Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Random Pics

What's up my peeps!

Thanks to Kelly Shibari and Kodak, I got my hands on the new Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera. Click here to check out what it looks like! :P

Since I've gotten this camera I've been playing around with it tremendously. First of all, the camera fuckin rules. It shoots awesome HD quality video, takes amazing pictures, is super small, and it makes it easy to upload pics and videos onto your computer!

I take this camera with me everywhere. I use it to shoot my vlogs for my show and to pretty much capture all sorts of random ass shit I encounter in my everyday life. I love it. I love being able to record and document all kinds of shit that happens. I dunno if you guys know this about me butt I get a boner for stock footage. All sorts of stock footage. I'm also a fan of random pics and videos. I swear I can watch the most random pics and videos for hours! They kinda hypnotize me.

Since I walk to work all the time I decided to take some pics of the shit I see when I head to work. Totally random I know, but still...

I'll be posting and taking more random ass pics on the future. Cuz I'm random like that HAHA!

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