Monday, August 31, 2009

Barbieque's BBQ Rooftop Downtown LA.

On Sunday I got an unexpected text from my friend Erik. Turns out, my really good friend/diva/fierce bitch/amazing Miss BarbieQue was having a rooftop birthday bash on the top of his roof in downtown LA. It was a real calm and mellow day At Adult Factory Outlet. I don't think much people were out traveling this weekend due to the crazy ass fires that are going on right now In California. I swear, every year these damn fires get worse and worse out here in California. It's unbelievable. Last year during the Sylmar fire I had to evacuate my home TWICE because of the fires. It was madness and chaos. Something that I hopefully will never ever have to go through again! My heart goes out to all the people out there dealing with the chaos. Hopefully we will get a break and calm the raging fires. All that damn smoke is thickening the air around Sylmar. Here are some pics that I took on my way to work.

Crazy shit huh? It looks so incredibly eerie and scary. Like if a volcano has erupted or the Apocolypse. These fuckin fires are serious. And We haven't really caught a break from them. About a couple of hours ago when Sierra Skye and I were coming back from Simi Valley (Labryngth of Doom) we could see a new fire off in the distance that was closer to us than the ones in La Canada.

Back to Sunday. Miss Josephine and I decide to go to Barbieque's party. I like giving X rated gifts. It's convenient for me to give someone an X-rated gift because I have access to tons of cool stuff and Not that many people get X-Rated gifts for thier birthday. Also, I'm fuckin lazy when it comes to shopping so being able to pick something out from where I work was fine with me. Plus, Barbieque and I are always talking porn. Especially Gay porn. We've had lengthy discussions of several movies, actors etc. Barbieque cracks me up when she talks about porn. She has the funniest commentary when it comes to porn. While Miss Josephine was getting all dolled up I decided to stroll through the gay porn section to see what movie would be perfect for Barbieque. I didn't wanna get Barbieque anything lame. I wanted to make sure the porn had some hot guys in it and it had as many little twinks as possible. I found a really good one. A movie called HUNG HOUSE HUSBANDS. I forgot to take a damn picture of the cover. Well, it's basically two really hot, hairy looking dudes with jockstaps on. They're both hugging each other and looking straight at the camera as if to entice us with thier marital stares of lust. I liked that on one of the guy's straps it said "ALL BAREBACK" in bold letters. It made me laugh cuz I wasn't really paying attention to it but it slowly caught my eye and made me laugh. I found the perfect one!

Miss Josephine and I headed to the party. On our way we picked up our designer buddy Jeff. It was real trippy when we parked the car by the apartment. There was all these crackheads all over the fuckin street. One of them was standing below one of the buildings waiting for one of the guys from the building to drop a huge bag full of small viles of crack. They did this shit right in front of us too. I guess its a common thing around there cuz that foo didn't give a fuck if we were around or not. We walk towards the building and I'm telling ya it was like a scene straight out of 12 MONKEYS. There was rats running around in broad daylight, the streets were fucking empty, and the smoke from the fire was visible from all angles of the street. We rush it down the smelly steets till we get to the front door.

Once we got to the rooftop things were fuckin dope. The view up there was INCREDIBLE. I you get a 360 degree view of all of Downtown LA. We got there around 7ish right when the sun is slowly staring to set. You could see all the fires and smoke from on top of the roof.

Here is a pic of some of the first people to arrive at the party.

I had a great fuckin time at the party. The people and the energy was so intoxicating. I had the city of Los Angeles as my backdrop. I could see everything from there. During the party I walked away from the people and went over close to the edge of the building. I lost myself staring at the mecca that is Los Angeles. On one side of me the hills are burning uncontrollably, in front of me I had the magnificent LA skyline, and behind me, all these cool fucking people coming out to have a great fuckin time. The whole experience was really overwhelming. I kept looking out at Los Angeles and I kept thinking in my head "I want to own this city".

I kept repeating that over and over and over again as I looked up at the city that has influenced the very core of my existance. I looked up at Los Angeles and for the first time In my life I felt like the city was mine for the taking. I felt such a rush of emotion and energy that burned inside of me, fueling my hunger and desire that I've been brewing in my stomach for the past week. As I was staring at Los Angeles, pouring out my heart to the city of Angels the DJ played Soul II Soul's "Keep on Moving"

I swear to god, when that shit was booming from the speakers my body was trembling with adrenaline. My heart shot up to my brain and I got the tingly feeling I get when I know that I'm engraving a memory that will last forever. I started dancing. I turned around and watched people grooving to the awesome beats. Barbieque was getting down when this song came out. I started dance/walking, or dance/strolling to my the Bar with a grin on my face and a clear head. The whole night was magical. Everyone was being cool and enjoying the amazing night. I met a bunch of cool people that night. I was wearing my easy access pants that night with my Brooks and Dunn shirt. I got so many compliments on that damn shirt. I think the shirt is pretty pimp. I bought it at The Value Center in Sylmar for like 2 bucks. I even bought that shit right before Brooks and Dunn split.

Last night by far was one of the best night's I've had in a loooong time. it was just filled with good energy, good people, and lots of possibilities. Hell, I even let some guy in a wheelchair fondle me through my easy access pants. It was such fun! :P

Barbieque and I started laughing cuz when I gave her my present I told her that she should write a review of it so I could put it on my website. Then we were all "Barbieque's Reviews" and we both laughed our asses off. I think it's kinda catchy dont you think???? I'm gonna ask Barbieque to write something for my blog on the film I bought her.

What a fantastic night! I hope to have another crazy cool night like that again soon. :P

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