Saturday, April 10, 2010

This is the Hottest Pic I've Seen All WEEK!!!


Do you guys see this shit? Many thanks to Brian Street Team for posting this magnificent shot of Joanna Angel burying her face in the place that so many horny dudes (myself included) wanna have their face: RIGHT UP ALEXIS TEXAS's ASS! :P

Sorry Conner Habib, I love ya buddy but this pic made me change my desktop background. Once I find another HOT pic of you on the interweb I'll put ya back up on the desktop. But for now, I gotta marvel at the awesomeness of the pic up above. WOW! :P

Thanks again BTS! :P

Jesus Christ this pic is fuckin amazing. The look on Alexis's face is priceless. She looks like she's having so much fun. Damn, I soooo wish I could be in Joanna's position! I <3 Porn Stars. They always have so much FUN! :P I mean seriously, If Alexis Texas let you put your slobbering face on her big, beautiful arse would YOU turn it down? Um...I don't think so. Oh yeah, if you do...then you're a FOOL and you should be castrated.

Click HERE to check out Alexis Texas's official site (yumz)
Click HERE for Joanna Angel goodness. (lick)

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