well so I stopped thinking that way.

I left the ladies chatting to help out Eddie in setting up the studio. It been a challenge but I have been learning a great deal just from observing Eddie. Watching him work is fun because I can see the gears cranking in his head when he has ideas for the shoots or the lighting in the studio. I also like the way that he talks to me as far as letting me know how the camera works, lighting, set preparation etc. The first shoot we did with Rachel was with a black bra and some black panties. After she had time to relax from her long drive she really warmed up to eddie and I. She was incredibly nice and had such a great attitude. Not only that, she has some of the most lucious, juiciest, NATURAL breasts I have seen in a very long time. She looked great in every bra she put on during her shoots. The first shoot we did with her, Rachel seemed a little tense. That's totally understandable. This is the first time she's worked with us so she was getting used to us and we were getting used to her. I could tell she was having fun though. She kept smiling throughout the whole shoot and was letting us pose her however we wanted. It was cool that she was asking us for directions and opimions. She wasn't afraid to collaberate with us which is such a plus!

It was time for another look so we took a break so Rachel could find a new outfit to wear. I went with her to help her out with her next outfit. Rachel had TONS of things to choose from. It was cool cuz I just went digging ang digging through all the stuff that she had. She had all kinds of interesting bras and panties. I wanted to see her in something that was really gonna make her stand out. I found a really bright pink bra of hers and some cute pink booty cut undies. Done. I just had a feeling that outfit was really gonna pop out her assets. Eddie decided to shoot Rachel outside for the pink outfit since we were getting such wonderful natural light. Eddie and I set up a purple velvet curtain for the next shoot. Once we had everything set up we brought Rachel out to the new set. At this point of the shoot, I was pretty much in charge of getting the best lighting for the shoot. I used a silver reflector to capture as much sunlight as I could. It was kinda fun trying to get the light in the right place. Although my arms were KILLING me as I was trying to get the best light possible. I kept trying to move as much as possible but fuck man, my arms were just begging to come down.

At first we did shots of Rachel holding on to the velvet curtain and sorta playing peek-a-boo with the camera. After a while, the top came off. Her breast were just impeccable. They were glistening in the sunlight. Eddie kepting commenting on the good job I was doing with the lighting. I can feel Eddie's enthusiasm as he kept shooting Rachel. I observed Rachel as she flirted with the camera. But man, I couldn't keep my eyes of those breast. They were just hanging out there for all to see. These two, beautiful, plump breasts were eating up the camera.

Lynn took most of the these shots with my digital camera. I wanted her to take pics because I wanted to see exactly what I was doing. Looking at the shot with Rachel, I can totally see the difference the lighting makes. Here are more pics from the outdoor shoot that Lynn took. Everything was going smoothly during this outdoor shoot. It's funny, right when we started this shoot is when kids were barely getting out of school in the neighborhood. If only they knew what was going on...

After we did this shoot we took a long break. I starting bullshitting around online while everyone else was doing thier own thing. We decided to do one more shoot with Rachel. This time, I had her wearing a bright red corset she had brought with her. I'm a big fan of corsets. Especially when someone has such vulumptious breasts like Rachel. There's something about boobs bound and pushed up tight that looks really apealing to me and I'm sure a bunch of other men. Rachel has such a tight little body too that the corset made her body look really nice. I helped put on the corset. I swear to you not, it took me quite some tome to figure out how to put the damn thing on her. I work with lingerie at AFO all the time. You would think that I would know a thing or two about how to put a corset on. Hell. No. I had no fuckin clue. So I spent some time trying to figure that damn thing out. Once I did figure it out, it was time to put it on Rachel.

The shoot with the red corset was oodles of fun. By the time we started working on this shoot, Rachel was completely relaxed and having a great time. It was fun watching her maneuver the top of the corset. Her massive breasts were making it difficult to keep the front zipper on the corset in place. Every time Rachel would make a new pose one or both of her boobs would pop out. I would periodicallty run in and try to help her put those tata's back in thier place. Rachel was such a doll and was laughing while I tried helping her. We would fix her corset and then second later it'd be down. But man, she was just incredibly chest heavy. That corset looked great on her. We took several shots with her in it. It was quite a sight to see...
After we did the corset shoot we were pretty much done with for the day. We got more than enough great shots of her. After we shot Rachel we hung out and had Pix Up Stix for dinner. It was nice to unwind after a very succesful day of shooting. We are looking forward to working with Rachel one again.
Man, These last couple of days have been very productive. I've managed to get my website going which is one of the goals I wanted to acomplish ASAP. Now it's time to keep writing writing writing.
I'll post more pictures of the Rachal Love shoot.
Now, I think it's time to chill. I have to work early tommorw and need to unwund. I feel like I've been on the compueter forever! my neck is starting to cramp up. It is a definite sign to call it quits.
Until next time chulos...........

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