Monday, January 4, 2010

10 Goals for 2010


Yes, It's the start of a year, decade, and era for yours truly. I am thrilled that the 00's are over. I had some good times, rough times, sexy times, and pretty much all sorts of crazy ass shit happened in this 10 years. Now that I'm a bit older and wiser, I can look at this year and decade as something that is gonna completely change my life. I've been a butthead lately by neglecting my blog and shit. The last time I posted was a MONTH AGO! What kind of fuckin shit is that? I started this blog to chronicle my life and times in and out of porn but I haven't been DEDICATED! So 2010, this is the year where things are gonna CHANGE GOD DAMN IT!!!!

The other day I went on a Super Wal-Mart trip and I bought myself a new "PORNOtebook", and a Dry Erase Board. I love Dry Erase Boards. I love then because they are easy to maintain, they are fun to draw on, Friends write the most stupidest shit on them, and the smell of the markers is pretty rad. I got the dry erase because When I'm in my room pacing around nekkid trying to get my ideas down I need something quick and easy I can run to and jot shit down. I also like to have the dry erase board because when I write my idea it will be staring at me in the face whenever I wake up. Now that I put the board up on my Walls-O-Porn, I wrote down 10 goals for 2010. I wrote these spur of the moment cuz I was excited to get something written on all that white space. These are only 10 of the many goals I have for myself this year! we go...


Yes, Porn. Script. Now I know some people out there in Pornolandia are thinking "Do Porn movies really have a script?" or "It's people fucking why is there a script?" Yes. SOME porn companies do follow scripts. I am also a writer by trade so its high time that I write down all the filthy, nasty, insanely sexxxy things I want filmed. I remember a porn producer/performer complaining about having to write a 30 page porn script. If 30 pages constitutes a porn script then I should be able to write 30+ pages of porn with the quickness. Shit, I have theatrical plays that are 100+ pages. 30 pages is a fuckin cake walk. So yeah, I'm gonna be working on all kinds of porn scripts. I wanna write porn scripts for all spectrum of porn. Since the porn parodies seem to be dominating the Adult Industry right now I'm gonna join ridiculous bandwagon and come up with some bomb ass shit. I have soooo many cool things in the works I can't wait to share it with all of you.


I've been working for quite some time on writing a screenplay based on my life in the adult industry. The whole month of December was my brainstorming month for my screenplay. I jotted down all the madness this screenplay is gonna have in my notes and now its time to start cranking out the pages! My goal for this month is to write 30 pages (haha) by the end of the month. If I write more, then FUCK YEAH! But for now, 30 pages is a good chunk of a screenplay but you know what my peeps, I'm gonna fuckin DO THIS! I swear to you I will have 30 pages by the end of the month. If I don't I dunno, I'll post a pic of me choking on cock or cutting my nuts of or something for punishment.


Mmm Hmmm. I'm gonna go back to the gym and WORK THE FUCK OUT! Fuck man, I'm tired of watching me belly get bigger and bigger. Not that it's getting insanely huge, I'm just noticing I'm getting a little plumper. Maybe it's because I sit around and feel sorry for myself and do NOTHING about it. I KNOW I can get into shape quick. I just need the MOTIVATION and the DEDICATION! I'm the type of person that wants to see results right AWAY! I know that working out takes patience and concentration. Well my friends, this is the year. I'm tired of having itty biddy flat titties. I'm tired of having a lil belly. I wanna be toned and sexxxy! I aint that bad now but I know if I continue on this path shit aint gonna happen.


I'm doing that right now thank god.


Yes, I am in debt. Well, its mostly debt from school but I wanna be out of debt ASAP. I'm maybe less than 30K in debt. It's not that bad compared to some of my other colleagues that are in the same boat I am but with like 100K in debt. I wanna pay off my school loans sooo fuckin bad. I just wanna wake up one day and not have to worry about paying off my school loans. Once that day happens, I will be one of the happiest motherfuckers on the planet. Until then, I gotta face it and get myself out of this debt hole!!!!


Yup, I'm gonna do it. My post might be a long post with several details of my pornographic life or it could be a picture of something cool or random I came across. I started a blog for a reason and if I can't keep up with it whats the fuckin point? I gotta figure out how to do mobile blogging. That shit would help. I want to be like one of my blogging heroes Jeremy Feist. That sexxxy Canadian hottie can mothafuckin blog and blog good! :P


I have a shitload of porn. I need to watch it all and review it. I've only written one porn review for this site and that is fuckin pathetic. I have a stack of porn that I need to go through and write reviews. I wanna be able to write a bunch of reviews so I can promote all the adult stars and porn companies that I love and admire. Plus, I get to jerk off and write notes while I watch the films. HAHA how cool is that? :P


Hey, it can happen. You never know. That shit would be pretty dope if it did though right?


Emma is my beloved pit bull who I love with all my heart. Its unfortunate I can't have her living with me at my house. I'm incredibly lucky to have my sister Gloria taking care of her up in Frazier Park. If it were up to me Emma would be chillin in bed with me resting her big head on my legs while I blog. Emma has been such a positive influence in my life. To not have her with me hurts really bad. I also had a nightmare recently where I was on a beach with Emma and after a while I couldn't find her anywhere on the beach. That nightmare made me feel totally helpless and it made me realize how much I NEED my Emma in my life. I'll have Emma once I make my million dollars this year and can afford to get my own place. :P


Plain and simple. I'm tired of sitting around and not making shit happen. It's lame and pathetic. I'm done waiting.

So 2010, I'm so glad you're hear. You've been the wake up call I've needed for a long time. I'm looking forward to see what you got in store for me.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

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