Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Mind is playing Tricks on Me.

This is the song that's in my head thanks to @flymrwhite on Twitter. He was listening to this song right before we kicked it in the front yard. I got the song stuck in my head so I went on You Tube looking for the Ghetto Boys song "My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me". As I was looking for the video the thing that caught my eye instantly was Elmo. Thanks to Mr. Cheeks I've seen more of Elmo than I really need. Mr. Cheeks LOVES the "Elmo Song." Whenever I go over to visit Mr. Cheeks we always play that cutsey wootsie song for him. We do it because Mr. Cheeks goes crazy when he see's Elmo. His face literally lights up with excitement. He'll be flailing his arms and laughing hysterically while Elmo plays his piano and sings his song.

I had to click on the Ghetto Puppets (you guyz rule!) video. I was curious as to what it was gonna be like. Fuck man this video is GENIUS. It's fuckin hilarious and made me laugh super hard. Everything about it is funny. I'm so glad I clicked on it. Totally made my day. :P

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