Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tommy Wells Confession Line!

Have you ever wanted to tell someone how much you wanna force your cock down your asshole of a boss and force him to swallow a thick mass of your hot load? Have you ever had fantasies about sniffing all the jockstraps of your favorite baseball or football team is but are afraid to express yourself? Have you ever thought of having a row of hot dudes with amazing bubble butts lined up while you squirt whipped cream in their assholes and licked their holes clean with your tongue? Maybe you masturbate to pictures of Howard Dean doing his famous "AAAAEEEHHHH" fist punch? Or you have a hot distant cousin that you've been dying to fuck and want to have a way to let all the juicy details out?

Well...NOW YOU CAN thanks to Tommy Wells! Tommy Wells is one of my FAVORITE porn sites to visit. This website is full of great write ups on websites like BOUND GODS, REAL GUYS EXPPOSED, BLAKE MASON, TIM TALES, and much more! Not only is there great write ups and recommendation for various worth while porn sites, there are also some really hot x-tube posts with lots of uncut cocks, sloppy blowjobs, guys smoking...

Lets just say that I spend quite a bit of time um...well...you know...*stroke stroke stroke* on Tommy Wells. Also, thanks to Tommy Wells I use the word "hog" to refer to cock on a regular basis now. When I first read it on his site I almost died of laughter. I had never thought to incorporate "hog" with cock. Now, I fuckin love it!

When Tommy Wells asked me to record the greeting for this new project on the site I had no hesitation. I think its a wonderful idea and look forward to hearing some juicy confessions. I mean, its a great idea. A totally anonymous way to be able to confess some of the things that get you off! I would totally leave a confession but people will recognize my voice. I have some deep, dark, and sexy confessions but I would like to be able to have people not know its me. I dunno, the secrecy and anonymity of it kinda turns me on. Maybe I should get one of those voice modulators and call in a confession. Or better yet, Auto Tune that shit! HA! :P

I'm asking all of you to take advantage of Tommy Wells ingenious idea to have a chance to get some of those nasty thoughts and desires out for all the world to hear and get off too. Hopefully Tommy will get confessions from all sorts of people: lawyers, business men, closeted men, porn stars, etc. There possibilities are ENDLESS! I hope porn stars jump on it and confess some hot sins.

Please check out TOMMY WELLS for more info on the Confession Hotline. You can also follow Tommy Wells on Twitter.


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