Sunday, April 4, 2010

Stupid Douche! Leave James Deen ALONE!

Check out this Youtube video/porn PSA announcement some douchebag made with a bazillion pics of James Deen. Yeah, this guy is a douche cuz he fuckin used some douchey ass song to go with this pathetic video.

Hey Goodnester, get a fuckin life and stop hating on James Deen. James is one of the best performers in the Adult Industry and stupid video's like these aren't gonna affect James or the people that love and admire what he does in porn. Shit, James posted this on Twitter so you should thank him for giving you some sort of publicity.

We here at Pornolandia love James Deen and his midget fucking, burrito eating, hot dog loving, bad ass ways.

Nuff Said.

If you wanna know who James is sticking his cock in or what kind of food he wants to shove down his throat follow him on Twitter! @Jamesdeen


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