Monday, April 26, 2010


I love Kerry Louise. Kerry is one of the funnest, exciting, gorgeous, and funny women in the adult industry. She always manages to put a smile on my face whenever I read about her adventures on her personal blog or check out her updates on Twitter. The first time I met Kerry Louise was at Porn Star Karaoke a while back. I remember it so well because I was sitting at a table and I notices the tall, stunning, British bombshell standing next to our table. I invited her to sit with us and it was utter magic ever since. I knew the moment I set eyes on this amazing woman that she was a gem. Fuck man, the ways she talks drives me absolutely WILD! I would love to just lay in bed with her and talk all night and make funny jokes and pillow fight and have a blast. Kerry makes being a porn star such an amazing adventure.


What I love about Kerry Louise is that she hides NOTHING about her sultry life in the adult industry. She is like an open book. Kerry tells it like it is and I LOVE her for that. Not only that, she is soooooo fuckin cool to her fans! Kerry is one of the few adult stars that interacts with her fans on her blog and Twitter. She knows and understands how important it is to have contacts with the men and women that love and admire her work.


Kerry, you are such a doll and I look forward to all your work in the adult industry. I wish you a happy birthday and I promise the next time we hang out we're gonna get shitfaced and cause some TROUBLE!

Please check out Kerry on Twitter and her blog.




  1. Sometimes Kerry Louise looks like a doll. I love her hot and naughty expressions and she always make my cum in seconds. I really want to meet this girl on her birthday and wish i will fuck her on that day.