Sunday, February 14, 2010

Str8cam Jeff goes HD.

Str8cam Jeff from is one of the HOTTEST adult performers on the internet. This man has it ALL: A fantastic body, deliiiiiiicious bubble butt, muscles for days, and those killer deep blue eyes that make me and many of his members and people on Twitter go absolutely bonkers. Jeff is definitely gonna cause quite a ruckus now that his shows will be filmed in HD!!!! With Str8cam now in HD, members of his site will have the benefit of watching Jeff flex his muscles and work over his cock in super sharp, clear, and exquisite HIGH DEFINITION.

Not only is Jeff one of the hottest straight guys online he is also one of the nicest guys out there. Jeff is super dedicated to all his members and fans online. You send him an email, he replies back. You send him a jock strap, undies, or any article of clothing he will wear it on his live shows. Shit, he'll even use whatever you send him as a cum rag after he shoots a load on his site!

I've had the pleasure of checking out some of his live shows on Str8cam and I gotta say, Jeff's shows are some of the hottest stuff I've seen. What I love about Str8cam is that with Jeff there is no gimmicks. It's Jeff getting himself off while we watch with full attention. Jeff finds ways of mixing stuff up on his site like using a variety of sex toys on his cock. I especially love it when Jeff fucks a Fleshjack. He fuckin pounds the fuck out of his Fleshjack. If I remember correctly, in one of his live shows he was fucking a mold of Jenna Haze's pussy so hard he tore that shit up!

Str8cam's site is one of my favorites because I love watching guys get themselves off. There's something about witnessing how a guy strokes himself off and makes himself feel good that just gets to me. I'm a total voyeur/exhibitionist, watching guys jerk off gets me going like no other. Tons of Jeff's fan are DYING to see Jeff do other stuff other than solo work. Honestly, I'd rather just watch Jeff solo. Knowing that Jeff doesn't do scenes with others makes all his live shows that much more special.

I recently was helping Jeff do a camera test with his new HD camera. Lemme just say, Str8cam in HD is really something special. Watching Jeff flex his amazing muscles in HD was AMAZING! Watching Jeff hard at work (not literally) trying to get the best possible set up for his first LIVE HD show for tonight was very inspiring. I can sense his dedication to make his live shows and site great for his members. Having his shows now in HD will only enhance the pleasure of watching Jeff bust his nuts. :P

Please check out Str8cam Jeff's first LIVE HD show on at 7:30pm Pacific Standard Time. Also, follow Jeff on Twitter! If you can't make the live show tonight not to worry. Str8cam live shows are archived and available for download! Jeff has soooooo many great shows available for download on his site. Hope you guys can check out his LIVE HD SHOW!!!! :P

Also, Check out Str8cam Jeff's gear he has for sale! Jeff sells Str8cam jock straps, lube, boxer briefs, and cumrags! I have a Str8cam jock and I fuckin LOVE IT!!! :P Can't wait to get my hands on his lube!!!! Click here to check out Str8cam gear.

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