Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sexxx Toy Shopping

Today I spent the majority of the day toy shopping. We desperately needed some cock rings for our cock ring wall. Since they were doing more construction in the DVD room I jumped at the chance to go next door to the warehouse and grab some sexxx toys! I LOVE going toy shopping. It's one of the best things to do at work. I spent a good 4 hours going through aisle after aisle of dongs, vibrators, pocket pussies, and every other thing you can stick in your orifices. i take my time when I'm looking for new toys. There is so much fuckin shit in the warehouse it takes a good chunk of time going through the long aisles.

What's cool about sexxx toy shopping is that you end up grabbing stuff that wasn't even on the list. I grabbed a bunch of lubes and magazinr packs that we needed for the store as well. Whenever I cruise through the magazine section I take a few minutes and browse through all the Buttman Magazines. I swear, Buttman Magazine is an ass man (like me) DREAM! Some of those pics with the porn girls with huge asses is AMAZING. I can stare at the pics in those magazines for hours if I had the chance. i grabbed a bunch of Gay, Tranny, Playboy, and Buttman Magazine packs for the store. Those magazines sell fast!

Sometimes, When I grab some of the stuff for the store I wanna test ALL OF THEM OUT! Like, I would would love to run around nekkid in the warehouse fucking all the male masturbarors, playing with the cock rings and and shoving dongs up my but. All at the same time. Haha, well, not really. But the thought does come across from time to time. People can get lost in that warehouse. There is so much shit you'll go cross eyed. The warehouse is a nymphomaniacs dream!!!


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