Monday, April 5, 2010

Six Degrees of Mr. Pete.

Mr. Pete made work so much fun today. Today at work XXXtina and I had some fun with two female customers and Mr. Pete. One of the female customers was a really beautiful, bald, black woman that was super cool and having fun with us while she was shopping for stuff for her and her husband. While she was looking for a crotchless fisnet ensemble to go along with the glass G-Spot toy she bought the woman noticed the picture of Mr. Pete and XXXtina up on our wall. The woman actually did a double take. I noticed her looking at the picture so I asked her if she knew who it was. Here is pretty much the conversation we had:

WOMAN: Is that guy's name Pete?

ME: Yeah it is. Do you know him?

WOMAN: Oh my god Yes I know him. I see him at the gym all the time. He's always saying "Hi." to me and kinda flirts with me everytime I go to the gym.

ME: (excited) NO WAY! That's pretty cool.

WOMAN: What a small world. How do you know him?

ME: Christina and I met him at a Porn party. I took that picture of him and Christina.

WOMAN: That is such a trip! Why do you guys have his picture up there?

ME: He's a Porn Star.


ME: Yeah he's a Porn Star. He's one of my favorites actually.

WOMAN: You're kidding me!

ME: I'm totally serious.

WOMAN: god! A Porn Star's been hitting on me all this time?


WOMAN: That is soooo crazy...

The woman kept going on and on about how the way he walks and talks and stuff like that. It was really cute because she couldn't believe that Mr. Pete was a Porn Star. After a bit she asked about the size of Mr. Pete's cock and XXXtina told her it was "VERY nice" and "VERY BIG". I think XXXtina and I totally made that woman's day because she was having the best time talking about Mr. Pete and shopping. I took the pic up above of XXXtina to show Mr. Pete the picture that we have posted up in Adult Factory Outlet.

We at Pornolandia think Mr. Pete is the shiiiiiit. He has been in a zillion porns and all of his performances have been top notch. I especially love all the work that Mr. Pete does with Belladonna. Oh yeah, He's uncut too. Uncut Porn Stars fuckin RULE!

Check out some recent pics Mr. Pete posted up on his Twitter page.

Judging by the pics I would assume that Mr. Pete is playing Two Face in a Batman XXX Parody. At first I thought it was Freddy Kreuger but then only half of his face is fucked up.

I gotta thank Mr. Pete for making work fun and interesting for me and XXXtina. Both of us have had the pleasure of meeting him and he was incredibly nice when we got to hang out and talk to him. We get excited every time we see Mr. Pete in a new porn. YOU SHOULD TOO! If you wanna see some hot fuckin sex, watch a Mr. Pete scene. He never disappoints! :P

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