Sunday, January 31, 2010

I slept with Drew Cutler.

Yes Bloggers, porn enthusiast, and all around gay sex pigs and their admirers, I did, indeed, SLEEP with Drew Cutler. Drew Cutler has been in by bed for the past week ever since he did his appearance at Cocktails with the Stars with Rob Romoni. OK, OK, before anyone gets into a panic...I didn't sleep with him. Although having his DVD of a collection of scenes from his work at Suite 703 It sort of felt like we were having a short fling. Every time I'd come to chill on my bed I'd end up finding the box cover close to my pillow or between my legs. :P

I heart Drew Cutler. He's sexxxy as FUCK, has an amazing personality, and always has a way to get my juices flowing. Whether it's his "Arruff's" he grunts or him talking about rimming, Drew is a knockout. I swear, after he started talking about rimming on Twitter all I could think about for a while is rimming Drew. Drew looks like a fun guy in bed. Oh man, I forgot to mention how incredibly sexxxy his deep voice is. Talk about instant boner. I would totally pop a boner listening to Drew read the ingredients in Spam thats how fuckin hot his voice is. :P

Please check out Drew on Suite 703! Also, check out Drew in Chi Chi Larue's PLAYING WITH FIRE 4. Click here for the trailer.



Drew and Rob Romoni at Cocktails with the Stars

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