Sunday, March 22, 2009


The Evil Angel Party at Blue Moon Nights this Thursday was the hightlight of my week. This party was ten times better than the Vivid 25th Anniversary Party. Like I said before, Evil Angel reeaaallllly knows how to throw a fucking party! I found out about the party through a bulletin on Xpeeps. Xpeeps is like the x-rated Myspace. When I saw that Evil Angel was going to have an event I knew I had to be there.

I went to the party with my friend Christina and my boy Jeremiah. Xtina and I drove together and Jeremiah met up with us. Xtina and I got to the party around 9ish. When we got there it was pretty quiet. There was no music playing and not too many people inside the bar. I don't think the bar was quite ready for the party. The staff was busy trying to get thier shit together. "Great, another fuckin whack ass porn party..." I thought to myself as Xtina and I sat down and watched people mingle. I went to the bar and got us a drink. The bar tenders were really cool. They informed us that there was gonna be an open bar till 11pm. Open Bar? Hell yeah! Xtina and I got some fruity vodka drinks and went back to sit down. Soon, the chatter of people at the bar was overshadowed by the thumping sounds of house music. Xtina and I are starting to get into it. People are arriving more often and it's starting to get popping. I saw Dana DeArmond walking around and socializing with people. I saw Kristina Rose laughing at a funny comment someone made at the bar. I was so excited to see so many of the outstanding women in porn having a good time. Now I started to get into the scene. Xtina and I kept sipping on our drinks and chatting about all the people that I wanted to see and meet at the party.

Xtina kept saying that she wanted to see my facial expression if Belladonna showed up at the party (she didn't). I told her I'd be in awe the whole time. That I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I saw her at the bar. But Belladonna was a no show...le sigh...

As it got close to 11pm Xtina and I had our second drink. I promised myself I wasn't gonna get too buzzed. I was gonna be a good lil porn boy. Behave myself and have some mindful conversation with everyone. HA! Yeah right. I'm at a fuckin porn party, thrown by EVIL EMPIRE, one of the most innovative and groundbreaking production companies out there. We're here to celebrate. So in other words...we're gonna party it up!

Once Jeremiah got there things at the club were getting exciting. People were getting faded, the music was nice and loud, and the buzz in the air was electrifying. We ran into John Stagliano aka Buttman. We chatted about the sex toys he recently bought from Adult Factory Outlet. John Stagliano is one of the nicest people in porn. He is so easy to talk to and really funny. We talked for a bit then headed out towards the outside. Evil Empire had a huge banner and red carpet with porn starlets giving baring all for the eager photographers. As we're walking back inside I see Mr. Pete in a bright red shirt chillin by the comfy couches Xtina and I were seated at. "Oh my god it's Mr. Pete!" I told Xtina and Jeremiah. Mr. Pete is an awesome performer and one of my favorites. We stop to check out what's going on. I really wanna meet him but I'm too shy to go talk to him. I'm not that buzzed yet so I haven't grown my nuts to go up and talk to porn stars yet. Xtina and Jeremiah kept telling me to go talk to him but I kept saying no. I told them I'd go and talk to him when I was ready. Xtina was not gonna have any of my bullshit so she starts walking towards Mr. Pete. Jeremiah and I follow Xtina. I'm fuckin turning red and embarassed because I don't know what I'm gonna say. I tend to get a little porn struck. It's always nice to have a beautiful girl like Xtina to help break the ice and talk to people. She just walks up to Mr. Pete and introduced herself. She then tells him that I wanna meet him. I'm grinning from ear to ear, I mean, this is fuckin MR. PETE! He's awesome! We start talking and right off the bat, he's is cool as fuck. I told him how much I admire his work and that I promote his movies all the time. Mr. Pete was nice and really appreciated that I promote his flicks. I look up for a quick second and that's when I see her. Alexis Texas. She was talking with someone. I forget who it was but it didn't matter. I watched her talking while Xtina, Jeremiah, and Mr. Pete kept talking. I couldn't believe it was her. Alexis Fukin Texas. The beautiful woman that is the wallpaper on my desktop is staning 2ft away from me. I was stunned. We all gathered together now and Mr. Pete introduced me to Alexis. Right away, I was smitten. She gave me the cutest smile when she said hello to me and gave me a hug. I was blushing. Right away I started spewing out how much I love her work and how wonderful it was to meet her.

Right from the get go I knew Alexis was gonna be a sweetheart. I've seen a bunch of behind the scene footage from some of her films and she always seems real happy, sincere, and fun. Alexis was so friendly with all of us. She didn't even trip or hesitate to take pictures with all of us. We talked with Mr. Pete and Alexis for a while. I told Mr. Pete and Alexis to come visit us at Adult Factory Outlet sometime. Hopefully they'll take me up on that offer...

The rest of the night was such a riot! While talking to Mr. Pete I see Tori Black talking with Alexis. Tori was wearing this real cute Zebra print dress. I asked Mr. Pete to introduce me to her. I still didn't have the balls to talk to beautiful porn stars. Tori Black is such a down ass chick! I wrote a blog about her FUCK CLUB cover. I kept telling her how much I loved her and how I became obsessed with her from looking at the FUCK CLUB cover. Tori gave me the biggest hug and thanks me for being such a big fan. Then we start getting loose and danced our asses off. While we danced I kept praising Tori and she kept laughing and smiling at all the things I was telling her. Tori and Xtina then started a camera frenzy while sitting in a booth. They both posed for the cameras and the crowd was going wild. They kept telling Xtina to show her tits but Tori kept telling the camera men to leave her alone. I loved when Tori did that. I thought that was really cool looking out for Xtina. I took a shitload of pictures of them getting kinky with each other in the booth.

After all that madness Tori, Alexis, Xtina, Jeremiah, and I head on back to the dance floor. I was getting my groove on with Alexis and Tori. Shaking my lil arse all over them and they doing the same. I was even the meat to a Tori Black/Alexis Texas sandwich!

As the night went on, things start getting a lil hazy. The drinks kept flowing and overall pandemoneom was rampant at the bar. We hung out with Alexis, Mr. Pete, and Tori a lot throughout the night. I took so many pictures that night. Once I figure out how to make online photo albums that are not too racy for Myspace or Facebook I'll post all the pics that I took. Maybe I'll just create a photo album here on blogger. The funny thing about all these pictures is that I thought I had erased them all off my camera! Throughout the night I kept deleting old pics from my camera because the memory was so full.

When I woke up the next morning I had all the lights on in my room, I was fully dressed, and I had a promo picture of Belladonna on my lap that I got from one of the walls at the bar. I scrambled to get myself together in order to make it to work on time. I grabbed my camera and started looking through the pics. I was in shock when all I saw was pictures of Xtina with some guy named Lil Zane who aparently is some kind of musician in Hip-Hop. I only had like 10 pics in my phone. I thought last night my drunk ass must have deleted all the pics. I called Jeremiah later that day and BEGGED him to send me all the pics he took. I was so bummed. When I took out the battery for my camera I noticed that my memory stick wasn't placed right. I pushed it back and like magic ALL my pics from the party appeared! I was jumping for joy!

The Evil Angel Party was a success and something that I will cherish forever. I was in a room with several of my heroes and pioneers in the idustry. All the people I met that night were awesome. Thanks to Evil Angel, Xpeeps, and everyone else who contributed to this great event. I will definately be at the next Evil Empire party!

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