Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I was checking my @replies on Twitter and I got one from @Tornjeans. @tornjeans is a cool guy that I talk to on Twitter. He has a website that is dedicated to men in torn jeans. I for one, think torn jeans are uber sexxxy. Especially the ones that have rips near the groin area. I started to talk to @tornjeans a bunch on twitter when I would wear my Easy Access Pants. My EAP's are a torn jean lovin persons wet dream. @tornjeans started commenting on the twitpics I would post with my EAP's. I decided that every time I wear my EAP's I would send @tornjeans a direct picture message.

Long story short, (ha ha) @tornjeans has made my Twitter Avatar part of his homepage for his website! I was very flattered by it. That is one of my favorite pictures taken by my friend and amazing photographer Eddie Garcia! @toanjeans, you RULE! Next time I take pics with my EAP's I'll totally send them to you! :P

Also, @tornjeans is based in Vancouver which is where My buddy Evan is right now working on the Winter Olympics. If I have the chance to make it out to Vancouver to visit Evan next year I might meet up with @tornjeans and do a photoshoot. Why not? I think it will be fun. :)

Please check out @tornjeans website! I've made it to porn superstar status! HAHA!!! :P

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