Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I woke up with Jamiroquai in me noggin. I often do that. Jamiroquai is probably one of my favorite all time best fuckin bands on the planet. So I often wake up with JK's soothing voice humming to me in my getting me in a groove to start my day. Not just start my day, but fuckin start my day RIGHT! With a bomb ass song that has a siiiiiick ass bass line is the way to start a morning. When I first came across this video I was in awe.

RETURN OF THE SPACE COWBOY is one of my favorite songs in the world. I love it because it has one of the siiiiiickest bass lines I have EVER heard in a song. The bass makes this song golden and puts chills down my spine. So when I see Jonas Bridgous playing along to the song its like heaven. Pure bliss. Plus, Jonas is a fuckin hottie and I have a thing for cute guys that know how to work a bass. I mean, imagine what this kid can do with his hands when its not wrapped on a base? Jonas is the fuckin MAN on the bass and has definitely inspired me to learn how to play the bass. I want to be able to play the bass like he does on RETURN OF THE SPACE COWBOY!!! It just looks like so much fun to play along to! My favorite part in this video is when Jonas takes a little breather to rub his nose. SO CUTE! :P

Once I get myself a bass guitar I want to learn how to play RETURN OF THE SPACE COWBOY. That's the first song I want to learn. In fact, I wanna start off with nothing BUT Jamiroquai songs. It's gonna be a challenge but I know I can do it. I also need to refresh my memory n reading music. I used to know how to read it but now its I don't know it!

Jonas, you're the best when it comes playing the bass. I know one day when I make a film about my crazy ass life in porn I will find some way of getting Jonas a part in the film or even a little recognition. He is the shiiiiiiiiiit and we heart him, his musical taste, and his many musical talents. Check out Jonas's Youtube Channel some of the other jams Jonas rocks out with his bass out! :P

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