Tuesday, March 24, 2009

GAYVN's here I COME!!!

San Francisco, Here I CUM!

My porn obsessed arse is heading to San Fran for the 2009 GAYVN awards. I can't tell ya how thrilled I am to be able to check this event out. I've always wanted to go to the AVN and/or GAYVN awards. Being in a room full of all the best of the best in the gay porn industry is gonna a wild time! So far, I've done my dabbling with str8 porn stars. I wonder how it's gonna be like with the gay boys? Oh, I will definitely have my camera handy to capture all the debauchery. Margaret Cho and Janice Dickinson are co-hosting the event. Alec Mapa will also be there too! YAY!!! What is the GAYVN awards you say? Well...to put it simply it's the Gay Porn Oscars. Sorta like the real Oscars, except these strapping men get awards for Best Oral Sex Scene and Best Bottom. The GAYVN's is like putting all of this years Oscar Best Male Actor nominees and having them circle jerk on the Kodak Theatre stage while they each take a turn impaling the Oscar in each of their bums. Something like that. All I know is that it's gonna be a good fuckin time!

People that I'm looking forward to meet:

Ricky Sinz (delicious heavily tatted and sexxxy)
Dirk Yager
Francois Sagat (under Ricky Sinz. That body...)
Steve Cruz
Chris Ward
Michael Lucas
Margaret Cho
Chi Chi Larue
and any one that wants to flash me their pecker. That's always nice...

I've had my encounters with gay porn stars before. One time a porn star named Spike was trying to pick me up at Rage in West Hollywood years ago. Spike has a huge penis, so when I was talking to him at the bar, he came up to me to give me a hug and I felt his stiff manhood brush up against my thigh. This other time, at the Fubar in West Hollywood for Big Dick Night (Thursday nights...and yeah, it's called that lol), Michael Brandon, one of my favorite well endowed porn stars was dancing at the bar. OK, Michael Brandon has a HUMONGOUS cock which is rightfully named "Monster". Click here to take a gander at the movie he signed for me I swear it's like the size of a baseball bat. He gave me an autographed DVD of a collection of his best scenes. I also helped him off the stage and took him to the back of the bar so he could take a breather. I gave him my shirt to wipe himself down with. I think that shirt lasted three months without being washed.

I can't wait to be in the middle of all that craziness. I'm really excited to see some old friends up in the Bay Area. I haven't been up to the Bay in forever. I'm uber thrilled about wandering the streets, eating all kinds of good food, meeting, greeting, and groping gay porn stars, and anything the city has to offer me!

Oh the adventures that await...

Good luck to all the nominees for this years awards ceremony. Click here to find out more info about the GAYVN awards!

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