Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sexxxy DVD Cover of the Day.

Tori Black looks amazing on the cover for FUCK CLUB, one of Harmony Films newest releases. I saw a bunch of ads for this film at the warehouse while I was looking for new DVD posters. I LOVE this cover. Tori looks ravishing. I love her skimpy little outfit, her tattoo halfway showing, her enticing little booty jeans...MY GOD!!! Harmony Films have some really good cover art. I just recently made a Harmony Films section at AFO. A lot had to do with the FUCK CLUB cover. The way that Tori is posing, it's like...incredibly inviting. I can picture a man walking up to Tori and wanting to ravish her in any way possible. Harmony Films has some excellent series like YOUNG HARLOTS,FUCK ME, and SLAM IT! I love the SLAM IT! series. Each title has "SLAM IT!" on the box cover with a second title below it. Some examples of the SLAM IT! series are SLAM IT! IN DEEPER or SLAM IT! IN A YOUNG WHORE. Those films look incredibly promising as well.

Lately, I've been reeaaallly into Tori Black. The FUCK CLUB cover caught my eye so much that I had her on my mind all the time. Plus, I tend to stare at her a shitload at work. When I go and straighten up the DVDs I'll find her on other box covers. Some of them are pretty good, but for me, this cover is my favorite of hers. Tori's gonna be one to watch people. I look at this box cover and all I can think about is how fuckable Tori Black is. I think about the men that are gonna satisfy her. I think about all the hard core fucking she's gonna endure. I have a small mini poster of FUCK CLUB hanging up in my office at Lynn's. I have that poster on my clip board at work. I even put one of the posters next to the Harmony Films sections that's how much I did this box cover.

Harmony Films is set to release two new features this month: SLAM IT! EVEN HARDER and YOUNG HARLOTS GANGBANG. Once we get those films I will definitely be putting them out at AFO.

In the meantime...

Let Tori Black entice you with her mischievous look. I give mad props for whoever captured Tori in this box cover.

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