Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Annette Schwarz is the shiiiit.

Annette Schwarz is amazing. Her sexual boundaries are unlimited. This german woman fucks good, hard, and nasty. I've been a big fan of hers for a very long time. I've seen this woman in some incredible hard core scenes for various different porn companies. Some of her scenes are some of the hottest, nastiest stuff I have seen in porn. I love how dirty she is. I love how unpredictable and captivating she is when I watch some of her scenes. I've seen this woman take so many loads in all her orifices its insane. Multiple loads too! Each time has been quite a delight! She's one of the women in porn that actually get me excited to see her scenes. I've seen Annette do some crazy shit. Stuff that has made me gasp and drop my jaw. From taking squirts of girl goo to the face, intense blowbangs, hard core DPs, and vulgar sex talk...this woman does it all!

My buddy Copsucker on Twitter and I have such a fascination with Annette. We talk about her all the time. She is one of the most intense adult actresses I have seen in the adult industry. Her intense work is something that I admire and appreaciate. We've had some pretty long conversations about Annette. Annette's sex is powerful. Her intense blue eyes is something I have been drawn to for a very long time. Especially when she takes a cum facial. Annette slurps up cum like a woman who has been depraved of food. You can feel hunger and aggression and uninhibitedness in her sex. I fuckin LOVE IT!

Click here is a link to a preview of her new DVD that she directed and produced. It looks quite promising. It definately looks like it's gonna be incredibly nasty. I'm digging it. Hopefully we get copies of the DVD for Adult Factory outlet. Annette's blog is pretty interesting too. If you like raunchy, intense, rough sex, I would highly recommend looking her up in Evil Empire and Elegant Angel films!

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