Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tom Wolfe's Twitter Avatar Will Give You A Dickgasm


How fuckin AMAZING does Tom Wolfe look in this pic? Wow...I'm truly stunned. Tom just today hit 3,000 followers on his Twitter page. He being the good natured, humble, and good Mid Western hunk that he is decided to make his followers happy and change his Twitter avatar with this fantastic shot.

Absolutely stunning. The lighting is great, the way he's standing exposing his thick gorgeous legs and fantastic physique. Oh yeah, that beautiful face and cock? Too much!!! Tom is one of my favorite men in the adult industry. Not only is he a great performer but he's also quite the gentlemen. He's very welcoming when you first meet him. I met Tom for the first time in Chicago during the Grabby awards and have been talking to him on Twitter for a long time now. I have some good stories about my adventures with Tom during Grabbys weekend but I think I'll save them for when I do a much in depth profile on Tom.

Right now it's all about drooling over his pic and getting our dicks ready for some loving!

Tom, thanks for making Twitter so exciting today. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to hit the shower and do some uncut dick slapping. :P

Click HERE to follow Tom on Twitter. He's so much fun to chat with and he's really good at responding to people that talk to him on Twitter.

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